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Happy League 2017/18 - The Results so far 21:00 - Dec 20 with 352 viewsmfb_cufc

We have just had Week 19, and therefore are now halfway through the season, so I thought it was time to have a look at the results so far. Of the 136 games played 67 (49%) have ended in a home win, 43 (32%) in an away win, and just 26 (19%) as a draw. In the three years I have been administrating the Happy League the 1-1 draw has always come out on top. As can be seen from the breakdown below the 1-0 home win is well on its way to taking that crown this season. Not only is the 1-1 down on previous seasons, but so is the 2-2, though the bore draw is holding up well. Those figures are not really a surprise, as a lot more fixtures this season have not been as close looking, compared to the ones in past seasons. So the home win has been the way to go, and backing every game to end 1-0 would have got you 109 points, every game 2-0 gets you 95 points, and every game 2-1 will have got 93 points. Whereas backing every game to end 1-1 would only get you 52 points.

The full breakdown of the results are as follows:-

1-0...21 (15.44%) Helped by 5 of these in Week 19. Now only 4 short of last seasons total.
2-0...14 (10.29%)
1-1...13 (9.56%) Well down on previous seasons. Will probably need more close looking fixtures to recover.
0-1...12 (8.82%)
0-0....9 (6.62%)
1-3....8 (5.88%) Above expectations. Already 2 more of these than the whole of last season.
1-2....7 (5.12%) Below expectations. Expect more in the second-half of the season.
0-2....6 (4.41%) A popular score for an away win, but rarely delivers.
4-1....6 Another one above expectations. Already more of these than in any of the last three seasons.
0-3....5 (3.68%)
2-2....3 (2.21%) Just like the 1-1 well down on previous seasons. Not one to obviously recover.
3-1....3 Would have expected more of these, but not certain to do better.
3-0....2 (1.48%) With half the games being home wins, should have been more of these.
3-2....2 There have been 6 of these in each of the last three seasons. So expect 4 more in the second-half of this season.
2-3....2 This score usually beats expectations, but not this season so far.
3-3....1 (0.74%)
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Happy League 2017/18 - The Results so far on 00:23 - Dec 21 with 338 viewsnoah4x4

The Magic Circle doesn't give away it's secrets.....


Happy League 2017/18 - The Results so far on 02:06 - Dec 21 with 333 viewsTheHappyGooner

Another fascinating set of facts MFB

Great job as always - never afraid to share .

Poll: Who are the biggest club overall??


Happy League 2017/18 - The Results so far on 13:24 - Dec 21 with 325 viewsburnsieespana

Very illuminating figures......
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