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Swansalooser match thread 07:44 - Feb 11 with 14317 viewsenfieldargh

Sadly the apathy has got to me again and I’ll be surprised if we manage a goal especially as the swans will want revenge

Prove me wrong qpr

Swansea 3 passback fc 0

captains fantastic
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Swansalooser match thread on 12:08 - Feb 12 with 307 viewsFredManRave

Swansalooser match thread on 10:26 - Feb 12 by johncharles

Glad to report that all is as it should be this morning.

A clean sheet would suggest that you also didn't score last night...

I've got the Power.
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Swansalooser match thread on 12:24 - Feb 12 with 266 viewskarl

Swansalooser match thread on 12:08 - Feb 12 by FredManRave

A clean sheet would suggest that you also didn't score last night...

0-0's all round Fred
Swansalooser match thread on 15:59 - Feb 12 with 160 viewsPinnerPaul

Swansalooser match thread on 21:19 - Feb 11 by qprd

Warburton’s ingame Management is laughably bad

We played on Saturday away from home. We’re away today with a long trip back. We have a match on Saturday...

We have a thin squad

And yet he doesn’t use the little depth he has... make a freaking substitution FFS

He made FIVE changes!

Got to love this thread - spent the last 3 days moaning about lack of clean sheets, 'MW MUST do SOMETHING' etc etc etc - he changes the defence, picks a more 'practical' team but of course gets no credit and everyone goes off on one for us not scoring with one even describing Hughill as not even championship striker.

Its hard work on here sometimes.
Swansalooser match thread on 16:04 - Feb 12 with 152 viewsPinnerPaul

Swansalooser match thread on 21:52 - Feb 11 by Antti_Heinola

their manager thinks they should've had 3 pens. Jesus wept.

Par for the course - think they learn that when they do their coaching badges.

Every appeal for your team is a definite pen, every pen shout against is never a pen in a million years.
Swansalooser match thread on 16:07 - Feb 12 with 147 viewsPinnerPaul

Swansalooser match thread on 22:01 - Feb 11 by davman

At least two. The Rangel one was a push and Barbet certainly caught Ayew.

We should have had the BOS one though.

If it weren't for the context of 4 previous defeats and a malaise around the club, that would feel 100% better. Aside from the lack of a finisher, which is not news to anyone but our board, that was a good away performance.

We still need a win ASAP though...

Haven't seen the Barbet one yet, but the Angel one never is - the Swansea man has a hold of his shirt for start.

If that's a foul game would be stopped every 30 seconds.
Swansalooser match thread on 16:08 - Feb 12 with 143 viewsPinnerPaul

Swansalooser match thread on 22:18 - Feb 11 by Lblock

I'm with you

Screaming at the TV for attacking changes as I really thought three points were there for the taking.
Marc Poo had to be hooked.

Clear MOTM for me was Cameron - really strong in the tackle, bulldozered through players and picked some great passes and good shot he was unlucky with.


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