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Farewell Frankie – Column
at 08:16:41

Thank you for the article Simon. I sincerely hoped that Frankie would break on thru here at QPR , and I sincerely hope he goes on to have a wonderful Career.
Ramsey takes the long walk, but the root cause of the problems remains - Column
at 08:30:57

Im sure you wont mind me saying this Northern, and im sure you feel the same sometimes, But i do get a bit uncomfortable when you post I.E,' Karl Henry isnt very good', and its recieved by some on this message board with Acts of devout worship that wouldnt look out of place in 175 bc with Peasants and lepers laying seasonal produce at the feet of their Demi gods for your healing hands .

But fk me, i'll have to join them today.. This piece was magnificent. structured, flowed like water round a rock. Whether i agreed with all of it, which i mostly did, is immaterial.

Brentford end 50-year wait as QPR wilt - report
at 08:49:33

Ramfukker .... "at my command ....Unleash Shite!!"
Home double-header vital for embattled QPR boss – Preview
at 16:16:48

as ever well written , but in addition to this seasons stunted ' growth' , Ramfukker , no matter how handicapped he was with arthur engish's shitty squad, was an embarrassment as our manager in the premier league. Went down on our knees and the performances at City and Leicester were deeply shameful for our club when you consider what was at stake. The rain man of association football.
Ramsey feels the heat as QPR lose at Birmingham - report
at 13:25:05

I wouldnt be at all surprised if Karl Henry was made the next Manager.

Its like having rudolf hess in charge of your airline.
LFW End of Term Report 14/15 – Midfielders
at 09:44:02

Agree with you about jordan mutch 100%, as for beau brummel rather than a grade , i think the handsome lump of shit should have been taken round the back of the loft shithouse and shot by a wet detail of me, lfw's paulparker and the chairman of the QPR lgbt committee.
A line in the sand – Signing
at 08:59:15

laverly bit of work.crunch.
QPR hit for six as relegation is confirmed - report
at 10:11:28

ive fkn well said everything possible on this cowardly abdication on sunday.

send me an angel.send me kenny jacket. send me jackie mcnamara.send me an angel.

right now.
The Vargas conundrum – column
at 11:30:09

i seem to remeber greyriars playing well for about a game and half against liverpool and villa.

this dose not qualify him for a solid gold statue outside the south africa road shithouse.

time to do a prog rock god act booby and open up a salmon farm with captain beefheart in the scottish highlands.

please , simply fk off.
Rolling the dice – preview
at 16:36:45

love it when people throw a strop and flounce off like tiny tim on a lilly pad before declaring they are taking a break from the LFW board like a progressive rock star from the 1970's who stops making top 2o records for his label to record indigenous peruvian pan pipe players in a cave .

who gives a fk.'creative differences' its called. stand your ground and make a difference. Just because the odds are turning.fight for what you believe in harry cradelcap lovers.

Jekyll and Hyde QPR limp to another away loss – report
at 10:24:55

'but when you win a corner, 3-1 down, four minutes from time and inexplicably try and work a short routine that has never once worked before, and within two touches the ball is 70 yards back downfield with your own defenders again, you deserve exactly what QPR got here: fu ck all.'

hehehe..good stuff mate.

Yep, that was the highlight of a truly memorable evening, topped off with a repeat of 'pointless 'and the mrs showing me a picture of a kitten trapped in a fish bowl.

praise the lord for the gift of laughter..
Lacking ideas, shape, commitment or a plan, QPR lose limply at West Ham - report
at 09:25:58

good stuff.

my low point was the traore pass straight into touch after the nolan chance in the 85th minute, west ham laughter ringing in my ears.not good.not good at all.

i was shocked when i saw a piece that souness hightlighted that led to that nolan chance....a west ham midfielder was running away from our goal , no pressure from us, allowed to turn run back in to our half and ping a ball out to the left...incredible.

kenny jackett for me.
Ferdinand runs sword through promoted Hammers - history
at 09:28:29

remember that 4-0 game well!! i was living about a ten minute walk away from the ground in my first flat with a cockney hindu princess! 'playfully' beaten up by cousins and mates , all west ham, outside the whitehorse pub in east ham after the game.

didnt have to pay for a beer all night!..something tells me that both macdonald(mentioned in clives report) and bardlsey were returning from injury that day??..great little footballing side we were...the current mob couldnt lace their boots in so many areas.
Stainrod, Cisse and Webb's last minute winner - history
at 10:38:26

named my son after him.cant say more than that.
An evening with Gerry Francis – Podcast
at 14:40:05

really fantastic interview with gerry.

ive many treasured letters from gerry, during the richard thompson era, that were r written with passion for QPR, saturating each and every sentence.even a fax from him when i begged him to stay and not leave for spurs.

i dont say this lightly, and as many of LFW members will know from my posts i dont give praise easily...but gerry was and is my hero.

THE king of loftus road.

Viva Gerry!!

Please, please, please let us get who we want – podcast
at 08:24:17

a quite magnificent wig next to charlies head behind the geezer with the baseball cap in the crowd.

a wonderful specimen in these troubled times
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