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Wolf of Wall St
at 08:21 19 Jan 2014

Scorcesse on top form. Di caprio on top form.

Vulgar but a lot of lol moments.
Some classic drug scenes. Highly recommend.
On train home
at 17:41 18 Jan 2014

Talk about Jekyll and Hyde! How come we can't play in the first half.

Fantastic result and 2nd which is great.

1st half was unbalanced, poor and fortunate not to be losing.

Credit to Harry as the change with Philips made a big difference, some width and pace. This enabled Austin to make a real impact. We looked going then, going forward but at times, sloppy on the ball.

Credit to them, really played well which made for an entertaining game. My ratings:

Green 7/10 made important saves
Simpson 5/10 struggled first half
BAE 8/10 MOM - some of his touches were seriously classy. Best LB WE'VE EVER HAD.
Dunne 6/10
Hill 6/10
Henry 6/10 - he did ok today
Krancjar 5/10 - infuriating
Carroll 6/10
Johnsson 5/10
Austin 8/10

Phillips 7/10
Traore 6/10

That's my take. Enjoyed second half but first a worry. They should've had a couple
Weather / performance
at 17:47 1 Jan 2014

I don't think some of our fancy dan premiership players fancied it today.

Yossi B was awful. Niko K looks bored and doesn't want to play at this level.

The first half was tough to stomach. Second was a lot better but still lack pace, final third movement and keep coming inside. Still, mental at the end.

Got out of jail today. Which was nice as it was fcking miserable weather!
On way home; fcking ref
at 22:11 3 Dec 2013

First of all, fair play to them for having a go and making a game.

Secondly, ref tried his best to kill the game. Should've been a pen, red card and also their number 8 red.

That aside, AJ upfront and Carroll ticking it over nicely made for a nice performance and comfortable win. Austin and Barton did ever so well. Carroll keeps it moving nicely and Hoillet whilst frustrating at times, makes a difference to our play. Far more going forward.

Lovely goal by Phillips.
Lots of usual panicking on here after the weekend but we proved it was a one off and we're back on track.

Enjoyed that.
Tom Carroll and Ale Faulin
at 17:43 28 Sep 2013

Well, interesting line up pre 3 o'clock but it worked a lot better than I thought. At times the passing was intricate and sublime. The movement, confidence and control superb. I hope we stick with it.

Tom Carroll could be a very good footballer. Despite making quite a few mistakes, he doesn't hide, works hard and moves the ball well. I don't think I've EVER seen a QPR side suck the opposition in, move it about and create chances.
Ale had some great moments, but also gave the ball away far too easily. Looks like he still lacks a yard of pace but needs a run of games.

Think and fear both will get some critics on here but did the job ok. That said, against better opposition they cannot keep making the same mistakes.
Ed Miliband - Energy companies
at 13:09 26 Sep 2013

I admired the speach and stir he's actually created. Energy companies have been ripping us all off for far to long. He's right to raise and challenge although I'm not sure in such a draconian style. He's made a statement - fine just think it's too far. He could have made the same splash but just differently. I'm not sure his proposals work although it is right to challenge the energy firms.

But, this current labour regime:
1) I can't take Ed Miliband seriously. His voice is just a joke!
2) Ed Balls is one of the most dangerous men on the planet. A loon. That guy in charge of the exchequeor is frightening.

Billy Sharp
at 13:04 26 Sep 2013

Signed on an emergency loan @ Reading.

Would have been a good signing.
Ledley King
at 16:57 29 Aug 2013

From BBC:

Former Tottenham skipper Ledley King, now an ambassador at White Hart Lane, reveals ex-Spurs boss Harry Redknapp tried to tempt him out of retirement to play for QPR last season.

"He didn't manage to get hold of me," King says. "I wouldn't have done it though. I played at Tottenham my whole life and it would have been a bit silly to try and come back knowing I can't do what I want, play the way I like to play. I have barely kicked a ball since I retired. And I also have got such a great affiliation with Tottenham, so I would like to leave it there."

