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Match highlights on the offish
at 16:51 8 Dec 2019

Well done lads. Actually closing down players. Who would have thought!?

Iniesta style pass from Cameron for the first. Excellent save by JL.

Watch out in the first minute of the highlights when Preston flash an early shot past the post. Top spitting from Lumley. Proper everywhere and all over himself. Wayne Rooney take note.
Does 4 points in 2 games...
at 07:31 8 Dec 2019

mean we're not sacking Warburton now? What's Paul Hart doing these days? Blimey. 28 points after 20 games.

Despite a bad patch we were odds on to get relegated and although we are a way from being safe we probably need 7 wins and a draw from 26 games to be well and truly safe. Perhaps even 6 wins and a draw. 28 points from 20 games with one of the lowest budgets in this league.

Yeah, but let's sack him. God how I hate sh*t online supposed sports sites.
[Post edited 8 Dec 9:02]
Gaffer on today's win
at 22:52 7 Dec 2019
Highlights QPR 2 Preston 0
at 21:15 7 Dec 2019

Much much more solid all the way through. Took the confidence from a good showing at Derby.

Lumley so much better and blinding save at the end.

Does 4 points from 2 games mean we aren't sacking MW now???
Hi ho Silva lining
at 21:06 5 Dec 2019

For Everton anyway. Sacked!

Not really surprising. Never quite got him to be honest as a manager.

Would be refreshing if instead of clubs saying

We'd like to thank Marco for all his efforts over the last two seasons...

They just said

It's like we got him as a prize at a funfair, except a f*cking goldfish would have been more useful.
Derby highlights on the offish
at 22:46 2 Dec 2019

So bad is Lumley's current form that Ben Hamer is keeping at both ends apparently.
Mark Pugh interview
at 20:35 2 Dec 2019

After the match. Good little interview. Good player this lad, given the chance.
Gaffer on today's draw at Derby
at 17:53 30 Nov 2019

Today's highlights
at 17:36 30 Nov 2019

Good saves from their keeper.

Some decent attempts from us.

Good save early on from Lumley.

Unstoppable free kick.

Cheeky Eze penalty.

U rrrrss!
Ollie forever R
at 13:05 29 Nov 2019

Just to cheer us up a bit.
Gaffer on tonight's defeat
at 22:59 27 Nov 2019

He's not very happy either.
Tonight's lowlights
at 22:43 27 Nov 2019

Our marking is seriously non existent.

Red card harsh. Hall was close by and if Wallace hadn't pulled him down, Hall would have slid in to concede a penalty.

Bad case of head drop and self doubt has set in.
This is the keeper we need.
at 23:00 26 Nov 2019

How to play it out from the back.
Man marking
at 09:58 23 Nov 2019

We appear to be zonal. Has to change surely.

We need good old Danny Maddix and Shaun Derry style shadowing on target strikers and playmakers. Stand on them until they give up.

Go man to man, kill the supply line and the target.
Gaffer on tonight's defeat
at 23:11 22 Nov 2019

The frustration for me is that it is clear that he sees the problem but there seems to also be a bit of denial creeping in that we need to have a drastic rethink about how to defend when playing this system.

You can't say we don't block crosses, we don't pick people up without somehow thinking perhaps it's something to do with the way we are defending. For me it feels zonal all over the park. Zonal rarely works. Especially if you can't do that either.

However, if MW and staff can solve it then we start to win games again.

Defending undermining our 'beautiful game'
at 22:30 22 Nov 2019

19 attempts on goal, 7 on target to Fulham's 11 and 4 on target. 50% of the possession.

Yet it is pointless, quite literally, if you can't defend properly as a team and we can't defend as one.

There is no crime in a goalkeeper occasionally lumping the ball 80 yards if it is not going to put you under pressure.

You have to defend against players on and off the ball, not be in a 'zone' where they may or may not be. Kamara is a big lump so put a defender on him as his shadow Danny Maddix style. Don't give him the space or time. Put a player on Cairney in the middle. Kick him up in the air and keep doing it until he gives up.

We are so soft in the way we defend. I was hoping two weeks would have sorted some of it out but it is the same mistakes being made again and again.

Don't get me wrong, this is not me turning on Warburton. It's just that there has to be a moment, with a side that is capable of winning these games to take drastic action in the way it defends and have at least 2 players who go man to man and nullify feed from the midfield and shadows the target man.

Has anyone got Clint Hill's number? Our management staff need him in to help do this. Get some kind of defensive system working that doesn't go zonal and concede two goals a game and we may just rediscover our mojo because my god we create a lot going forward but eternally leave the back door open.

If you create 19 attempts with 7 on target away from home with a solid defensive system you should be winning most games, home and away.

Johnson v Corbyn
at 21:06 19 Nov 2019

Anyone else watch this car crash on ITV?
Another cladded building fire in Bolton tonight
at 23:12 15 Nov 2019

Hoping everyone got out okay.
Meanwhile in the NFL
at 15:43 15 Nov 2019

This has got to be a lifetime ban surely? Could have killed the guy.

Not sure Myles Garrett will or should play again.
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