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You lot know when I posts.. 07:31 - Sep 4 with 227 viewsDCPete

George Carlin 7 dirty words.

(That gets me not-banned as Daniel knows I will pay a 100 quid to pay to get to a horse race, whatever that is.Or get 7 ColU's drunk where they don't remember is High Street in Colchester? No. Somewhere in Braintree.

Gerry who thinks Grimsby is in Scotland. But then again. For some in Grimsby, it's somewhere between M'Boro and Black Cats. Sunderland? Somewhere near Norway ;)

Concord who thinks he's in West Virginia but actually he's in Kentucky :D:D .. Sorry Concord :P

The NFL. They call it football here. I call it concussion protocol.

Last one liner: yes, I do appear sometimes in New York. New York. The armpit of Canada.

Sady last one. If Southed were ever to rebranded.. They'd be be called Southsmiths down under :D

No, one more. How do you call a Canarie? With a kazzoo near the Dover cliffs. "It isn't going anywhere except down." .. ell, the sand will save us.

Up the U's!! :D

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