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QPR seek local consultation for new training ground development
at 06:55 3 Dec 2020

They have been using the Concorde Club/Imperial Heston for a number of years plus they built a Dome at Cranford Community College which is just over the road.
Bristol City Match Fred
at 07:45 2 Dec 2020

Had a look at conversion rate and we aren’t that low https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/championship/chancenverwertung/wettbewerb/GB2

The current bottom three have scored 10 less goals than us.

Whilst I was at it, Norwich stats, wow. Only won one game by more than a goal (Bristol City away 1-3), and lost to Derby yet are top of the league. It really can be fine margins!
Bristol City Match Fred
at 07:29 2 Dec 2020

If we had of taken another one of our chances in the first 40 mins then that is a different game. Dominating and going in at half time 0-0 would have been better psychologically than Bristol drawing level. Sucks the air out of us whilst instilling them with belief. Conceding so early in the second half compounded it all and it was up hill from there.

Despite us lacking character and characters, I thought we did well to keep going and get back on top for the final 15 minutes with two decent chances for Bonne and BOS.

Not Warburton’s biggest fan, something about his personality that I can’t warm to and think his lack of alternative tactics is a really negative. However, I think he needs to be given more time, probably to the end of the season at least, maybe even next.

Much covered is the loss of Wells, Hugill and Eze but also integrating quite a few new signings and other players from U23s to the first team will take time. I thought you saw the lack of chemistry and understanding a few times, no more so than between BOS & Ozzy getting the combination play wrong on a few occasions.

I think we have only performed badly against Barnsley, Preston and maybe Blackburn although were in that until undone by Armstrong. Other defeats or draws have been due to very, very poor defending or not taking our chances. Not into all that xG stuff but would be interesting to see our chance conversions rate.

Wave a magic wand to go and sign a big, dominate, barky centre half, one way or another sort out the BOS saga and try to nick a rising star from the Prem on loan who is more Jerome Thomas than Jack Clarke and this season will be a positive one where we finish 15th.

P.s. kudos to the coaching team for those two first half corners. Very clever and refreshing.
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Gaffer on tonight's loss
at 10:27 28 Nov 2020

The incompetency of the refs performance isn’t mitigated by the what ifs of open play. People saying it could of been a red but they could of scored from Dieng’s mistake is apples and oranges. That was a red card and I would like to hear his explanation of why it was a yellow not why it wasn’t a sending off.

Pivotal moment that should have been managed better by the officials. There is surely only one question he needed to ask ‘If he didn’t foul him would he have had a clear and obvious goal scoring opportunity?’

My 11 year old lad also made a good point, why was Dom Ball booked for slamming the ball into the ground when in the first half the Brentford player screamed Fu ck at the lino then repeated it to the ref?
Sky even apologised for the audible swearing at officials. Both visible signs of frustration towards the officials decisions yet slamming an inanimate object into the earth is worse than screaming a directly at not one yet two officials.
2,000 fans
at 10:43 27 Nov 2020

Watford ballot for tickets. Assuming we will be doing similar?
at 13:54 24 Nov 2020

£8m payoff to Cocu and his staff. Cocu was on £80k per week!
Latest Patreon interview - Bradley Allen
at 19:18 18 Nov 2020

Yeah I enjoyed that. The goal against Sheffield United in 91 was my first game an although we lost, I remember it like it was yesterday. The finish was from a very tight angle.

Was speaking to my mates and it feels like the Allen’s and the Gallen’s are the last of the old school footballing gentry. They all speak very similar when talking about the game and industry. All very polite and courteous.

Bradley’s playing career comes across as someone who had the brain and technical ability but his body failed to stand up to the rigours of the game. Good guy who and I’m pleased he found his coaching and media career after he hung up the boots.
Fantasy R's Club
at 15:18 18 Nov 2020

