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Happy League 2021/22 Season round-up 22:38 - Jun 2 with 326 viewsmfb_cufc

Honours List for the 2021/22 season

Premier Champion concordman. A great effort to win it at the first attempt. Runner-up TheFatGooner.

Happy Cup Winner concordman wins it for the first time. Runner-up mfb_cufc.

Super Cup Winner blueeagle to give him his first honour. Runner-up ghughes11

Happy Midweek League Cup Winner ghughes11. The first winner of this new competition, and a first honour for him. Runner-up burnsieespana

Division One Champion thrillseeker, making an instant return to the Premier. Runner-up blueeagle, to put him in the Premier for the first time. Promoted through the play-offs wessex_exile, returning to the Premier after seven seasons away.

Usual Champions League Winner RSCOSWORTH. Another to get a first honour. Runner-up burnsieespana Third place gerry_us

This how the leagues look for the 2021/22 season (In alphabetical order)

Games with fans back in the stadiums In the previous season, with games being played behind closed doors, The Premier League had more away wins than homes for the first time. With the fans back in last season, things were back to normal, with the 380 games having 163 (43%) home wins, 129 (34%) away wins, and 88 (23%) draws. As can be seen from the figures below, those figures are very much in line with how the Happy League performed last season. The only difference being 4% more draws than homes. This is entirely due to the draw being the dominant result in the early part of the season, before things evened out thereafter.

2014/15 Home wins 131 (43.67%) Away wins 94 (31.33%) Draws 75 (25.00%)
2015/16 Home wins 107 (35.66%) Away wins 119 (39.67%) Draws 74 (24.67%)
2016/17 Home wins 129 (43.00%) Away wins 91 (30.33%) Draws 80 (26.67%)
2017/18 Home wins 138 (46.00%) Away wins 88 (29.33%) Draws 74 (24.67%)
2018/19 Home wins 123 (41.00%) Away wins 94 (31.33%) Draws 83 (27.67%)
2019/20 Home wins 126 (42.00%) Away wins 97 (32.33%) Draws 77 (25.67%)
2020/21 Home wins 124 (41.33%) Away wins 105 (35.00%) Draws 71 (23.67%)
2021/22 Home wins 118 (39.33%) Away wins 100 (33.33%) Draws 82 (27.33%)

The Results For the second season running the 1-0 came out as the top result. After the runaway success the previous season, things were much closer this time, as it finished just two ahead of the 1-1, but that result continued to be down on previous seasons. The 0-1 matched the previous seasons score, though that result lost out to the 1-2 as the best away win. When it comes to predicting games these figures probably don't tell us anything we didn't already know. But if there is anything to be gained from them, it is not many games end 0-2. I think it just goes to prove away teams are happy to hold on to what they have got when they score first. In fact of the 2,400 games of my administration, only 106 (4.42%), have ended that way.

Happy Midweek League Cup and Super Cup Overall I was pleased with how these new competitions went. The Midweek League Cup worked out well, with most members in with a chance of the knockout stage all through the qualifying period. The downside for me was that four members dropped out at an early stage, and another commented that we didn't need another competition. With the World Cup taking place during the season, it may be hard to get enough fixtures for this competition, but if there is, I will give it another go this season. Whatever happens, the Super Cup is here to stay, as I want to continue rewarding the top two in Division One.

Enjoy the summer, if we get one, and I will be back soon with details of next season, once the fixtures have been released.
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Happy League 2021/22 Season round-up on 04:09 - Jun 3 with 290 viewsMrHappy2

Mind blowing stats !!!!

You get better and better

If the midweek league cup is too much next season give it a sabbatical mate and bring it back a year later- balls in your court.

Top man - thank you 👏👏😇😇❤️❤️

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Happy League 2021/22 Season round-up on 09:41 - Jun 3 with 263 viewsburnsieespana

Amazing stats.
Again Mick thanks for all your work

Happy League 2021/22 Season round-up on 17:48 - Jun 3 with 245 viewswessex_exile

Excellent work Mick - thanks!

I see I'm bottom already, better get used to it I suppose

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