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General MMA thread
at 09:00 5 Oct 2018

I noticed there's a few MMA threads on here but I figure on the advent of the biggest MMA fight of all time it'd make sense to start a proper thread.

So, this weekend. Conor vs Khabib. I don't know what to think. How will the fight go? How do I want it to go?

The safe bet is that Khabib takes Conor down easily. I think that, as insufferable as Conor is, I want to see Conor starch him. It'd be historic. It'd be our Rumble in the Jungle.

If Khabib does win then I'd want it to be an absolute mauling. Not the lay and pray nonsense that he often puts on.

Either way, Tony Ferguson is the true king. Neither of them would last a round against El Cucuy.
at 22:11 26 May 2018

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10 years ago today
at 21:03 21 May 2018

Those c*nts may have gone on to win it eventually but Terry didn't.
Ruben Neves' goal just now
at 21:07 11 Apr 2018

Assuming the video doesn't get taken down. 'kin hell though.
Filth lose to sh*te
at 14:32 9 Dec 2017

I love it. Chelsea somehow lose to West Ham. A West Ham side managed by David Moyes. Played in that mausoleum they call a stadium.

I have no idea how the match went. I only just saw the score.

But it makes me happy. Let's see if the Rs can have us singing the blues today.

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Music thread-oh for this Friday then.
at 17:15 27 Oct 2017

I was going to call it something money related because of the FFP thing but I figured some c*nt would put up Money's Too C*nt Too C*nt by Simply W@nk. So let's keep it generic.

Remember Stump? Probably not. They were mad. This is their most normal song but maybe their best. Singer died not all that long ago which is a real shame.

This weird punk, country, rap crossover thing. I'm not sure why I like it. I like the energy of it maybe.

Screaming Blue Messiahs. This lot must have been ACE to see live.

Palace sack FdB
at 12:10 11 Sep 2017

Ridiculously, they've let him go after four games. My Palace mate is livid, thinks he should have got more time. Especially as Woy is likely to get it.
ABBA penalties
at 12:05 7 Aug 2017

The f**k is this shit?

Apparently the filth lost in the Charity Shield or whatever it's called yesterday. After 90 mins they went straight to penalties where they employed the ABBA system.

Team A goes first.
Team B goes second and third
Team A goes fourth and fifth

and so on until some footballing exec gets beaten about the head and neck.

1. LOL at Chelsea anyway.
2. What is this bullshit?

Nine years ago today.
at 11:00 21 May 2017

[Post edited 21 May 2017 11:01]
New Alien film.
at 16:34 13 May 2017

Just saw it. Shite.
Friday Music Thread
at 18:49 24 Mar 2017

So I've been listening to Honeyblood. Scottish band. Two girls - a guitarist/singer and a drummer.

Their previous album didn't have a bad song on it. I'm half way through this new album and it is straight fire.

So yeah. That.
That freekick though.
at 10:38 19 Feb 2017

It's a cliche but if a top 4 prem (fk that "EPL" shit) had hit that, football media would have w@nked itself to death.

What a lovely strike.
That own goal though.
at 10:34 2 Feb 2017

It's no Pollock but it's one of the funniest I can remember. The timing of it certainly helps. but it's a bit of a gem, no?
That Swansea v Palace game!
at 16:53 26 Nov 2016

Palace look to have stolen it with three late goals. Swansea then get two very late ones.

Pardew is clearly going to be Doley Sanchez soon.
Ollie Music Thread
at 17:10 10 Nov 2016

More Holloway threads! More depression! More of everything!

This is the best song in the thread. Million Dead were great.
That's a bad sign.
at 15:52 8 Jul 2016

I literally had to Google who our manager was because I couldn't remember.

Not sure if DEMENTIA or just me being hyper-underwhelmed by football/QPR/JFH.
Pretty quiet around here.
at 18:21 12 Mar 2016

"It seems like people only post when we lose"



BrentfLOLd. F*ck 'em.

Oh and Fulham are shit too.

Just need someone to kick John Terry in the throat live on BBC1 and it's a perfect day.
Ha! Fking Chelsea filth!
at 22:11 9 Mar 2016

Football is great!
Match Thread: SUPERS vs Birmingham
at 13:32 26 Feb 2016

Playing Birmingham irritates the hell out of me. I don't regard them as a real team. Just a boring bunch of shit. I always feel like we should beat them. Since I got my first season ticket, we've played the seven times and lost four of them.

Predict-me-do, LFW.

Head says 1-3 defeat. Heart says grim 1-1 draw.


Ipswich match thread-me-do
at 01:01 26 Dec 2015

Boxing Day. Ipswich vs Supers.

Just as we are all stuffed with Xmas turkey. Ipswich are about to get stuffed with some hooped dicks. 2-0 to the Rs.
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