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Millwall memories 11:52 - Oct 17 with 11347 viewsPigbag

Anyone got any stories from the dark days of the old den or in recent years during the 2000's? My one and only trip was the promotion season when the we were bombarded with advertising hoarding, unfortuantely I kopped a piece on my downstairs. A poor night on and off the pitch for me. Any happy stories concerning that lot would be appreciated.

Millwall memories on 12:37 - Oct 17 with 8272 viewskingo

After a nice visit to the Prospect of Whitby, I went to a 'friendly' at Cold Blow Lane when Jonny Byrne was up front for us, 3-1 I think. Me and the late greats Steve Edwards and Doug Soar decided to sit in the side and keep ourseves to ourselves. We didn't jump up when Rangers scored and thought we had been pretty good at it, until the huge docker in front, turned round on me and snarled right in my face "F***ing Rangers, always have some big blond ponce up front". It was at this point we realised that our cover had been blown and as Steve would say 'we done the Frank Bough'. We went outside to go to the car only to be confronted by a gang of 11 year olds. Lovely day out.

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Millwall memories on 12:39 - Oct 17 with 8265 viewsloftboy

1987 league cup 2nd leg. Jim Smith decided to defend a 2-1 1st leg league by making Seaman and Fenwick pass the ball to each other for 90 minutes. Locals were booing from 10 minutes and the 500 of us who braved that night after the home leg got a bit tasty was greeted by a hail of bricks down cold blow lane.
Went there a couple of years later where a win virtually relegated them and saw no trouble.

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Millwall memories on 12:53 - Oct 17 with 8232 viewsQPR1882

I recall a game at the old Den in the early 70's i was 10 at the time,we won 1-0. At half time we went down to the get a Bovril and when we went into the bar we got a ' bit of a shock '.

There was a QPR fan with one of those old Dr Who type scarfs ( long ones ) hanging from a rafter. Poor sod had been grabbed by a load of wall and they threw his scarf around the rather and tied it round his neck. Poor sod was grabbing his neck and kicking around, anyone that went to help was getting a slap from the wall mob.Old Bill came in after what seemed like ages and got him down, poor bloke was a shaking mess.

My old man tried to get us out the ground but the stewards refused to let us leave.At full time when we left there was 2 police cars on there side and the locals were going mad.

Was the one and only time i went to the Old Den.

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Millwall memories on 12:53 - Oct 17 with 8230 viewsJuzzie

I went to Cold Blow Lane for the 2nd leg of a League Cup game back in 1987.

We were 2-1 up from the 1st leg and spent 85 minutes playing the ball between Seaman and the defenders then back to Seaman and around it went.

It took Millwall the full 85 minutes to realise that if they stuck a player right on the two central defenders then Seaman would then have to punt it upfield and then we had a game on. The game ended 0-0 and we went through.

The local rags slagged us off merrily without asking why it took their own players 85 minutes to suss this out. I guess the journalist was as intelligent as the players!

Getting in and out was somewhat daunting but as normal, I had all my motorbike jacket and gear on so I wasn't a target a bunch of lads (I'm assuming they were Millwall as they were going in the direction of where away fans came down) ran right past me as though I was invisible, thankfully!

Millwall memories on 13:37 - Oct 17 with 8164 viewswombat

been there plenty of time both to watch us and also funnily enough to watch millwall play due to getting freebies from ian stewart who went there on loan many moons ago , have to say always enjoyed going to millwall even stood behind danny baker once for a game

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Millwall memories on 13:53 - Oct 17 with 8127 viewssmegma

When Mick McCarthy was manager I went over to the original Den to see our reserves play one afternoon. I stood on the open terrace down the side of the pitch.
McCarthy and his assistant, former QPR player Ian Evans were stood about ten yards away from me by the halfway line. Evans spent the whole game racially abusing Gary Thompson and telling players to 'sort out the poof with the blonde hair' (Karl Ready). I wonder if he still works in football ???

Millwall memories on 13:56 - Oct 17 with 8108 viewssmegma

Just remembered my first ever visit to Cold Blow Lane was the first ever match played on a Sunday against Fulham.I went with my dad who followed Konks lot.. It was during the 3 day week in the early 70s and it was played on a Sunday with a 12 oclock ko so they didnt need to use the floodlights. I remember loads of bible bashers protesting outside the ground.And it was absolutely freezing.

