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Please read 13:06 - Mar 6 with 774 viewsMadeira163

About to depart Guernsey for Clacton to bury my bestie , spent many many hours together at Layer Road and beyond .
Also many beers sunk at British Grennie and Bricklayers.
He was 63 he had issues in his rear end he did nothing for three years. Went to GP a couple months ago , saw him 6/2 he had full diagnosis 8/2 dead 10 days later.
Gentlemen, please please check places you maybe embarrassed checking if in doubt see your doctor , don’t ignore it. If caught early 90% curable , in Guernsey bowel cancer 3rd most frequent cancer.
Check your poo check your balls

Please read on 17:07 - Mar 6 with 755 viewsdurham_exile

Gsy - sorry to hear about your friend.

After the age of 60 - NE Health Services (based in Gateshead) write at two yearly intervals requesting that samples of poo are sent to them, using the Testing kit provided. Very efficient service. Not pleasant to do but very important.

I totally agree with you we men do not check for these important symptoms often enough, but the NHS in the NE of England are doing a great job to help identify early onset.

Take care.

Up the U's



Please read on 17:52 - Mar 6 with 745 viewsLeadbelly

My sympathies on your loss and well done for reminding all of us we shouldn't be complacent where our health is concerned.

Poll: Safe standing at football; yes, know or don't know?


Please read on 18:03 - Mar 6 with 744 viewspwrightsknees

Fellow readers of this message board please take notice of gsy and Durham's advices. Like Durham, Mrs PWK and I get our poo tested every two years. A bloomin' performance, but very essential.

So sorry to hear of your loss gsy. Sad to lose any friend, but worse when you have been close.

As an aside, I used live just round the corner from the British Grennie, although my pals and I drank more frequently in the Royal Mortar. My son-in-law took me into the Grennie last summer. He asked me when was the last time I had been in there. A quick mental calculation and "1967" I replied. The present landlord hadn't even been born then.

Please read on 18:54 - Mar 6 with 742 viewsgerry_us

Give him a good send-off GSY.
Your post is so very pertinent. Happily here in Lincs the poo test appears every two years. Not pleasant but so important.

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