Favourite Owner/Chairman.CEO: Jim Gregory
Favourite Manager: Gerry Francis MK 1
Favourite other non-playing QPR person: My old boss, Andy Evans :)
Mr. or Mrs QPR: The Gallens
Goalkeeper: Phil Parkes
Captain: Alan McDonald
Number 10: Stan Bowles
Winger: Trevor Sinclair
Striker: Les Ferdinand
Hardman: Alan McDonald
Penalty Taker: Clive Wilson
Attacking Free kicks: Lee Cook scored a few
If Carlsberg did Home games...: Chelsea when we won 1-0
If Carlsberg did Away games....: Man City away, Aguero! I won a fair bit of cash and it was pretty iconic game and experience.
Favourite transfer rumour: We were signing Baggio
Every goal should be a carbon copy of: Roy Wegerle v Leeds Away
Best seat in the house: Upper Loft
Best Pub: The old Duchess of Cambridge
Best place to get food: Cooke's
Best of the rest: Going to the pub after the game with my mum, son, nephew and mates
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Fantasy R's Club
at 15:10 18 Nov 2020

This isn't a thread for a rear of the year wish list but one where a time machine has been invited, money is no object and West London is your oyster.

If you had to cobble together a 'Best of' QPR who and what would it be? Not just players but off the pitch as well, not just your era but all time:

Favourite Owner/Chairman.CEO:
Favourite Manager:
Favourite other non-playing QPR person:
Mr. or Mrs QPR:
Number 10:
Penalty Taker:
Attacking Free kicks:
If Carlsberg did Home games...:
If Carlsberg did Away games....:
Favourite transfer rumour:
Every goal should be a carbon copy of:
Best seat in the house:
Best Pub:
Best place to get food:
Best of the rest:
Watford H first goal sweepstake - COMPETITION
at 13:16 18 Nov 2020

Nnnnnnnnnnnn 19 please
at 11:31 18 Nov 2020

Had a bit of everything that, superb watch.

Lots of talking points at the end, should it have been a penalty try? Another sin bin? Captains challenge successful after the clock had gone (wtf is that all about??).

Couldn’t deny QLD were the better team on the night, just didn’t convert their dominance into points which would have negated all of the above.
at 10:28 18 Nov 2020

Has to be a massive swing in momentum for NSW to have a chance of winning. Tedesco was a huge loss, Munster & Grant are running the show.
at 09:02 18 Nov 2020

McIllorum got a hefty six game ban.

Kieron Dixon has left London for York <sad face> Is there any bugger left there? At least the wage bill will be small and London Skolars will be a derby gulp!

And State of Origin? Blues by a narrow margin
at 08:44 18 Nov 2020

The only surprise about this is that we still act like this isn't the norm. This country and most of the world was bought and sold a longggggg time ago.

In the UK, millions of people vote these people in and millions of people just go along with the status quo. Think the bigger question is, why?

My take on it is that people can't really be bothered as long as they are alright and life seemingly improves and advances, i.e. healthcare, technology and access to opportunites.

Whilst the majority are doing alright the masses will never gather especially in an environment of divide and rule.

That being said, I've tried to get involved in local politics and its very time consuming, not overly progressive and hard to keep up if you are working, have kids or are generally busy. So I salute people that volunter there time in any form of politics.
[Post edited 18 Nov 8:56]
This week's podcast
at 15:15 16 Nov 2020

Haven’t listened to the pod for a while but that was an absolutely superb podcast.

Nedum speaks so well, surely there is more to come from him.

I never considered him a great or fans favourite but as a person, he comes across a lot better than the ones who I do. Interesting
your BEST mate.
at 13:44 15 Nov 2020

Heart-breaking and heart-warming thread all in one go.

I am 38 and I'm really lucky to have two people I consider best friends, meeting them both at school, one at Primary and at Secondary.

Socialise with them both regularly, one normally to keep fit and have beers, the other one normally just for beers. Neither like football, despite one playing five aside, but I have dragged them both to the R's (maybe that put them off even more!!)

Have been on numerous holidays, separately and together, with them both. They also both get along well, although everyone gets along with the one I met at secondary school.

Also have quite a lot of other social groups through secondary school, which is a strong and wide network, my last job and my current one. Plus, a separate cohort who I go to QPR with, which includes my mum, nephew, and son.

My job has forced me to meet new people and face a few fears about meeting new people, especially at networking events. I used to hate it and would do anything to not have to partake in small talk and although still not overly comfortable, I can get by.

Having said that, there are still times when I get incredibly lonely. My dad died in a motorcycle accident six days after my 21st birthday and I experienced quite a fair bit of trauma in my childhood (Abuse, Domestic violence, Alcoholism and divorced parents) so I think it has meant I've spent a lot of time trying to fit in and claim an identity.

