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at 19:06 18 Apr 2020

Latest QPR Podcast excellent, again.
Clint Hill always a good guest.
Always enjoy a trip down memory lane. Keep up the good work, I've enjoyed these Saturday podcasts
Dog Fostering
at 20:28 19 Aug 2018

I've supported this in the past - Brighton Hoop, I think it is.
Had this email, don't know if it's genuine or not but sounds bad if true.
Anyone else had it or know anything?

Dear Supporter,

I had to abandon the house last week after threats of violence worsened f4rrom the owner, the foster dgos went into another foster and Jago is with a friend securely so we can be re-united in due course

Currently living rough, have never had to before and it is horrible and dangerous. I was robbed of my coputer, ipad, cameras, even lost my mothers jewellery, and have been chased out of Valencia by a fascist gang who do not tolerate foreigners sleeping on park benches and they have pursued me to Alicante. Last night, the third night this week, was terrifying, under duress and threat of xtreme violence, these blokes run the ports ad you can imagine what they traffic, extremely dangerous people.

So I am trying to make a run for Barcelona where there are much ore opportunites and support networks etc, I´ve had a bit of psychosis through sleep deprivation, did not eat fro 6 days.

So I am asking for support, for me, not the dogs. My paypal is knackered due to signing in in different locations so my UK Account details are below.

If you can find it in your soul to help a silly old dog lover I will be forever grateful in these dire citrcumstances, seriously frightening, at the wrong time in life.

Ocei am re established I will be dog fostering again.
QPR Podcast
at 15:21 4 Oct 2016

This weeks podcast is just brilliant.
Bircham is on and tells some great stories
Talk Sport
at 14:33 5 Sep 2016

Please tell me Harry Redknapp isn't going to be a regular on TS now Colin Murray has left.
Jim White! Jesus wept
Advice needed
at 15:50 17 Mar 2016

My 16 yr old son came off his scooter last week and in doing so his bike slid into an oncoming Land Rover, quite slowly, the Land Rover had come to a stop.
My son was a bit shaken up so the guy dropped him at the nearby farm where he wAs doing work experience, but they didn't exchange details as there didn't appear to be any damage.
He has since then fracked my son down and is claiming damages for a new bumper assembly (underneath bit) approx £600
My sons insurance policy states any accident should be reported within 24 hours.
If I now phone up to report now, would my insurance be invalid (9 days ago now)?
Any advice please?
Box Office No.
at 09:41 23 Dec 2015

Can anyone give me a phone no. for Box Office that doesn't go to Ticketmaster please.
Apparently they have never heard of Flexi Ticket offer.
Membership Cards
at 22:56 17 Oct 2015

First game for me Tues, can someone tell me how we use membership cards. Do we put in a machine or just hand in at turnstile?
Open all R's
at 16:42 28 May 2014

Latest podcast.
Brilliant intro!
Really good show
Match of the day
at 00:49 23 Mar 2014

Those clapper things at Norwich. What's that all about. It's enough to stop you going to football ever again. Who thinks of this shit
Cantona Moment
at 18:37 7 Apr 2013

Felt like the same crushing blow as that "Cantona" goal in '96.
So bloody close
HR Press Conference
at 21:56 8 Dec 2012

Christ, he wasn't very upbeat was he. Seems almost resigned
Southampton Tickets
at 11:53 10 Oct 2012

I'm trying to get 3 tickets for the Southampton game but I'm the only member and my son wants to bring a friend along.(We sit in Upper Loft)
I have friends who are season ticket holders but they don't have superhoop upgrade thing.
Anybody able to help or will I just have to wait for general sale?
Any help appreciated.
Hypothetical question
at 23:01 10 May 2012

I, like some others have a bad feeling about Sunday, but if you could swap league position and fixtures with Bolton, would you?
Strangely, I wouldn't
[Post edited 1 Jan 1970 1:00]
And another thing
at 14:51 9 Apr 2012

Apart from players falling over under minimal contact, other things that really annoy me....

1 Players running the ball out when the ball isn't even within playing distance.
This would be a foul anywhere else on the pitch.

2 Defenders running back towards their own goal have adopted this new technique of falling over and grabbing the ball. If anything it should be a handball, but they always get given a free kick.
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