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Cheltenham Town 0 v 0 Port Vale
SkyBet League Two
Saturday, 7th March 2020 Kick-off 15:00

Voting was locked for this match at midnight on Sunday 8th March but you may still add your mini match reports. Note that members and non-members alike were able to vote.

Owen Evans0.0
Charlie Raglan0.0
William Boyle0.0
Jacob Greaves0.0
Sean Long0.0
Max Sheaf0.0
Josh Thomas0.0
Ryan Broom0.0
Chris Hussey0.0
Alfie May0.0
Reuben Reid0.0
Jake Doyle-Hayes0.0
Rohan Ince0.0
Jonte Smith0.0
0.0Scott Brown
0.0James Gibbons
0.0Leon Legge
0.0Nathan Smith
0.0Mitchell Clark
0.0Scott Burgess
0.0Luke Joyce
0.0Tom Conlon
0.0David Amoo
0.0Mark Cullen
0.0David Worrall
0.0Tom Pope
0.0Rhys Browne

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Your Cheltenham Town v Port Vale Match Reports

Kaos_Agent added 17:00 - Nov 17


R_in_Sweden added 17:15 - Nov 17

Considering the so called importance of the game that was undoubtedly our worst performance of the season. The third goal was an even bigger shambles than the first. A team with no heart apart from a few signs of life notably from Taarabt (again). And now the classier players like Granero are even being sucked into the quicksand.

Hughes has no choice but to resign after that utter disgrace, we were taken apart. I just hope that Tony has someone suitable lined up.

newgolddream added 17:36 - Nov 17

We R a laughing stock. 4 pts from 12 games and Man U next on the list. Mark,please don't embarrass this proud club and yourself another further and RESIGN!!!!!

e1337prodigy added 17:58 - Nov 17

WTF was that!? All this talk about "must win game" and we looked worse than ever, I would love to know what pregame talk MH gave... MH can't be blamed for all of this, the players have to take responsibility too. That's twice I have heard commentators say "why do teams play zonal marking, it doesn't work", and they are right.. Reading won too, at this rate we might be relegated before February, at least we will break a record for the quickest team to get relegated from the premier league. I was going to buy my dad a ticket for Christmas, but now that just seems mean; I'll just give him the money and he can get that black and decker drill instead. Pathetic.

quickpassrotter added 18:04 - Nov 17

That was an absolutely shocking performance. We have gone further backwards. Versus Tottenham, first half a few weeks ago we looked like a good outfit - now we look like a complete shambles. Whilst certain players are simply not playing for the shirt - no surprise, what do they care - Hughes has got to take the blame overall. He has to go - and if Tony is really smart he should do it now and give a new Manager just a little chance of starting to save our season, although I think already it is too late.

Doughnut added 18:16 - Nov 17

Hughes OUT NOW!!!!!! Harry IN NOW!! Before someone else snaps him up. Every week with Hughes is another nail in our coffin. Get rid of him TF and give us a chance of survival!!!

BeauRanger added 19:06 - Nov 17

Well looks like MH et al have not so much lost the dressing room as cast it adrift on a desert island! He say's the team is too passive & lacks intensity, where do they get that from I suppose??? Get them running run the scrubs @ 7:00am on Monday morning that might wake them up a bit!

How many are Man U going to get next week, Ashley Young probably won't have to bother diving..?

BasingstokeR added 21:21 - Nov 17

It's worrying that players with genuine class like Granero seem to be getting worse under Hughes :(

Rowanranger added 21:24 - Nov 17

can't rate them cos I could'nt watch...

newgolddream added 21:38 - Nov 17


Mark Hughes 1/6 1/7 1/3 1/7 1/3 2/7

QPR 4/6 8/11 4/7 4/7 8/13 8/11

Forty seasons following ths great club and we might even finish BOTTOM of the table for the first time. Sort this mess out NOW please!!!!

nat_tv_griff added 01:51 - Nov 18

Completely Loftforwords.

