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2010/11 SEASON 22:13 - Jan 26 with 1769 viewsPunteR

Just thought i'd post this.

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2010/11 SEASON on 22:45 - Jan 26 with 1723 viewsqprjeff1882

Wow what a great watch. Magical season. We had so many good players all playing for each other and at the top of their game. So many players who knew where the net was too. And none of them cost that much money in comparison to what followed.

2010/11 SEASON on 22:50 - Jan 26 with 1717 viewssixnil

First year I took my lad to football..brings it all back!
What is the difference in terms of player talent (apart from Tarbs)?
2010/11 SEASON on 02:15 - Jan 27 with 1640 viewsBazzaInTheLoft

2010/11 SEASON on 22:50 - Jan 26 by sixnil

First year I took my lad to football..brings it all back!
What is the difference in terms of player talent (apart from Tarbs)?

Not necessarily better, but definately more match winners in 2011.


For starters.

2010/11 SEASON on 08:21 - Jan 27 with 1573 viewsnix

Two of our defenders:Gorkss and Hill played over 40 matches and Connolly 33 so settled defence.

Goals: Taarabt 19, Helguson 13 and Mackie 9

Blood and guts: Hill, Derry and Mackie would all go through fire for the team. Although we’ve got a team that’s much more committed to the cause this season, they more quietly go around their business. Apart from Mackie, who can’t run around like he used to, we haven’t got any players really that are in your face passionate. That helps because it lifts the team when up against it and also stirs up the crowd, which in turn lifts the team.

2010/11 SEASON on 08:24 - Jan 27 with 1568 viewsPunteR

Kyle Walker made a massive difference.

The team just gelled from the off. I think we played pretty much 4231 the whole season and everyone knew their jobs. Agree with Nix that blood, guts, pride and passion helped carry us over the line but individualy we had some hardend championship players with loads of ability.
Massive credit to Warnock. He kept things simple which Holloway needs to do.
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2010/11 SEASON on 08:48 - Jan 27 with 1548 viewsBrightonhoop

Was one heck of a squad. Amits influence also I think was understimated.

2010/11 SEASON on 09:00 - Jan 27 with 1537 viewsCliveWilsonSaid

I'd forgotten about that pass/cross by Taarabt for Tommy Smith to flick into the bottom corner. Wow.

So much experience in the side. Great season that.

Can't wait for the next one. You R's!

2010/11 SEASON on 09:03 - Jan 27 with 1531 viewsAntti_Heinola

Decent squad, but take Adel out and we'd have come about 7th. 19 goals and 19 assists is crazy.
It was the perfect blend though - look at that video and we scored all types of goals- a lot of absolutely brilliant ones, but headers and scramblers too. And a good manager who knew Adel was the key and let him get on with it.

Bare bones.

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2010/11 SEASON on 10:00 - Jan 27 with 1473 viewsDannyPaddox

Ah the Magic Cups of Taarabt, Smith, and Routledge. The attacking 3 of the 4231 constantly shifting position laterally. Who was on the left? Who was on the right? Who was in the middle? Imagine trying to get the ball off those three. Opposition defences at Loftus Road were left bamboozled looking like duped fairground punters playing the old shell/cup/thimble game. Where's the ball? Which of the constantly moving cups is the pea under? And as back up we had Derry and Faurlin keeping a watchful eye in case the routine got busted. Nothing better that season than a game under the lights watching Las Copas Mágicas to give it it's totally unnecessary (but nevertheless compulsory when talking about football tactics) Spanish translation.

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