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Yesterday 08:11 - Oct 28 with 590 viewsburnsieespana

For those afar did anybody go to yesterdays game?

Yesterday on 09:22 - Oct 28 with 562 viewsthrillseeker

Yes, I was there

Yesterday on 09:23 - Oct 28 with 560 viewsFruitbat

Yep. A very hard won three points. Neither side played particularly well in a game that was scrappy and littered with fouls. Lincoln were the kind of side we usually struggle against - big, strong, organised and direct but for a change we stood up to it, got our goal and clung on to it for dear life. Senior got official MOM but mention must go to Harry Pell who was immense in midfield.

It wasn't pretty but they all count.

Yesterday on 13:15 - Oct 28 with 520 viewsbwildered

This was no El Clasico. but are the U's now the real deal in terms of promotion ?
The only goal to separate the two sides was a Frankie Kent header from a corner, initially saved by the keeper, was tucked home on the follow up , during the first half.
Keeper / Coach Gilmartin pull off a vital save from a free kick deep in stoppage time to prevent a equalizer .
Perhaps if we had lost this clash and won last Tuesday, nobody would have took much notice, but we have now well and truly put our heads above the parapet taking three points off the league leaders.
So can we cope in the dizzy heights of this division ?

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Yesterday on 14:33 - Oct 28 with 500 viewswessex_exile

It wasn't a classic at all. The U's rarely got out of 3rd gear, but still had more than enough about them to cope with an unimaginative Lincoln, lacking in creatively and over-compensated for by an abundance of bullying physicality. Fortunately we're made of sterner stuff than I suspect have most teams they've come up against.

Probably in contrast to many, I actually thought the ref was poor - too whistle-happy by far, but you could also argue that each of the 10 (TEN!) yellow cards he showed were all justifiable in one way or another. Nouble's handbags with Shakell could have just been a stern talking to, and Tom's for time-wasting was just silly, but otherwise no real arguments.

Incidentally, the final free-kick was timed by the bloke sat next to me at 7m 30s, and still Lincoln picked up another card for demanding the resultant corner.

Up the U's
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Yesterday on 19:58 - Oct 28 with 445 viewsnoah4x4

Whilst there is a perception of an excessive number of yellow cards yesterday I prefer that to a weak referee that doesn't stamp his authority on a game. Had it been Trevor Kettle, Charles Breakspear or Andy Woolmer in charge, I reckon we would have probably lost having suffered zero protection from the Lincoln bullies and Cowley inspired cheats.

David Coote is a Premier League referee and I thought his performance was best of the season in Division Two. I don't recall a decision that I disagreed with. The Lincoln play acting started quite early and it was miraculous how their allegedly seriously injured recovered once a U's player went in the book. But the referee was strong, and not hesitant to flash a yellow card to miscreants of both teams. Whilst he eventually got enough to claim a flush in both hands the fear of dismissal did negate the Lincoln thuggery and allowed the U's to play football on the deck. It wasn't our greatest performance, but enough.

Sides like Lincoln, Stevenage and Grimsby do play rough. It's good that we play the football appropriate to higher divisions, but if the referee isn't strong then the thugs often will prevail. Take a bow Mr Coote - a good performance.

Yesterday on 21:59 - Oct 28 with 422 viewsburnsieespana

I would guess over the last two seasons or so we would have been overrun by Lincoln. Good we can now mix it physically as well as still trying to play football.
Looking forward to next Saturday when I will be in attendance.
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