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MLS final, Atlanta 2, Portland 0, attendance 70,000
at 04:16 19 Dec 2018

Wayne Rooney has said he wants to finish his career with DC United.

It’s a beautiful stad we have. Brand new and mainly only for football. And we have great food and museums that cost a penny (federal funding).

Anyone want to inbox me, will be happy to show you around in April or May. Will be in San Francisco summer ‘19..
Off topic 2–Merry Christmas everyone
at 09:21 8 Dec 2018

Happy hols all. Remember it’s the thought that counts. My mum is getting chocolates. That’s all I can afford. Plus flowers.

She will still giggle like a schoolgirl. Dads like chocolates to 😀
Off topic as our U’s are going up.
at 08:57 8 Dec 2018

Wayne Rooney has decided he wants to finish his career here in Washington.

Audi Stadium is beautiful, so if anyone wants to be at a great venue next summer, plus enjoy our fabulous museums, you might consider DC.

I mean, I go to see the U’s and Norwich. Inbox me. I’ll meet you at the airport. Reagan or Dulles. Rooney played like a house on fire this season. Yr gonna love seeing him in a DC United shirt :D
Stunned so far, The U’s and Norwich
at 04:02 14 Nov 2018

I was at Weston Homes game 1, that scintillating 0-0 v Terriers long ago.. Norwich City FC has me there as press.. as ColU does too.

Matt. I will do my magic in March. My at U’s record is 12-3-3. Hope for another Bricklayers Friday with you mates
Wanna thank you lot for welcoming me back.
at 11:04 14 Oct 2018

Simple stuff.

Thanks, ok? I appreciate your faith.

Thank u peeps.
Question about iFollow and the Match Pass
at 16:12 11 Oct 2018

I’ve recently gotten a £10 offer to watch ColU.. (piecemeal)

It says buy the match pass at the Apple App Store, then download the “Colchester United Official app.”

Anyone here have this? And what is the ColU Official App?
You lot know when I posts..
at 07:31 4 Sep 2018

George Carlin 7 dirty words.

(That gets me not-banned as Daniel knows I will pay a 100 quid to pay to get to a horse race, whatever that is.Or get 7 ColU's drunk where they don't remember is High Street in Colchester? No. Somewhere in Braintree.

Gerry who thinks Grimsby is in Scotland. But then again. For some in Grimsby, it's somewhere between M'Boro and Black Cats. Sunderland? Somewhere near Norway ;)

Concord who thinks he's in West Virginia but actually he's in Kentucky :D:D .. Sorry Concord :P

The NFL. They call it football here. I call it concussion protocol.

Last one liner: yes, I do appear sometimes in New York. New York. The armpit of Canada.

Sady last one. If Southed were ever to rebranded.. They'd be be called Southsmiths down under :D

No, one more. How do you call a Canarie? With a kazzoo near the Dover cliffs. "It isn't going anywhere except down." .. ell, the sand will save us.

Up the U's!! :D

[Post edited 4 Sep 2018 7:36]
Said I'd do it, DC United Wayne Rooney and Acosta updates
at 22:42 3 Sep 2018

Wayne scored another cracker of a goal and assisted on two more.

Plus Luciano Acosta, Argentine (24 y.o.), is one of the great talents in football. Shocking, but players around the world, especially in the North and South American hemisphere, want to play in the MLS. Not as much drama as playing in other countries.

Games sell out here like the DC United v Atlanta game was a packed house.

Chicago. Toronto, Salt Lake City, LAFC .. jammed stads.

Brits like Florida. Go attend an Orlando FC game. You will not be disappointed :D
Huddersfield, the only reason I watch the Prem
at 09:01 2 Sep 2018

Many of you know this. The first ColU game I ever attended was that scintillating 0-0 at the Weston Homes. Paid $1200 to be at the first ever match at the WHCS.

Colchester United fan? Hard core, peeps :D

Look forward to seeing a bunch of you lot in March 2019 at the Bricklayers.

I love you guys. I can't wait to see you all and I do pay for all the drinks :D
MFB, you and I need to get in touch, I owe you an NFL shirt.
at 08:43 2 Sep 2018

I'll do an NFL season PL but we do need 4-5 players.

[Post edited 2 Sep 2018 8:43]
Thanks for welcoming me back, peeps.
at 08:33 2 Sep 2018

I promise not to cause trouble. My fiancé died and that's a pretty big heartache.

Thanks for accepting me back. I'm a ColU (plus a Canaries fan LOL) till death do me part.

Thanks, mates :):)
May as well come clean.. read..
at 00:00 21 Aug 2018

Have worn a county jail jumper twice in the past 3 years.

My friends are basically Pancab, Haps, Des, Jibba Jabba (sort of), K (we all know who she is)..

Dan was too dramatic about a former ban. Dan has treated me royally over the years. Appreciated.

Hey wanna apologize to Gerry not to make it to Grimsby. In fairness the Colchester got me so drunk, same happened when Dan got tix to a race and I was so offed up that I gave him 60 quid and said sorry.

Dan has put up with me a lot, including letting me sit in his dad's seat top row at the Weston.

I don't know what else to add. One poster here "called me out" and when I saw him at a game he quaked and melted. He saw a good bloke and all else changed. But full disclosure, some of you know who he is and he could have kicked the s&hyt out of me :D

I'd like to come back in March or April. And as Bricklayers peeps know, I buy as many pints and vodka you can handle.

Being in jail is not much different than League 2. U's will climb.

Up the U's!
Off topic Pete. Huddersfield.
at 00:12 20 Aug 2018

Man Citeh 6, Huddersfield 1

Who here recalls that the first United match I attended was the first ever at the Weston Homes.

Colchester 0, Huddersfield 0. That was scintillating :D
Who are the top 6 major rivals 18/19?
at 16:20 18 Aug 2018

I could make an educated guess, but I'd like to know who are the clubs ColU wants to defeat this season?
Anyone wanna be in the NFL PL?
at 08:40 18 Aug 2018

The prize is alway a $150 real shirt of an NFL team. Packers, Patriots. Eagles. Raiders :D

I need about 6 to participate. And MFB will probably handle half the fixtures.

Post here if you want to make "guesses" of who will win.

Post if you are in. Need 6 at minimum.
Separe thought you all..
at 08:31 18 Aug 2018

I appreciate that Daniel let me back.

I did push some buttons but Dan never pushed back. He basically said Take some time off.

I did.

Hey, mates. I so want to meet you again when I get back spring 19. Onward eh?? :D
Hey. I'm back
at 08:19 18 Aug 2018

Has been a horrible past 3 years where my fiancé passed away to cancer.

Know what else? Two DUI's in 2 years. Yay me.

(that means I've been behind bars twice)

What else. Wayne Rooney is now playing in our DC (United) and nets goals like a 25 year old :D

What else. Have missed you lots a lot. Hoping you welcome me back.

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