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Madison Square garden
at 15:14 20 Jan 2019

Does anyone on here know the guys who sweeps the ice at Madison Square Garden during the Ice Hockey matches?

I believe his name is Paul and he's a Superhoop?

My Godson is going to a game there next week for his 21st and wondered if anyone knew him well enough to ask if they could get his name up on the board or show him around behind the scenes?
Left a bag under my seat
at 22:51 21 Feb 2017

Bought a hoody and jogging bottoms as a couple of little prezzies for my sons birthday next week and in the huge emotion of us winning a 2nd game on the trot walked out of the upper loft without it.

Went back and it was gone and not yet handed in at reception so if anyone picked up or saw anyone else picking up a club shop bag in row C of block JU can you please send me a private message?

Many Thanks
Phil Parkes
at 20:26 10 May 2016

Well he can fcuk right off.....
Fcuk off now Ramsey
at 15:17 10 May 2015

I'm sorry but bringing on Wright Phillips is the final straw for me.

If he gets the job it proves that Ferdinand is no better than that vvanker Redknapp and is just giving his mates jobs.

The whole club apart from us lot is rotten to the core
Fcuk off Redknapp
at 23:01 19 Oct 2014

What's this crap about Taarabt being 3 stone overweight?

You're his coach, either sort it out or admit you're not up to it. You're supposed to be a man manager, manage the man and start earning your money or pi$$ off and sit by the beach.

He is the best talent we have, find a way to get the best out of him or get the fcuk out of our club.

That is all>
So apparently now apparently the Venables team was boring?
at 00:52 24 Nov 2013

Yes they may have perfected the offside trap, but for God's sake, off the top of my head I remember them scoring 7 against Bolton, 6 against Boro, 4 against Charlton at least twice (and 3 away) 4 at Wolves and loads more if I could be arsed to check over 3 seasons.
Yes they played the offside trap but some people need to.remember how good Allen, Stainrod, Sealy for a season, Gregory, Flanagan, Currie and the rest were at that time. They would wipe the floor with most if not all of the winners of that division of the last 30 years, certainly the Reading and Fulham teams that walked their divisions would have been right up against it against that team. We should celebrate how good they were, not slate them.
[Post edited 24 Nov 2013 0:59]
Oi Speediesdouble, you not back yet?
at 03:29 3 Jan 2013

We've all been waiting for you mate, not like you lot not to show when numbers are not in your favour.................................

2 dicks at the back of HU/JU
at 21:58 18 Aug 2012

Just to make the day worse today we had 2 blokes more than old enough to know better literally at each others throats in the second half. The first buffoon was one of those clowns who sings on his own and decides to slate anyone who doesn't want to join in. The second one then reacts when he just needed to ignore him and bursts over, grabs the gobby one by the throat and tells him he's going to batter him outside. Smart work fellas, you should be really proud.
at 14:49 22 Jul 2012

The first real Tit Monday of the year?? Can't recall one yet....
Friendly on August 4th
at 09:46 16 Jul 2012

Anyone got any inside info on who it might be?

Can't make Augsburg the following week but keen to get out the week before.

Having spent a busy morning at work looking at which of the German teams near our training camp already have friendlies sorted for August 4th I'm only left with Nuremburg, which is about 90 miles north of Augsburg, or at a push Kaiserslautern, who also have a game the following Monday.

Anyone ITK?
at 10:17 9 May 2011

Anyone just heard that knob Andy Gray on Talksport?
After being told by that other knob Keys that we were found NOT guilty he then deceides to go on about the 5, yes 5 (he is that retarded) points that we took off Swansea in the 2 games and how different it would be if Swansea got those points back. Not only can he not count, he obviously has no perception of the difference between Guilty & Not Guilty.
How do these halfwits get where they are??
Ball Boys
at 15:51 10 Sep 2010

Good luck to Kingshill Jnr (Joe) tomorrow as he becomes one of the first ball boys at LR. He was born 2 days before we beat Boro 5-0 back in 1998 so hope you bring us the same luck again tomorrow mate.
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