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We’ve made it folks
at 15:56 27 Jun 2019

Liverpool after us and no mention of the rest of the Lancashire clubs
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Leyton Orient
at 16:56 27 Apr 2019

Well done back to League 2 👍

Someone said the EFL let them down, their fans didn’t they supported throughout
Shaun Harvey
at 17:33 5 Mar 2019

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The Muckers.
at 21:01 16 Feb 2019

Not sure if Raggy on a windup but just read this on avftt - got to say he has it spot on

Reading other posts on the return v Oxford Utd 23rd February 2019, it is clear some haven't made their mind up yet. The MSG have.

There is a Court Order that has taken control of the club from Owen Oyston. That was the aim of NAPM from the outset and it has been achieved. All the other if's, but's and maybe's serve no purpose here in our opinion.

There have been a lot of people involved in the last 5 years, some have garnered quite a lot of attention and local fame. It's only natural that some will miss the recognition, and with this can come a subconscious inability to let go. They clearly will never be forgotten but still may find it difficult to move on. Its the end of an era if you will.

We have already read people saying they won't go back if :

- Oyston remains in the hotel
- Oyston remains in the Penthouse
- Oyston has a corporate box
- Oyston is in the ground
- Oyston gets any money why the receivers are in
- until the seats are clean
- until they are fully staffed
- until they change security firms

Once these are all covered, we are likely to here they won't go back until:

- that seat that Owen used to use is removed
- the restaurant he ate in is closed down for good.
- the toilet he used is burned to the ground
- any letter O around the ground is removed.

A tad sarcastic we know, but you get the picture.

The NAPM campaign was not started to simply deny Owen money out of spite. It was to force him to sell. Well a Court of Law has done that for us now so job done on that front. We understand there are scenarios that could see him remain ie. Winning the euro millions, but we can't affect that for now, nor do we need to. By the logic of some, (those saying don't go back yet as he may get some money), we should be against any new owners buying the club as that money will help Owen pay off his debt!

It's all coming down to whether your particular aim is to go back to football first, or see the Oyston's ruined first.

For us, and a large group of MSG members, we are going back against Oxford. There are 224 people that have sent their ticket money to us up to now and these will all be purchased in the same block on Wednesday. We estimate another 170-180 By the replies we have recieved.

We don't care about dirty seats, out of date pies, crap beer, no stewards or any of the other dreamed up stumbling blocks. We don't even mind Owen being there. In fact it will be good to laugh at the old rapist scarecrow.

We hope that the majority have the same thought process and return en masse.



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at 11:47 9 Feb 2019

This Blackpool fan bumped into him in London.

Noticed muckers have replied saying they’ve a meeting with him tomorrow to discuss a few things after Oyston has been removed. Sounds very promising.
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Post match comments Coventry fans
at 22:21 26 Jan 2019

How many times is that now? Come out for second half and get done over.

Looks like another inspirational team talk at half time

Shite finishing in the first half and shite defending in the second half.

We have nothing up front, we can't keep the ball

Blackpool have executed a game plan on us

It’s been so so easy for them

SISU out
Oyston out
¿Robins out?

You know it's not going to be your day when Nathan Delfouneso scores against you.

Play offs
at 21:52 26 Jan 2019

Aren’t beyond the realms of possibility plus not incurring a 12 point deduction

Today’s goals
at 21:44 26 Jan 2019


We were very lucky first half
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From Bridgey
at 21:34 21 Jan 2019

A Football Club spokesman released the following statement:-

This is another example of Fake News. No “opening offer to Oyston was tabled last Wednesday” by Paul Stewart as stated on the Mirror website yesterday, Saturday 19 January 2019. Sadly the Mirror has obviously been misinformed. This alleged offer is one of many fake or alleged offers that have been circulating in relation to Blackpool Football Club in recent times and the Club felt it was time to respond.

The Club can categorically state that Paul Stewart has not tabled any offer to the Oystons or the Chairman of Blackpool Football Club.

The Mirror’s website was followed by an article in the Sunday Mirror today. However it might be helpful to correct another inaccuracy. The Sunday Mirror article stated that “Karl Oyston, who was the Clubs Chairman, paid himself an annual salary of £11 million that year”. The fact is that Blackpool Football Club paid this £8.3 million, £11 million before tax, to an Oyston Group Company and not to Karl Oyston in recognition and for the services of Owen Oyston, in his 32nd year of ownership and the services of the Oyston Group Companies because for a quarter of a century Owen and his Group worked without salary, dividends or any retainers to keep the Club afloat. In fact Owen and the Group Companies poured multi-millions into the Club interest free and by April 2006 had already put in over £17.5 million mostly to build the North, North West and West Stands. Owen and his Group are today still paying the wages and sustaining the Club. The accounts show that £25 million over the years has been spent on building the football stadium at cost. This money was loaned interest free and without security and at risk and but for the good fortune of getting into the Premier League, this money would have been lost.

Owen and the Group also funded large tax losses over these 25 years culminating in a total of £21 million by the time Blackpool Football Club achieved Premier League Status, and this achievement surprised most people. The Group Companies under Owen’s ownership saved the Club from bankruptcy and the football stadium from demolition.

At the time of Owen’s purchase of the Club, the County Council had condemned large parts of the Ground and if the wind blew over 40 miles per hour, the Club had to abandon the game.

The vast majority of other payments made to the Group from Blackpool Football Club when in the Premier League were to fund the completion of the Stadium to the specifications of the Football Association and to build other assets to produce revenue to support and benefit the Football Club. It was the Oyston Group of Companies that funded the Football Club over 25 years to get into the Premier League so it does not seem unreasonable that the Club would reciprocate and give some of these monies back to the Group.

It beggars belief that anyone who would work for nothing for 25 years for the Club and pour multi-millions into it at risk would wish to harm the Club in any way. The whole rationale of the management is to support the Club by creating a long-term plan to secure the future of the Club, the staff and all those associated with it.

The Club will very soon be launching a Charter 2019 to set the commitment and policy for the future.
Keith Southern
at 19:30 20 Jan 2019

Blackpool legend

What a team
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Match thread Blackpool v shrews
at 13:33 19 Jan 2019

Cmon you Pool
How you doing fred
at 22:46 15 Jan 2019

hope you're back on the mend soon pal 👍
Nestle worker
at 15:30 12 Jan 2019

Sad news from the Nestle factory today as a man was crushed to death by hundreds of boxes of chocolate.
He tried in vain to attract attention, but every time he yelled out;
"The Milky Bars are on me!"
People just cheered..

I’ll get my coat
Match thread
at 15:28 12 Jan 2019

For anyone interested

25' - Blackpool just not finding any rhythm in attack, as Nathan Delfouneso sends a cross out for a throw-in.
Marin Lewis
at 20:37 8 Jan 2019

what an irritant
What do you think
at 20:27 8 Jan 2019

is going to happen to our football club in 2019.
1 0
at 20:22 7 Jan 2019

What’s your dream car
at 20:09 7 Jan 2019

Mine E Type. Already restored
[Post edited 7 Jan 2019 20:10]
Not bad
at 21:22 2 Jan 2019

When you can bring on Sánchez and Lukaku

He’s just scored too
at 21:01 2 Jan 2019

On line. Bloody hell
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