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Warbs to Birmingham City?
at 16:33 11 May 2022
Warburton departure confirmed officially :-(
at 16:24 30 Apr 2022

Yesterday I saw Chaz run more often and faster than he has all season. It was like he knew he was in a shop window for his services........

Trouble is I think football is now low on his business/personal priority list.

I'd still gladly have him next season but only on a PAYP basis. Very low basic and high bonuses. But I suspect some other cliub will do a "Nakki Wells" (more fool them)
at 14:38 29 Apr 2022

I'd keep him on for another year on a pay as you play basis. I cant really see any other club paying good money to him . He's huffed and puffed this year. He is a shadow of his self only 18 months ago

How about £1000 a week basic. £5000 for every goal he scores, if he scores 3 in a match thats doubled, so he'd get £30,000 for a hat trick. £2500 for every 'assist'. £50,000 if he plays more than 45 mins in at least 25 games. £500,000 if we get promoted

If hes convinced he can still 'cut it' at this level and stay fit he could earn a good wage on thios basis
Warburton departure confirmed officially :-(
at 19:32 28 Apr 2022

No not their biggest mistake. Nothing but nothing will ever go down as bad as appointing Mark Hughes.

That appointment was the root of everything that has gone bad at the club. Had Hughes never never been appointed in the first place then we would never have had Rednapp either. Between them they eviserated the club but Hughes was by far the worse thing that’s happened to this club in the 50 years I’ve supported them. And that includes appointing Paul Hart, selling Sir Les etc

Warburton leaves the club in a far better situation than when he arrived but I feel he’s taken us to the limits of his abilities. If the board want us to be a middling Championship club , that from time to time brushes with success then there’s unlikely anyone better than Warbs. But it’s likely this year will end up with us no better off than last year. His target this year was the playoffs. The board backed him in the summer and January transfer windows. He has not achieved his target so it’s time to move on.

Bottom line is that the board put a million quid each month into the black hole that is the QPR operational cost and they can’t keep doing that forever. Promotion is vital to them. So if they feel that Warbs isn’t the man to do it then so be it.
[Post edited 28 Apr 19:44]
Warburton, Stick or twist?
at 19:20 23 Apr 2022

After today’s match Warbs said

We knew what we had to do but we lacked any pace, purpose or intensity in the first half and that is the most frustrating thing.
“We never forced a save from the 'keeper. We have lost today to what, from our point of view, was a very poor goal and we lost with a whimper which is not the QPR way.”

It was his team selection, his tactics that resulted in this lack of pace, purpose etc. losing with a whimper is likewise down to him and his team and his tactics.

Absolute QPR are in a far better position now than when he joined us. He’s done a brilliant job. But there is no room for sentiment if you are driven to succeed. This is a results business and the board backed his signings in the summer and in January too. But the wheels fell off at Christmas and Warbs has been unable to fix things. And there’s no denying our 2022 form is relegation fight form.

Maybe he’s taken us as far a his abilities are able to. There’s no disgrace in that, everyone no matter what job they do has a ceiling as to their abilities.

Go back a few years and maybe Warnock too had reached his limit. After all he’s hardly been a successful Premiership manager but he’s been brilliant at various clubs in the championship.

I also suspect that the board will looki at the players Warbs brought in this summer and January. I think we can all agree that they have been as many duds than successes. And Januarys additions seem to have contributed to our rapid decline. I can’t see them backing him again this summer.
This season was the season they splashed what cash they had in the expectation of at least a playoff place from which we would have had a real chance of going up.

With the high wages of Chas, Stefan and low return they have offered I can’t see any more “expensive” players being brought in for at least a year or two (once those two have left and the payroll has subsequently reduced)

So Warbs or no Warbs, I can see next year being a year of regrouping and developing a couple of players for sale. Maybe summer 23 we will get good money for Dieng and Willock and possibly one other. Then with Chas gone and Johansen just 12 months from going the purse strings will get loosened again.

On that basis, do you keep Warbs 1 more year to get these players prepped for sale or do you get a new guy in with a view to a new 3 year plan?

On balance I think it’s time to Twist
Stoke Match Thread
at 15:56 23 Apr 2022

It’s the Manager who sets the tactics.
The still haven't made it back from 'Uddersfield - Derby match thread
at 16:47 18 Apr 2022

Where did that come from?

