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Question for irish based R's
at 14:25 29 Jun 2022

I must also question Brian Mac's unquestioning subconscious negative bias towards anything from outside of the Rebel County when he refers to Kilkenny based beers as laxatives.

Once saw two one adults on a tube train in HK who were both drinking cans of Murphys though a straw.
Paul mcartney....80
at 21:51 26 Jun 2022

I was referring to the bottom of his foot that plays the bass drum.
Paul mcartney....80
at 20:44 26 Jun 2022

Abe is 51 and with Macca a long time
Monster drummer but the softest spoken beautiful sole when interviewed
Paul mcartney....80
at 14:49 26 Jun 2022

I think you summed it up mate perfectly.

As a left handed bass player myself I know how hard it is to play bass lines and sing at the same time. The power in his lower vocal octaves have gone and he sounds like an 80 year old man at times, but his level of musicianship across 6 instruments and energy levels for 2hrs 40mins is incredible.

Love him or hate him there is no denying that he is one special talent.
Transfer Rumours
at 22:19 22 Jun 2022

Advice needed please.
at 22:14 22 Jun 2022

Glad that worked out well so far for you Snipper.

Reading this I was going to suggest that you see if there are any Google Reviews for the Ford Cowley Garage, which is likely a franchise business and go on there and add a review that absolutely trashes the whole set up there and how you were treated.

I guarantee you the dealer will contact you proper quick to ask how he can put things right in order for you to take down your review.

I was so furious with Ruislip Honda on being conned out of my end of PCP equity in the car that I went on to Google reviews to warn people of the sales people and the bare faced conning of clients. Within 2 hours I got a call from the owner of the franchise asking how he could make things right. A further two hours later I got a call back to say that there had been a mistake in the valuation and suddenly I did not have a shortfall but actually had 2K equity in my CRV.
Sky Glass
at 22:05 22 Jun 2022

Its strange that some people hate Virgin Media but having been with them most of the last 15 plus years, I wouldn't move my Broadband away again. About 10 years ago I foolishly went over to BT for 18months and 1 day, after getting a sales call.

Total botch job on the transfer of services, old boy of an engineer rocked up 2 hours late, stinking of booze and told me straight out her was dying with a hangover and couldn't get out of bed, as he had been at the races on his day off. They did not port our existing phone number over and then said they couldn't - which back in the day when Landlines numbers were given out more so than your mobile to utilities etc, caused a right ball ache.

After 2 months with BT I set a calendar reminder in Outlook for the day after the 18th Month contract expired to remind me to ring Virgin and move back. Never use BT again
Sky Glass
at 12:32 22 Jun 2022

If I am honest DaveB, I didn't have to say a word other than tell her that i wanted to cancel everything but the broadband line and she simply said "before I do that let's see if we can do a deal for you" - She did the rest and all i had to say was "yes, great thanks"
Sky Glass
at 11:16 22 Jun 2022

Only yesterday I got an email from Virgin Media saying that my current contract discounts were ending and my monthly instalments for Broadband, Phone and TV would be going up from £78 to £108 for my July payment.

This happens every 18mths for the last 10 years and I ring up and ask to be put through to the cancellations department. Each time I suspect that they won't be competitive and they keep giving me deals that are as good as going to individual TV package suppliers like Now TV and Netflix. However this time they have surpassed themselves when i told them i just wanted to keep a 100Mb broadband line, scrap the phone line and the TV packages as I would get my TV accounts elsewhere.

New package:
1Gig Broadband ( I know that there is only so fast Broadband needs to be but I'll take it)
New router
2nd TV box
1st box upgraded to latest version
Max TV
Sky Sports All Channels in HD
BT Sports Ultra HD
Sky Cinema Ultra HD
Netflix (I currently pay £15.99 a month)
Unlimited calls (we don't even need a home phone but will keep it as it wont cost us any more)

All for £79 a month and it means I don't pay Netflix so that is Net £64 a month

Part of the deal means you have to take a separate £25 02 SIM only deal with unlimited everything - which was handy as the Mrs is with O2 and her contract ends in August so they upgraded her iPhone instead and gave her a new contract for £26 a month.

Deals to be had if you put the time in.

I know I could cut the cloth etc to save more money but with two of my adult daughters permanently at home with serious health issues all the time, and as they are now F1 fanatics so there is more reason for me to justify keeping Sky Sports in this time of rising inflation.

Edit: I forgot Sky Cinema HD
[Post edited 22 Jun 11:18]
1st Press Conference on the offy!
at 15:47 20 Jun 2022

I see what people are complaining about now.
I got a notification at 13:15 that the press conference was starting so logged in to YouTube and just left it running until 13:30 when the guys came in to the room - don't have a problem with that as I knew it was a 13:30 advertised kick off and they obviously wanted to test the stream was working and stable.