Millwall memories on 13:56 - Oct 17 with 8107 viewsQPunkR

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Millwall memories on 15:33 - Oct 17 with 7997 viewsHantsR

In 1967 I remember going with my dad to watch his team, Plymouth Argyle, beat Millwall 2-1 and thereby end their long unbeaten record at Cold Blow Lane. There were some very ugly scenes and they made a mess of the Plymouth coach (4-wheeled variety!).

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Millwall memories on 15:45 - Oct 17 with 7980 viewsJuzzie

A few years after that 0-0 at Cold Blow Lane, we met them at Loftus Road in the FA Cup. I think it was the 5th round. Millwall had famously beaten Arsenal and Chelsea en route so was always going to be a tough game. Packed ground, full away end and with the game almost over at 0-0, we get a penalty. Clive Wilson scores right at the end of the game to win it for us.

Considering how they beat two other London Clubs and they then lost this game right at the death, I was fearing the worst when the final whistle went but the away fans were fine. Good job too as I was living in Lewisham at the time so must have stood out on the train as being a QPR fan as I was the only person with a grin on my face!

Millwall memories on 15:51 - Oct 17 with 7955 viewspaulparker

Remember the 87 League cup game at HQ , that was the loudest away support i have ever heard, all of the away upper tier were slamming the seats in a zulu like chant it went on all game
also remember the his got bird s*it on his head lion on his arm chant a few seasons back as well

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Millwall memories on 16:51 - Oct 17 with 7899 viewsbatmanhoop

The caretaker in Batman Close was a Argyle fan, if he is one and the same, hello Bob. My last visit to the Den(and it will be my last visit) was also our promotion season 1972-73. Remember a mob of Millwall started chanting Rangers, to entice some unsuspecting Rangers fan. Unfortunately for one, took the bait and paid with a kicking. Left early and luckyly survived. Bumped into Vic and Gary who also thought be best to get out early. Just not worth the stress

Millwall memories on 17:20 - Oct 17 with 7841 viewsQPR1882

1972 was the game i posted about, very scary for a 10 year old.

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Millwall memories on 17:44 - Oct 17 with 7807 viewsbatmanhoop

bit nervy whatever age you are to be honest, actually went to one of the few neutral games at Millwall. The game at Charlton was called off when we were en-route, done a detour to the Den and watched them play Boro in a drab 0-0 draw. Amazing how relaxed you are when you are a neutral

Millwall memories on 17:48 - Oct 17 with 7803 viewsBlackCrowe

Cold Blow Lane in the early/mid-Eighties. Drove up on my own. Can't remember the result - possibly 0-0, heaps of trouble, police escort for Rs fans to the New Cross station. Unfortunately my car was parked in the opposite direction but police wouldn't let me break ranks. So then had to walk back about half an hour later through the Millwall back streets wearing a Rangers top. Very nerve-racking but amazingly nothing happened.

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Millwall memories on 18:26 - Oct 17 with 7762 viewsngbqpr

Never been to the new place. Had a couple of incident-free trips to the old one to see Rangers...so when my Geordie wife couldn't get tickets for the away end to see her beloved Toon during the Keegan promotion season, I said I'd 'escort her' in the home section as I knew the lay of the land and had a southern accent.

Rangers always got a corner at one end, about a third or so of the terrace - there was normally a big no man's land to our left before any 'Wall. So I suggested we stood on the big terrace on the side, the uncovered bit towards the end where we'd be out of everyone's way.

Of course the title-chasing geordies brought thousands, so they kept on opening up more & more pens for them, until eventually they had the whole end. Naturally, the 'Wall fans in the side terrace started moving in numbers towards the away end, exactly where we were. They were in the play off hunt, this was about April, so a huge game for both teams.

Many away fans would have been intimidated into silence by them - the geordies preferred to chant Millwall Millwall soft as shite. Then Lee Clark scored and climbed the fence at the away end to get them going even more.

