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6 degrees of separation? 21:08 - Dec 21 with 1791 viewsHantsR

Or maybe tenuous links to reflected glory? Anyway I enjoyed R_from_afar's claim to fame that Andy Murray's "grandfather was my wife's optician".

Any other offerings? I think I've mentioned before that my cousin knitted socks for her baby cousin Perry Fenwick ..also er, Desmond Carrington's dad used to shop at our sweet shop in Bromley. Desmond was nationally famous at the time in Emergency ward 10.

Poll: Who's the Guy on the bonfire on Nov 5th?


6 degrees of separation? on 21:12 - Dec 21 with 1782 viewsMrSheen

The father of Rusty Egan from Visage played the accordion at my sister's Christening party.

6 degrees of separation? on 21:15 - Dec 21 with 1775 viewsPablo_Hoopsta

My friend's brother's friend's dad was the keyboard player in Aswad (they did the reggae pop tune Shine in the 90s). I went to school with this kid for a year before I left so don't actually know him anymore, so calling him a friend now is I suppose rather tenuous in itself.

6 degrees of separation? on 21:19 - Dec 21 with 1764 viewsaston_hoop

A friend of mines cousins mate shagged Rebecca Adlington before she became a famous swimmer. I work with the son of the guy who did Scotland's world cup song in 1978 "Ally's Tartan Army"

6 degrees of separation? on 21:22 - Dec 21 with 1752 viewsHoop_Du_Jour

I painted the interior of Daisy Boorman's South Kensington house in 1995. Whilst there, toshing her walls, I somehow found time to take a seat on a sofa in one of her living rooms. Turns out the sofa was used as bed by a drunken Lee Marvin some years before.

Kiss my famous ass mofos!
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