Still, probably would have performed better than Samba.
at 14:39 29 Aug 2013

Are they the biggest bunch of useless muppets on the planet?

Why is it, then when you need to speak with BT you end up talking to India.

Yet when the cnts want to sell you something, they bombard you from the UK.

And yet when, for example, your b/band package has a gremlin (and you've turned the fkcing thing on and off a million times) you speak to someone in Mumbai who tells you to turn it off. Then on again. And presses some buttons.

You know what, it still doesn't work.

Marginally bigger cnts than sky.

billy davies
at 14:20 27 Aug 2013

horrible indiviudal

why is he not talking to the media?
Swindon selector / team / clive
at 14:06 27 Aug 2013

On the preview for the match tonight (and M'Bia write up), there is a team selection / prediction for tonight.
Is that yours Clive?

Why no Faulin?

I'd have Zam upfront with Hitchcock.

faulin in the middle with Jenas. O'Neil and Traore out wide.

Just back (well on train)
at 17:41 17 Aug 2013

A lot of positives.

This MB has been incredibly negative for far too long now. We can achieve something this season if fans keep patient.

Team stuck to it. The spirit that the management have spoken about was evident. Tough game today because of Ipswich tactics.

That's two well deserved wins at home and with an ever changing team. That's a good sign of desire and workmanship

Hoilet looked promising until that hamstring

Dunne is a rock. Nedum solid.

Green is growing in confidence

Austin has great touch and puts hit foot in. He's a handful.

Barton and Henry did a satisfactory job today.

All all this slating of HR over Zapata. For once he and we give our youngster a chance and he scores. All those on that thread, let HR manage and trust his judgement.

O'neill. The same one a few usual slated here.


None. But games at LR will be tough all season. We do miss that something special in the middle. Zamora confidence is shot and Henry / Barton won't create enough.


No doubt the usual will slate SWP who had an indifferent game. He did ok, 6/10 performance. Ipswich trebled up on him and if we can move the ball inside quicker to someone more creative than Henry / Barton ie Ale and Parker my God, we'll be flying.

How opposition play. Got to get used to it.

Ref was awful.


Probably a few others!

Two home games. Two wins. 7 points. Happy days. More importantly, footsie has become enjoyable again.
You R'S!
Lawn mowers
at 09:01 10 Jul 2013

A LFW first.

I'm not much of an expert on these things. Having recently just bought a house with the wife (behave westBerks R ), the turf on the new build is bedding down. Problem is, the garden is two tiered ie steps to the back garden. So a petrol mower is out of the question unless so one has invented something light and movable.

Anyone got any good tips on mowers ie ones to avoid etc. I want a fkcing lawn like the Lords outfield
Just renewed
at 15:30 3 Jun 2013

Mrs Jeff
at 13:05 14 May 2013

Where is your linky gone for your marathon.

Was going to sponser you!
Simmo - I saw this and thought of you
at 13:05 14 May 2013

Season Tickets - how much will you pay / where is the line in the sand (if any)
at 09:39 29 Apr 2013

I'm that flat about Rangers I don't think I'll bother on Saturday.....

So, ignore all the long rants etc etc. What would you vote for & what do you think the board will do:

a) price held - which is actually a net decrease given the number of games

b) prices up by 10% because of the additional games in the CCC and to help the board 'fiance' the squad etc. Sadly, wouldn't surprise me if they came out with a "we're in this together"

c) Prices up by +10% - see C

d) Prices down by 10% as a reward for loyalty (this is of course, a bigger reduction given the amount of games)

e) prices held for existing ST, with a 10% early bird reduction until end of June with new ST at existing prices regardless

f) prices held and no early bird

You could go on.

I think the board will go with A.

I'm not sure I'd renew - probably will but with no incentive / early bird and the volume of mid weeks, I'd leave to the last minute.

If they went for e, I'd go for the early bird and renew.
On train home; numb
at 18:51 7 Apr 2013

I've never seen anything that cruel and twisted.

Empty and gobsmacked.
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