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Oldham 20:18 - Apr 30 with 432 viewsRSCOSWORTH

All this talk of Oldham going into administration seems to have cooled somewhat. Looking at the table they're 13 points (really 14 with goal difference) ahead of Southend so if they took the 12 point hit now they wouldn't be guaranteed survival.

Incidentally I noticed that they're the top scorers in the division as well as having the worst defence. That can't happen too often although I think I recall some team both scoring and conceding 100 goals in a season, Man City perhaps? Our two games with them this season produced 13 goals which is quite telling.

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Oldham on 23:15 - Apr 30 with 391 viewsdurham_exile

Yeah, I reckon it was all smoke and mirrors.

Disturbing at the time though especially as it unnerved us at a critical time.

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Oldham on 09:11 - May 1 with 361 viewswessex_exile

Peterborough United seemed to go through a phase of defence being optional. They were promoted (in 4th place) to the Championship in 2010/11 scoring 106 and conceding 75.

As for the rumour, difficult to know if it was just lazy journalism, someone deliberately trying to sh1t-stir, or whether there’s something in it that’s yet to play out?

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Oldham on 12:10 - May 1 with 338 viewsmfb_cufc

I think there was definitely something in it regarding Oldham going into administration, because of the way the owner has run the club. But things have gone quiet because they wouldn't do it this season while they could still be relegated. If it is going to happen I think it will be before the start of next season now.



Oldham on 13:01 - May 1 with 331 viewsburnsieespana

Oldham have certainly entertained the fans on line!
As regards the rumour I suspect it was somebody putting 2 & 2 together and not getting 4.
Still think the EFL will be fortunate to get through the next 12 months without at least one club going into administration. After all amazing but Wigan have played a complete season under administration

Oldham on 20:31 - May 8 with 261 viewsmfb_cufc

If Oldham had gone into administration before the end of the season they would have been relegated. Be interesting to see if they decide to do it in future and take the 12 point deduction next season. Of course the rumour could have been a load of rubbish. We shall see.



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