In the end NU won 2-1. Our lips had never been so bitten, our fists had never been so tightly clenched, and we left swiftly and silently, the wife white as a sheet, and made a swift exit as carnage no doubt ensued behind us.

Millwall memories on 18:26 - Oct 17 with 7761 viewscheeseydane

95 fa cup at home, once wilson had slotted the penalty, left the ground delighted..had a fiver on hi m first goalscorer 25-1. Got to my motor...window smashed and stereo nicked.
A guy arrived next to me to see his top of the range 4x4 has received similar. ..then realised it was Alan Wilder ( Depeche Mode) with his misses. Had a great chat with him...autograph etc and drove home without a window, but well happy.

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Millwall memories on 18:47 - Oct 17 with 7739 viewsQPR1882

Was it parked up by the M40 ?

My car got done that night, i was parked in the bus stop on the M40. There was a few around me with smashed windows. All they took was my work jacket.

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Millwall memories on 18:50 - Oct 17 with 7736 viewsTheBlob

Mate of mine got chased all the way down to New Cross by a bunch of their fans because they thought he was a copper.They stood in front of the pub in which he'd taken refuge shouting "FLAPPER".

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Millwall memories on 20:09 - Oct 17 with 7646 viewsstowmarketrange

I did the same for the game in the 80's when Hurlock scored and they beat us 3-2.When I left the ground I have to squeeze through the line of coppers to get to my car.When I got to it there was about 10 wall fans ready to turn it over,and I walked round it and carried on walking round the block.I got back about 30 mins later and drove off as they'd found another car to trash instead.
The following season I rode my push bike there as I only lived in mitcham.it was a lot safer that way.
I've never been to the new den,and I ain't going this year either.

Millwall memories on 22:18 - Oct 17 with 7548 viewsthemodfather

i was about 19, we palyed them in a "friendly" i was in the hatcham arms , near the old den..playing pool with the regs until one scrote came in and said "qpr are at the den today"..then all looked at me.....so i go to bog and on return slip out...i met a "mate" and went to hone end and got a right slap, the cop nearby turned away..the thing that ferked me off was my "mate " was well in with them and i know many of the crowd nearby...

Millwall memories on 22:22 - Oct 17 with 7545 viewsShotKneesHoop

Promotion year 1967 - ..... 2 -2. Very intimidating. Wall went ahead twice, two equalisers soon after.

No celebrations, Mick Leach got second equalising goal. I coughed, then shat myself along with a thousand others on the dog track side of the ground and got the heavy stare from the dockers.

Quiet walk back to New Cross Gate Station, then a big "Yes" at London Bridge.

It was Ronnie and Reggie down there in those days, no sign of Plod south of the river till sunset, then they went off shift for a Terry Horlicks.
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Millwall memories on 22:31 - Oct 17 with 7529 viewsTheBlob

It was The Richardsons down there mate - entirely different nasty bastards.
Not averse to treating people to some ad hoc dentistry.

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Millwall memories on 22:38 - Oct 17 with 7514 viewsflynnbo

Was there too but stood with some Millwall fans. About 6 years ago I went with a Liverpool fan when they played a league cup game. Got pelted with coins and some of their chanting was pure racist. Horrible fans but they like that image as they've got bugger all else going for them.

Millwall memories on 22:49 - Oct 17 with 7502 viewsSydneyRs

Yes I was one of the few in the away end and it felt more like 200 than 500. The first leg was very tasty with fights breaking out all around LR at half time, certainly seemed premeditated. We were 2-0 up and they got one back late on. I have never seen away celebrations quite like it, they went completely mental.

There was a good crowd in the home sections for the second leg. I went with a Forest supporting mate and it felt very vulnerable in the away corner with so few there. Our incredibly negative tactics then infuriated an already wound up home crowd and getting out alive was the main aim afterwards!

Cold Blow Lane was just as welcoming as it sounds.

Went a couple of years later after they had been promoted. Was a Saturday game and more like 2,000 Rangers there. Much less intimidating possibly helped by the fact we lost 3-2. Was in the Cascarino and Sheringham days and Sheringham was the one they didn't really rate out of the two. Martin Allen got one for us that day I think.
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