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I was surprised
at 23:16 23 Jan 2019

That it was three and a half years before my last blog, June 2015, was replaced by one in December 2018. It's a shame that this board is not used more, it received such a bad press when it opened that, I feel, it will take a long time to regain its status. I hasten to add that a lot of the bad press was false news and plain bloodymindedness, I'll still keep popping over to see what's happening. Best to have more than one viewpoint on anything.
Just for old times sake.
at 08:43 2 Dec 2018

Let's see who responds to this message. If anyone.
at 08:23 9 Jun 2015

It’s said you reap what you sow, and looking at the state of the relationship between Blackpool FC’s owners and the fans it’s a statement that certainly rings true. The setting up of the ‘fans parliament’ is just such an example of how any trust between the owners of the club and the fans has diminished or in most cases absolutely disappeared. How, in fact, can you trust a man to control a football club who doesn’t have the ability to control himself? Therefore how can you trust that same person to choose people of varying views, some which may hurt, to populate that parliament?
Dream Stealers.
at 08:42 27 May 2015

A number of good Blackpool fans have been, and still are, embroiled in ugly legal threats devised by dream stealers who, it would appear, have little better to do than to seek apologies and compensation from the erstwhile individuals who have had the temerity to upset them, instead of concentrating on the job in hand, that of running a successful football team, have a happy and growing fan base and be held in high esteem.
Who is to blame?
at 09:06 3 May 2015

The FA and FL are, in my opinion, complicit in what happened yesterday. Fans have been contacting them and warning both organisations of the situation developing at Bloomfield Road and it is time both the FA & FL looked at the broader picture instead of sitting on their hands as they have done so far.

Instead of navel gazing and hand wringing, questions need to be asked, hard questions, which get to the truth of what has and is still going on at Bloomfield Road, on what has driven the fans to use such drastic measures to get their point across.

The signs have been there for some time now and the apologists , yes I admit I was one 18 months ago, have gradually become more and more disenchanted in the way in which the club has been run. The demonstrations have grown in size and fervour to such an extent that yesterday I saw people marching and protesting who I would never have thought would have joined any protest.

The FA and the FL need to take a long look at their part in what happened yesterday not just blankly at a pitch invasion which caused an abandonment. Then they need to make a difference to football in general by looking at the following areas before making any decision. I would at this point say that HTFC should be awarded the full three points for their disrupted season.

They should decide:
Whether or not a person who has been jailed for whatever reason for a major crime should be classed as a fit and proper person to be involved in a football club. If they don’t we may see the likes of Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter and other such disgusting individuals running a club?
Whether a person who has declared themselves bankrupt and then miraculously become solvent who has criminal convictions for other matters should be put in charge of a football club?
How any monies earned in football and awards given to clubs who have had time in the Premier League should be spent and what minimum reinvestment should be made on either the playing staff or the infrastructure;
Why a person accused of using language that is offensive to the disabled is not dealt with by the authorities in the same manner as a player who receives a ban for violent play, i.e. quickly?
Why continual provocation of a fan base is allowed to continue without someone from the parent body stepping in and saying enough is enough?
Why a clubs fans, once classed as the happy clappy devil may care fans, should be forced to descend to such levels to try and make someone listen?

There are many more areas that need to be looked at but these come off the top of my head. It is my opinion that if the two parent bodies simply wring their hands and punish the fans without first of all looking at the root cause of the problems it will be a truly sad day for football.
Think of Wrexham; Darlington; Portsmouth; Coventry; Hereford; Stockport and many others. Today it looks like Blackpool. Who will it be tomorrow?

Please go, and go now.
at 13:07 8 Apr 2015

I’m presently having a bout of amnesia and deja vous in parallel. The problem is, I have heard it all before, statements such as ‘lessons have to be learned’ roll of the tongue of a mouthpiece for the odious family that still taunt and sue the fans of Blackpool FC and laugh at the complete and utter dis-interest of both the FA and the FL.
That's that then.
at 08:40 13 Feb 2015

I was one of the gullible individuals who fell for the two year ticket deal, for that I should be pilloried. I should have known.