Nov77 added 01:51 - Nov 18

Truly abject, players looked like the decision has already been made, didn't play at all. Only three players to emerge with credit from that game were cesar, nelson and taarabt.
I'm not sure Hughes and his Tafia could motivate a dog to wag its tail, get harry In now, if we're going down , let's go down fighting, not waving a white flag.

MelakaRanger added 03:22 - Nov 18

Bottom - Not for the first time! We were bottom in 1969 but at least that team had guts and pride. I went to every home match that season and at least they tried their best every week. But they simply were not good enough - most of the players had been in the 3rd division team just 18 months earlier!

But they went down fighting. Unlike this mob!


LostBoys added 04:48 - Nov 18

Good performance great day out in London

QPRNZ added 04:58 - Nov 18

If that performance does not get Hughes the sack, then he has a job for life. All the usual complaints - shambolic defending with 6 chances to clear for the 1st Southampton goal, disjointed team play with no goal threat at all. Bosingwa has to take the claim to the worse performance by any QPR player this year - did he do anything right at all? But it would be wrong to pick out any one player - this was a team effort (or lack of). The only reason I can think of keeping Hughes now would be for Fernandes to cut his losses and refused to pay good money after bad. 3 months into the season and absolutely no sign of improvement.

Harbour added 08:29 - Nov 18

awful performance we were never in the game credit southampton they were the better side for whole 90 mins. seemed rs had lack of fight or invention devoid of game plan when the r block starting singing your only here for the money apart from adele nelson mackie and derry they were right

sexton added 09:17 - Nov 18

It's got to the stage now where I don't know who is a good player and who isn't. Granero was fantastic earlier in the season but now he's shot of confidence/sulking out on the wing.

Are they suddenly all bad players? Could they not give a fcuk?

Southampton's movement was excellent. What on earth is this 'meticulous preparation' that Hughes prattles about? They look like a bunch of players who haven't even been introduced.

winchesterbob added 09:49 - Nov 18

Thought I had logged into a QPR site by mistook!! All the sad comments about MH. Nothing about the excellent performance of the Saints......... At last the football flowed and the Saints were unstoppable. Puncheon could have had a hatful

francisbowles added 11:00 - Nov 18

It`s happened too many bad results and confidence and desire now totally shot. Now is the time to change manager.

New man would have two games where nothing is expected and time to review the squad before January`s window.

Players might care a bit more if they have to prove themselves to a new man.

What is Dave ` Harry` Basset doing these days? Think he might be up for a challenge? Only joking! I think?

EssexHoop added 13:26 - Nov 18

I've now set up home in the "hughes out" camp. Was all for stability previously, but its clear the players are not playing for him anymore. Hughes said we can't get any lower than this, i fear we can!

Cablestation added 16:09 - Nov 18

I live in Ireland and only get to see the extended high lights on Sky. Yesterdays game confirmed to me that the players aren't playing for the manager. I don't belive there is anythong Mark Hughes can do know, there are too many players just going through the motions and collecting their wages.
I don't believe Harry Redknapp would be the long term answer, why not take a risk and try and get Ole Gunnar Solskjar? He would be a lot cheaper than Redknapp.

highlandbill added 17:40 - Nov 18

For me Ryan Nelsen was a hero among cowards. He fought & fought (always cleanly) & even got up to goal scoring positons when he could. Why is heart so big when he was a minor signing we all thought would be a backup player?He must keep the captaincy as he is the only credible candidate.Mackie to be Dep.

highlandbill added 17:50 - Nov 18

At times on Saturday I just could not look.In the 2nd half it was so obvious that the players did not have a clue as to what they were sent out to do. At half time my mate said MH would have to give the teamtalk of his lifetime.Maybe he did not bother as he was too busy looking in his full length mirror. I guess the owners are reluctant to sack him due to the financial knock-ons.Theye need to bite the bullet as he has made it clear he will not resign. "I will fight on" !!! He has not shown fight in any game yet so that is bollocks.Adel,Jamie & Ryan played with passion and anger (the anger no doubt generated by some of the others on the pitch.) We need a clear out of all these free loading "footballers". Look at WBA,Swansea,Norwich & West Ham...we should be ahead of them on paper instead we wallowing in the merde. Hughes out for me.

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