This has meant my personality is a bit up and down, either life and soul or depressed, anxious and withdrawn. The latter part of my personality makes me incredibly alone and can strike at any point. I could have been playing footy with the boys, going to the R's, at a celebration event, basically anything I enjoy which involves spending time with others yet as soon as I shut the door to my flat, I feel like that lonely little boy desperate for attention and to be loved.

Same when I have my kids every other weekend. As soon as I drop them home to their Mum, there is some relief that I don't have to spend my time as CEO/COO/Pot wash at the Corporation of Dad (not a role find the easiest), yet I then feel very lonely when back at mine.

Life has got better as I somehow meet a new woman about six months ago and having a partner is critical for me as I'm not too good at the self-care, self-love stuff.

COVID is also slowing me down a bit as I'm normally rushing around all over the place, trying to fill the time as its when I stop that things hit me hard although I often burnout which makes my mental health a lot worse. This time is making me reflect on what is important to me and what I need for a happier existence and spending time with people, family, friends, lovers is number one on my list. Even the dying billionaires say it is the one thing they wish they had done more of.

I think identity and belonging are what it is all about. We are tribal creatures which is why religion and other things we follow i.e. QPR, means so much. QPR for me is habitual and essential as for the good and bad, it was and is the one consistent for me in a very inconsistent upbringing and as very lapesed catholic (now desectibe myself as an Agnostic Athesist) QPR is my sense of belonging, following, and religion.
This board has taught me so much and gives me so much even if I have only engaged with a small handful of you in the 'real' world. Even though I may be the complete oppostie in my thoughts to people on here, they are still part of my village, and my village of QPR is the best village in the land.

For me loneliness and metal health issues are added to by social media, the constant us v them/divide and rule narrative in the media and with the persistent discussions questioning and criticising peoples identity based on gender, ethnicity, where you're from and what you think. These are very dangerous and impacting us with more and more mental ill health. Who very said never to talk about religiion or politics. Was very bloody wise.

The remedy for me for the most of it is to switch it all off and engage with someone I actually know. It isn't always easy to reach out, I used to rather wallow and hide than be exposed and vulnerable but the older, wiser and more in tune me is telling me to arrange that meet, and send that text. I am incredibly lucky with the connections and family I've got, and if this pandemic doesn't make me value them more than nothing will.

We are simple beasts and do better together than apart.
[Post edited 15 Nov 13:52]
at 06:41 14 Nov 2020

I thought Catalan were going to push on early in the season, they looked on fire. Last season they destroyed Broncos at home only for us to go over there an roll them over with quite a solid game plan of get your basics right.

Robert Hicks as video ref? He is so inconsistent it’s very frustrating. Not a fan of Leeds at all but would have liked to see them go though as that was a shocker on Dwyer.

Think it is looking like Saints v Wigan and Saints better get this one in as next year Bateman, French and Hastings will be quite the attacking force. Very surprised Hastings signed and god knows how they are affording it.
Is it essential that QPR stay in the Borough of H&F?
at 21:53 13 Nov 2020

Imperial College are the biggest competition. They want the site for their students to have sports and fitness facilities on their doorstep instead of having to trek all over the place. They already have the Ethos Centre in South Ken but want more, more, More!

IC have massive influence with the local authority, own lots of other land locally and have very deep pockets, deeper than ours.

QPR and IC have been partners for a long time, Harlington, Heston and in the Community but nothing has ever been on a level playing field.

I can’t see anyway the local authority green light us. Really active NIMBYs for Wormwood scrubs and with more power and skills than SWF. We are definitely the ugly sister of the three clubs in H & F, not overly sure why but Chelsea and Fulham’s planning sailed through, yet we have been kept at arms length for what feels like an eternity. Even the majority amount of views given in the consultation from QPR fans are kinda of being diluted as they aren’t from people in the local area.
[Post edited 13 Nov 21:55]
at 21:17 13 Nov 2020

Catalans V Leeds is a bit of a banger.

I’m not sure if I like or am scared of McIllorum! If he wasn’t on a pitch then he would be inside!!
at 21:00 12 Nov 2020

Unless there is any truth in the rumours of sharing with Wimbledon.

I can’t see how London can win this fight and the team relegated is so different to what it is now, it could be a tough season back in Super League. If Danny Ward leaves as well then it could be horrendous although I think he and his family is very settled in the South.
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