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The Happy Interview returns - next up SEVEBALO 20:18 - Nov 3 with 433 viewsTheHappyGooner

SEVEBALO- You may have been done before - I can’t remember
But in any case - a new round of questions for our current
Premiership leader.

1) since your promotion several seasons ago you haven’t exactly set the world alight - do you feel a Leicester style season could happen and you can produce a title shock ?

2) are you related to anyone on this board and if the answer is no - who would you like to be related to in the big wide world given a choice ?

3) What is the meaning of life in your book, according to your current understanding ?

4) How Many Colchester games do you manage to get to per season and is this a promotion year for the club?

5) do you prefer bananas , tinned prunes or Fig biscuits given a choice ?

Cheers !
Mr Happy

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The Happy Interview returns - next up SEVEBALO on 21:06 - Nov 4 with 377 viewssevebalo

I had the pleasure a few years back I think, but always happy to oblige.

1) I have twins under the age of four and my passion for football really drifted as time was swallowed up elsewhere. My picks over that time were largely based on a memory of the teams as I used to know them.
[NB - Is it just me, or is it genuinely hard to keep up on players/squads, managers and grounds these days? In my 20's you could quiz me over a beer on a Saturday night and I could quote everything including attendances, scorers, scoring sequence etc. Maybe I'm just getting old.]

I'm slowly starting to see some daylight domestically and am now enjoying loads of podcasts on my long commutes, which has helped bring back the love and some of the insight (Not The Top 20 pod is superb/geeky on EFL if you want to search it out).

In short, of course I can win the title!

2) Yes, as I think a few on this board are aware, I am the younger brother of BFG.

3) Life is short for all of us - don't waste time on things that don't matter.

4) Without wishing to trigger a debate on what constitutes a "proper" fan - In recent times - 0 - see (1), but have been a season ticket holder and taken in many away games, moreso as I lived in Nottingham as a student and for a few years afterwards.
We have goals in us and I don't think we should fear anyone. A thin squad might be our undoing come Jan/Feb but you would hope we rack up enough points to keep us well in the hunt whilst other teams, like say, Newport, fall away to a more natural level. Some may be more optimistic, but we still seem to be afflicted by odd results at times.

5) Aren't prunes/figs for OAP's? Bananas definitely.

The Happy Interview returns - next up SEVEBALO on 23:28 - Nov 4 with 369 viewsTheHappyGooner

What a fine set of thoughtful and interesting answers - I’m glad I picked you (again!)


I can concur with attendances memorisation but like you it’s all a bit of a blur nowadays !

Shalom x

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