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Travel Advice - Colchester vs Barrow 22:05 - Jan 9 with 430 viewsTravellingBluebird

Barrow fan in peace. First time visiting on Saturday and debating my options for travel.
Last train from Colchester that reaches Barrow is at 17:33 which is cutting things fine.

Any advice for getting from ground back to station? Are the buses reliable? If so what would people recommend?

Travel Advice - Colchester vs Barrow on 23:28 - Jan 9 with 406 viewsLeadbelly

Buses are very limited with nothing going very close to the ground. Others will know more than me.

If you are reasonably mobile you could walk back to the station to catch a train at 17.33 (it’s Lesser Anglia so it will probably be late anyway)

Best bet is book a cab there and back which is what I’ll be doing.

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Travel Advice - Colchester vs Barrow on 23:40 - Jan 9 with 405 viewsgerry_us

If they call it off at 2.40pm like last Saturday you'll have plenty of time to get your return train.
Ask any Rochdale fans that made the trip. Wow, Barrow is even further.
Travel well Bluebird. Hopefully we will put the covers on this week

Travel Advice - Colchester vs Barrow on 00:20 - Jan 10 with 395 viewswessex_exile

You can definitely walk back in time for the 1733, I've done it many times, but you need to be certain on your direction. Once you clear the stadium congestion and head down Mile End Road, always keep an eye out for buses coming down behind you, they'll all take you much closer to the station quicker than walking will - but if you're reasonably mobile you'll make it anyway. Good luck!

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Travel Advice - Colchester vs Barrow on 07:23 - Jan 10 with 371 viewsnoah4x4

Pre-booked minicab is your only certain possibility for a 1733 rail departure, although if you jog, and are fit, you might make it on foot. It is a long walk, but fortunately all downhill going back. If you hear a number 2 bus coming behind you, run to the next stop! More detail....

1. There are no longer any football shuttle buses to the station, cancelled by our owner, killing much home support, let alone deterring away fans.

2. There are bus stops on the nearby Chesterwell Woods housing estate. But don't bother waiting at any. A dispute over adoption of the roads means they have stood disused for about two years. Cancellation of the shuttle buses and this make life difficult for those reliant on public transport.

3. It is a ten to fifteen minute walk to the nearest regular bus stops in Mill Road through a (confusing to the unknown) housing estate. There are two marginally closer bus stops, but the number 82 only runs twice each Saturday (once at 1720, hence tight) and the number 2 has a long interval between departures.

4. Mill Road buses numbered 61, 65, 68, 8 go to the station. Interval between them about 12 minutes. Journey time about 12 minutes. Very tight, but you could run to the bus stops (if you know your way)! Local buses are pretty reliable, but North Colchester can quickly snarl up if there is an incident on the A12 (which is common)

5. There is the Park n Ride service, but don't gamble on that. It is too infrequent for your needs and you can walk to regular Mill Road services as quickly.

My suggestion, stay overnight and enjoy our great pubs! Don't you have a supporters club bus? That is our favoured route to Barrow.

Travel Advice - Colchester vs Barrow on 09:06 - Jan 10 with 356 viewsburnsieespana

Hope you come and enjoy your day out as a long trip by train.

Travel Advice - Colchester vs Barrow on 09:37 - Jan 10 with 350 viewsthrillseeker

I live 4-5 minutes away from Station and I am home around 17:25 by walking.

Walking to catch 17:33 will be tight but possible.

Sadly no adequate public transport to/from ground so my suggestion to guarantee 17:33 is to pre-book taxi

Travel Advice - Colchester vs Barrow on 16:04 - Jan 10 with 307 viewsWitham

Check for train changes due to works over the weekend

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