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CCTV wifi
at 10:43 13 Jun 2020

Been thinking about having one of these to look over my motorbike and partners scooter that we keep in our front garden.

Ive seen some wifi ones but they only offer cloud storage on subscription or have a SD card slot.

I have a 1TB WD external hard drive that’s connected to wifi so just need a cctv camera unit i can set up and footage just gets stored on that.

Have any of you helpful people got a set up like this and can recommend a camera that’ll do this?


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BoS Championship goal of the month contender
at 20:48 10 Feb 2020

Get voting peeps

Took my 5 year old boy to his first game today
at 19:40 29 Dec 2019

Parked up, popped into the Conny to use the toilets, didnt recognise anyone in the pub from when I used to go.

Walked down South Africa Road, saw some old faces which was nice.

Then around to the Lower Loft to take up our seats.

He was very excited and was very attentive the first half. The expected “I’m bored” after 10 minutes never materialised. He clapped when everyone else clapped. He watched the ball, his favourite player was Eze, he was so happy when we scored.

2nd half as it got colder and darker and longer then he started to wain, much like the team! He didn’t see the winning goal as he was watching videos on my phone by then.

On the way back to the car he was having fun chasing my shadows from the street lights. Popped into a shop for water and some sweets and when we got home he wanted to keep his QPR replica top on.

You can keep your FIFA playing, acca/Ladbrokes lads, round your mates with beer & pizza to watch the next Champions League match day 3 on the tele, mock shock, tweeting like you know everything, shouting for the managers head every game, 21st century fan.

Today, for me, is what football is about.

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Sky TV / broadband
at 16:20 11 Mar 2019

Do any of you fine chap's and chapesses have a Sky TV/broadband deal?

If so,

- what's the broadband speed?
- how many times over a calendar year does either tv or broadband signal go down for 1/2 a day/day etc?

No wonder people's grammar is fked
at 14:51 13 Feb 2019

Loftinoz would no doubt agree!

Ran an email through spell checker and got this;

[Post edited 13 Feb 2019 16:44]
Rome .... thoughts/advice etc.
at 20:36 16 Dec 2018

... would be much appreciated.

Looking to go first week or so in the new year for three days. Travelling doesn’t normally bother me, in fact I really like it.
However, it’ll be me, the missus, the mum in law, a 4 year old boy and almost one year old girl.

It just feels a bit heavy going and a lot of walking could be difficult for the kids, especially the boy and if the weather is crap then that’ll be a real downer.

I’m aware of things like avoiding having pictures taken with rip off gladiators and food right by the attractions is expensive and often not fresh then theres the pick pockets who will see a family as an easy target to cause distraction with.

As you can gather, I feel a bit wary of doing this trip, which is a shame as its a place I’d love to go to, just without all the complications.

Vote for Maddison
at 23:53 3 Apr 2018


Reports of shots outside UK Parliament
at 14:54 22 Mar 2017


Plane crash in Colombia
at 08:34 29 Nov 2016

Carrying Brazilian footballers. Doesn't look good :(
Pete Burns RIP
at 19:27 24 Oct 2016

Died suddenly from a cardiac arrest on Sunday. 57 years old.


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at 11:58 21 Oct 2016

Is anyone out there a sparky or know or a good, reliable one? Not someone who'll suck their teeth and say "it'll cost ya mate"!

An engineer from OVO came to my flat (Chalk Farm, London) this week and placed a new meter.
He told us that the fuse box is very, very old (it is) and left a safety notice although there's nothing wrong with it for the moment. The flats were built in the mid-60's and it's one of those beige/grey metal boxes with ceramic pull-out fuses where you can replace the wire fuse.

He checked a double socket in the kitchen on the wall and he advised me not to use it as is missing an earth cable. From recollection all the sockets are like this. It's the old red/black wiring.

HomeServe sent an electrician who confirmed that the fuse box is very old and needs to be changed sometime and he was not able to touch the socket as it would be possible to explode the whole house. Is this right or a bit over-cautious? (though I do know with electricity you can never be too cautious).

Looking for someone who can change the fuse box and maybe advise on the sockets.

Thanks, as always.

Petition help
at 14:02 15 Aug 2016

If Clive or other admin thinks this is unacceptable then by all means delete with my apologies.