Squeaky bum time
The still haven't made it back from 'Uddersfield - Derby match thread
at 16:27 18 Apr 2022

Whatever the result today I think this has sealed Warburtons fate

This just isn’t good enough.
The still haven't made it back from 'Uddersfield - Derby match thread
at 16:14 18 Apr 2022

Time to change it up a bit. Take off Moses and Thomas. Bring on Gray and Uncle
The still haven't made it back from 'Uddersfield - Derby match thread
at 15:50 18 Apr 2022

I had high hopes after the Huddersfield game. I should have known better,

Derby are pretty poor, yet we haven’t looked a threat.

Our crossing into the box has been pretty awful.

One goal either way will get the 3 points. And I’m not sure which side is more likely to score

Bring on the three old timers at half time?
The still haven't made it back from 'Uddersfield - Derby match thread
at 14:56 18 Apr 2022

I seem to remember Keith didn’t have so much hair 🤪
Pull the udder one Huddersfield match thread
at 20:35 15 Apr 2022

Much much better.

We were the better side and could so easily have won.

What a real shame that for the past 2 months the team and management went AWOL

As others have said, todays team had energy, again something missing these past few months.

This was the Rangers of 6 months ago.

And no January loans playing. Surely that had nothing to do with it.

Sadly I suspect this rejuvenation has come 3 games too late for any playoff hopes and likewise for Warbs.
at 16:22 6 Apr 2022

I think yes we will score again but maybe only once or twice but not from open play. I can only see a goal coming rom a free kick, corner or penalty.

And on the performances of the past 10 games we will be lucky to get a couple of draws from our remaining fixtures.

Overnight we lost every bit of energy, confidence and attacking ability that we had in the first 6 months. The entire team now looks shot and is playing at walking football pace. The past few games I have watched the team looked like strangers thrown together for an exhibition match and its befreft of any confidence in its abilities. Passing is attrocious and once we get near the oppositions penalty box we are as likley to pass it back to our keeper as to get into the box.

From a free scoring first 3 months to this. Something(s) very wrong must have happened and are continuing to happen to cause this teasm to literally fall off the cliff. In hindsight it all appeared to start that mach the Austin decided to go and sit in the stands.

We will never know what happend/whats happening. Has Warbs caused it? Warbs obviously hasnt been able to resolve what ever the issues are as we just seem to be getting worse as the week go by.

I suspect Warbs will not be here next season. His contract runs out in the summer and I think it will be an amicable parting. He's done a great job for us but I perhaps he's taken us as far as he can.

Our board is full of genuinely 'nice' people. But if they want promotion in the next few years these 'nice' people will need to be ruthless with the players and the management.

For all of Flavios faults he did actually succeed in his 4 year plan
Name Four Players You'd Show The Door At The End Of The Season.
at 12:00 6 Apr 2022

The board need to be ruthless if promotion is still their aim. Ruthless with both the players and the management as both have shown that they don't have what it takes to make a 'proper' consistent promotion performance.

Having blown it this season I suspect next year is a regrouping with another push in 23/24. New manager, new players & if big cash is offered for the likes of Willock, Dieng etc then take it and rebuild (again)

If I had to get rid of just 4

Loans all to go back.

Austin - sorry Chaz but you just arent good enough anymore
Thomas - another Conor Washington
Moses - not consistent enough
Chair - cash in while we can

But I think we need to get rid of more - like Wallace, Dykes, Bonne

No more 'oldies but goldies' players to be brought in. There must be other Willocks out there

Too many times this year we have been shown to be slow, lumbering, lathargic. We need energy in the team.
Let's steel this one - Sheffield match fred
at 20:25 5 Apr 2022

Is it me or do we look like a group of strangers? And a group of slow lumbering strangers to boot?
Fulham Match Thread.
at 16:45 2 Apr 2022

Well despite the score line , a much much better performance by QPR. But to be honest we have posed virtually zero danger in the opposition box and made no real goal scoring chances .

Despite the improved team performance I really can’t see how we are going to score a goal from open play again this season
Fulham Match Thread.
at 16:35 2 Apr 2022

The referee is a joke
Fulham Match Thread.
at 16:19 2 Apr 2022

Fulham are a class act and we are holding on by our shirt tails

A much better performance from QPR. Where was this energy and desire in our past 6 matches? We would have beaten Posh and Blackpool and Cardiff easy.

Oh look. No Hendricks!
Oh well
at 18:17 20 Mar 2022

Not an unrealistic expectation.

Can’t see us scoring.

It’s just a matter of how motivated Mitrovic is. I can see him getting 3 or 4 just by himself
Warburton interview seems to place blame on the players
at 18:16 20 Mar 2022

And didn’t he say that the Boos from the crowd were deserved?

Comes to something when the clubs manager admits that the crowd booing was warranted.
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