Despite the years of lies, mistruths, broken promises and farce at the club mostly trumpeted by the O's I kept thinking, it will soon be better, it will soon improve. That is what I always believed in the past when things were grim, there was always a feeling that things would improve, and unfortunately old habits die hard.

The last few weeks have truly sickened me. The fans, having been lied to repeatedly, led down the garden path at every opportunity, laughed at, sneered at and belittled by the whole Oyston family either singly or in unison, they then decide to sue anyone who has the bottle to stand up to them, no, those who can't defend themselves are sued, those with clout like the Daily Mail, Channel 4, The Football League Paper, and so on are left alone. Cowardly in my book.

Well, that has put the proverbial lid on the tin box as far as I'm concerned. I have yet to decide about the Forest game, I may just come for the protest and to say hope to see you again to my mates at the club on the other hand I may just protest and then drive back to Yorkshire.

I am not going to Blackburn, but have had a long term train and hotel booking for the Brentford game, so that could be my last game whilst this odious excuse for a family are in charge.

Owen,Karl, you have my money for next season and I know I have more chance of meeting Elvis in a chip shop than getting that back, so please stick it where the sun don't shine. I know money means more to you than morals.

I will send you a cheque for a cheap bottle of sparkling wine which was presented to me as 'Fan of The Season', 10/11 years ago but can't find the other part of the award, the compliment slip. I am doing this because I no longer wish to be associated with such miserable money grabbing excuses for humanity as you two and I feel the title I was given is sullied by your miserly and unwaranted actions against true supporters of the club who have really done no more than try and fight for their beloved club. NOTE: THEIR CLUB.

It with a sad heart that I write this after over 60 years of support for BFC and hopefully one day I will be back before I die, but it will not be whilst you two are at the helm.
[Post edited 15 Feb 2015 23:27]
A great timeline from the old board
at 23:38 6 Feb 2015

For those that may not have seen this, it is well worth a read to see just how far we have sunk as a club and how many lies we have been fed over the years.

A well put together piece by the North American Tangerine Army.

Oystons Out.
The ignorant mind.
at 17:34 23 Jan 2015

The ignorant mind, it is said, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons. Greed, anger, and delusion. (Bodhi dharma).
Birmingham Game
at 17:40 22 Jan 2015

The Brum game is now on Wednesday 4th March and not Tuesday 3rd to avoid it clashing with WBA vs AV. Police advice apparently.
This is a complete outrage.
at 08:08 6 Jan 2015

Taken from the old board, it seems that the O's, rather than trying to build any bridges with the disgruntled fans, are dynamiting all routes to any reconcilliation.

In the words of some of the old cowboys, they are lower than a snake's belly.

'Up to now most fans threatened with legal action regarding comments made on this forum and other forms of social media have only received letters of pre action . As you may have recently read on other posts one of our fellow posters has now received documents from the Oystons solicitors which require him to fill in earnings and assets to be presented to the courts as well as a request to submit his defence . They have also paid the court fees for £610 to take the poster concerned to the High Court in Manchester with a claim lodged for upto £50,000 each for John Owen Oyston , Karl Samuel Oyston and Blackpool Football Club Limited .One of the ludicrous claims the solicitors have made is that the comments made by this fan have , amongst other claims for damages , hit this years season ticket sales .
Our request for help is for anyone reading this message board who didn't renew this season , emails on the following address a quick resume as to why they didnt renew . Possible reasons may include a lack of investment over the past few seasons , being treated with contempt by the present owners , having only 8 players upto a week before the season started , pre season training tour cancelled etc etc etc .
This in effect will show any judge preciding that to make a claim for these damages is ridiculous to say the least .
Many thanks for your time and if any other fans have received a summons that we dont know about that these emails may also help please let us know on the below email address .'

[Post edited 6 Jan 2015 8:08]
The Bad, The Good and the Ugly.
at 13:05 2 Jan 2015

Horrible similarities.
at 15:48 1 Jan 2015

I have my ticket for the Villa game, my reason being I felt it would be a game where the pressure was off and that the pool players could probably relax a little bit. However, in the run up to this game we seem to be losing most of our loan players, probably still have injuries and our short term signings will probably not be bothered one way of the other!