But to then put a "watch again" on the website this afternoon and leave in the 12 mins of looking two empty chairs is just pure bloody lazy.
Jake Clarke Salter
at 12:56 17 Jun 2022

On his Wikipedia (so probably wrong regardless) he has a double barrel first name as well as surname. I only picked up on it as I am a Liam.

He is Jake-Liam Clarke-Salter apparently.

I see that double barrel is becoming more prominent recently but I would love to know what happens if a couple each with a double barrel surname had a kid?

Back in the dark ages when I was in business banking we had a Scottish client who insisted that he wanted his full clan title name available on his cheque book. His name was something like 'Robert Gregor McGregor, McGregor of McGregor'. He kicked off and demanded we updated our systems if the signature line encoding was not long enough to support his full title!
Travelling to the USA (non QPR)
at 16:31 10 Jun 2022

LA was savage too
Ever Had a Close Encounter
at 14:38 10 Jun 2022

Rural Co. Cork probably 10-12 years ago

Trip to a Quad Bike Farm, first time on them.

All going "swimmingly" until I went swimming.

Was at the top of a river bank when the person I was following braked hard and i swerved to avoid them and hit the accelerator for a second or two instead of the brake. hit a tree stump which was surrounded by high grass, which threw me over the handlebars and head over heels down the bank in to the river which fortunately was only around 3-4ft deep.

The Quad apparently spun after I was thrown clear and started to come backwards down the slope but got caught in brambles and low branches and therefore did not get all the way down the bank and in on top of me.

Other than having to climb back on and carry on back the rest of the route, dripping wet and feeling like a total cock, have not been near one since
Snidey Eveny Stanna
at 11:59 9 Jun 2022

I don't think that is an unfair piece of commentary. The opening two lines are perhaps a little sarcastic, but the tone of the overall piece I think tells it how it is.

Amit HAS made some big statements about how great Beale is and has set high expectations on this appointment so the board will live or die on this appointment.

Let's hope the Board have pulled a masterstroke following a sensible appointment in Warburton.
at 23:12 6 Jun 2022
The Beale and end all? Column
at 17:39 6 Jun 2022

So, have I understood the dynamics of the whole Warbs out - Beale in correctly ?

'Warbs out' came about as a direct result of Warbs telling Les and Lee at the end of the 2021 calendar year that if they wanted promotion in May 2022 then he could not be expected to regularly field a side which blooded youth on a regular basis and that he had to get some seasoned pros in again in Jan and he got in only one or two.

Then, either through bad luck or other machinations results went to schite and Warbs missed the playoff minimum target - Warbs gone

'Beale in' is on the understanding that Les and Lee have remained convinced and have sold it to the owners that the youth et up at QPR regardless of Warbs saying otherwise IS strong at the club and that they still believe in what Chris Ramsey and the youth team management are saying about their set up and they need to get the right first team coach in now who will recognise the how strong the youth set up is at QPR and that in 2022/23 the current remaining 1st team squad + an injection of under 23s /B Team players will do enough to kick on again and be in and around the playoffs

If Beale fails then will the board still side with Les and Chris Ramsey or realise that the youth set up is not producing Championship level talent or will it be time to clear out the DOF set up and bring in the old guard again

Would be interested to really hear what the actual expectation is for 2022/2023 season
Bands who you've never seen live - that you really really should have by now
at 17:22 6 Jun 2022

Had this thread been stared a couple of weeks ago I would have said Crowded House
But fortunately I saw them at Roundhouse Chalk Farm on Saturday night - fantastic gig.

Not only does Neil Finn still have his voice intact and as strong as ever, his two sons are a credit to him.

Best gig I have been to in years
Kenobi- TV Series (NON - QPR)
at 13:31 1 Jun 2022

Watched 2 episodes so far.
Purely out of nostalgia as was 9 when original came out and was hooked as a kid.
Will try another couple of episodes to see if it grabs me more than it has.
David Gray the 02
at 21:46 30 May 2022

By the time I saw the tickets for David Gray for the O2 the ones available were either out of my price range or up the back so I gave it a swerve. Would refer to see someone like David Gray at the Palladium, a bit more up close and personal - love his voice and his stuff.

Saw the Stereophonics at the O2 a couple of year ago, pre-Covid, and really enjoyed it, but saw Madness with Squeeze the week before Christmas 2021 and from where our seats were I thought this place is too big for both these bands for me to enjoy them.

Probably didn't help that I was coming down with Covid that night and tested positive next morning (probably along with half the O2 )
Season ticket help
at 20:38 30 May 2022

Thank for spotting that Clive, I just saw 30th June for early bird.

Can't argue with £20 increase in Gold, when I was reading the preamble blurb justifying it I was thinking gulp, this is going to be well over £600 early bird renewal so £20 is easy to swallow.
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