Where I live (Whitton, near Twickenham rugby ground) is a fairly quiet suburban area. There are quite a few schools nearby which is great. Traffic at morning & afternoon school runs though is about as much as the local roads can manage and then the 5-7pm rush hour adds another batch of traffic especially with people driving like idiots in the narrow back roads to use them as an opportunity to jump traffic light queues.

Richmond Council now want to build another school (1,000+ pupils) that will only have two access points, one will jam up a main road and the other is right in amongst a knit of streets that have roads wide enough for one car. Then there are parking issues as there just isn't anywhere to park as it is (not helped by one neighbour having 4 vans and three cars)

On top of this, and here's the best bit, the original proposal was that the school will NOT be for local children. Only children from nearby Teddington will be allowed.
This got updated upon appeal to around 10% of local children being allowed. Should be 90%+ local kids IMO, not that it's wanted or needed in the first place!

Even with 90% from Teddington, this will just cause more traffic chaos with many more cars and buses on roads that are already peaked out.

This is not just a NIMBY situation as Whitton residents don't want this and Teddington residents don't want this either. They would much rather have it local to them.

Land much closer to Teddington has been identified and would provide a more suitable alternative.

We need to get the signatures up to 500 (currently 135 at the time of posting).

If you can help by signing it would be much appreciated. If you don't agree or don't want to, that's fine, I really won't mind. Even if we get just a few extra that'll help.

Many thanks.


Worst logo of 2016.....and it's only February
at 13:30 24 Feb 2016

After the hilarious 2012 Olympic logo that looked like Lisa Simpson giving a blowie, we now have this;

It has so many things it could apply to.

[Post edited 24 Feb 2016 13:30]
Alan Rickman RIP
at 12:44 14 Jan 2016

Another one gone. Great actor who starting acting quite late on.

Right of way after exiting a roundabout
at 21:17 8 Jan 2016

Done some googling but only talks about approaching or on a roundabout.

Riding my motorbike on the way home tonight i'm in the nearside lane of a two lane roundabout. All four roads that the roundabout is on are two lanes.
I approach the roundabout and a learner driver (in a driving school car) is on the roundabout so i give way as they, of course, have right of way. They are taking the same exit as me which is 12 o'clock from my perspective.
She passes by so i move off still in the nearside lane. She's going quite slow and exits in the 2nd lane and i catch up with her and we both effectively exit the roundabout at the same time, me in the nearside lane her in the second.
Then all of a sudden shes indicating left and starting to come into my lane. Shes not even a full car length ahead of me, the passenger door is to my right. I cant brake as there might be a car behind me so I refuse to yeild.
The Highway Code clearly states that when changing lane it is your responsibilty to ensure it's safe to do so.
This situation was not. I'd either have to brake or she would hit me if she didnt move back into her lane, which she did.
The passenger window wound down and the instructor shouted at me and was waving his hands "we have right of way"

IMO they did not, i was in my lane, they were moving out of theirs. We had already exited the roundabout so their right of way was over.

Am I wrong?

What made this more complexing is they then took a right at the next roundabout just a couple of hundred yards later. Surely then the teacher should be teling his pupil about preparing ahead and stay in the outside lane rather than coming inside only to go back outside literally 20-30 seconds later.

What do you think?

Edit: the only thing i can think of is maybe she was trying to exit into the nearside lane but i was " in the way" and therefore not allowing them right of way. However, she was definitely on the inside of tne roundabout and my nearside lane was clear ahead, for all i knew she was going fully around and taking the 4th exit, and she was going that slow it allowed me to catch up. IMO a teacher should not take a pupil on a busy A road in rush hour traffic if they cant keep up with the pace. I think its in the Highway Code that going too slow is just as bad as speeding.

[Post edited 8 Jan 2016 21:45]
PL form guide
at 12:58 2 Nov 2015

Nicked off the book of face.

Happy "Back To The Future" Day
at 13:11 21 Oct 2015

Yes, today is the day Marty McFly arrived at when he went into the future.

Some photos from the Dundee Utd game
at 11:22 23 Jul 2015

Philips races through and rounds the goalie....

"It's OK, I've got it" - sadly, he never really did much in the game.

Dundee Utd nutmeg Green to make it 1-1

Luongo heads in, goalie has the ball in his hands....

... but fluffs it and it's 2-1 to QPR

[Post edited 23 Jul 2015 13:22]
Season ticket details announced
at 13:13 28 May 2015


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