It has horrible similarities to the FA Cup 3rd round at Torquay in which we had few players and were well outclassed by a team below us in League status. This time we have a team above us in status and few players of any note.

I am slowly losing the will to watch.
Unacceptable, a plea from the heart.
at 18:06 27 Dec 2014

Ok I wasn't at the Wednesday game, but have read all the reports and the accompanying furore about the goings on between a section of the crowd, BSA officials and others.

I am not a member of BSA so have no axe to grind for them, likewise I am not a type that would harangue or vilify them because they are not doing what I want them to do. It is not, in my opinion, the correct manner in how to conduct yourself towards fellow fans.

This type of behaviour , basically hate, reminds me of things I've read about happening in Nazi Germany under Hitler and in Communist Russia under Stalin, i.e. if you don't think the way I do then the mob will come and smash your windows, burn your books put you in a camp whether that be a labour camp or a staleg. That may sound a little over the top, but it is the spark that could start the fire, and it is one of the reasons I have decided not to go the the Rotherham game tomorrow. I don't want to witness fan on fan, I want to see the back of the O's, the real enemy within.

Protest, chant, jump up and down do what you will but do not split the ranks and give KO succour when the pressure is starting to build nicely on both him and his odious, execrable, loathsome family.

The silence is deafening
at 23:34 23 Dec 2014

That in my mind says it all, guilty as charged m'lud, otherwise KO would have come out fighting.

I feel it is time for him to do the honourable thing and fall on his sword, he has been rumbled and there is no coming back from this as far as I can see.

History is littered with people in power who have misread the signs and paid the price, I would think it would be better to jump rather than be pushed and face total shame for the family.

That result has been coming.
at 23:00 20 Dec 2014

Stop and think how many times we have escaped a hammering this season due to the heroics of Lewis. At the moment Lewis is not having the same effect on the games and seems pretty ordinary compared to his form at the beginning of the season and that is not intended as a slight against him, his form overall has been great.

There did appear, in recent games, to be something of a resurgence in our form, even though it only resulted in the main in draws, however, we have still been,and as today proved, still are very very fragile in all departments.

KO said we should judge him at the end of the season, he also said there would be plenty of flotsam and jetsum about, so not to worry. True to his word we have a team full of flotsam and jetsum and our season is all but over, so bring in the hanging judge.

As it is the season of goodwill, I just hope that the Oystons all enjoy roasting their chestnuts in front of an open fire at Christmas, I would like to be the one roasting them, as they ponder over their destruction of Blackpool Football Club and ruining the hopes and aspirations of thousands of fans.

[Post edited 20 Dec 2014 23:04]
at 00:06 18 Dec 2014

May I be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday.

Just for you:
[Post edited 18 Dec 2014 8:00]
Remembering the 56 and its effects.
at 16:46 17 Dec 2014

A recent feature on the Bradford fire disaster in the Observer newspaper stirred up a predictably powerful reaction among fans of the Bantams, and rightly so. It was the worst fire disaster in the history of English football which occurred during a league match on Saturday, 11 May 1985, killing 56 and injuring at least 265. It was meant to be a day of celebration, City having won the 3rd Division title and being presented with the said trophy, but turned into a day of nightmares, consternation and horror witnessed by a full stadium of spectators and millions watching on television.
FA Cup Draw.
at 08:01 8 Dec 2014

What are the odds on us getting Dover Athletic away?

After all, we often seem to get the long trips, Southampton, Torquay et al.
[Post edited 8 Dec 2014 8:01]
Two poachers goals
at 22:59 6 Dec 2014

davis ha sshown at Rotherham and today that he is a class act at this level. Interesting to hear that he hasn't trained fully since joining us.

Some said his goal last week was a lucky break, but I felt he was instrumental in forcing the error from the Rotherham goalkeeper and he was certainly quicker to the ball than both the defenders who faced him.

I haven't seen a replay of todays goal yet, but from memory it was once again a well taken goal that anyone else in the team may well have missed. Davis doesn't give up, he perseveres, and it is one thing we have been lacking in the team.

That's 3 unbeaten now, so let's see if we can make it 4 next Saturday as a Birthdat present for me on the 13th and BRB on the 18th.
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