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To Hull and back (with points hopefully)
at 22:25 18 Oct 2019

If there’s any live streams going do of course let us know, I’m unexpectedly now not doing anything tomorrow at 3.00pm

Cmon u Rs
Leeds Fair Play Award.....
at 23:04 23 Sep 2019

That’s it

Those years of MDMA abuse have taken their toll and my marbles have gone.... or did I miss hear something?!?!

Leeds? I mean spy gate Leeds? The club who still systematically kick lumps out of players (cite Mr G Cameron)? Leeds? Fair play awards?!?!

Next you’ll be telling me Miilllllllllllllllwall are Family Club of the Year or some other utter utter madness
Bentford Game
at 12:30 30 Aug 2019

Moved to Monday night by SKY

Tommy Tankers
League Cup..... That’s All Folks!!
at 22:36 28 Aug 2019

I went this evening against my better judgement as I’d self imposed a ban on League Cup games due to the clubs attitude over 20 odd years.
Gutted I went.
Take the first 15 minutes away (which was pretty but with no end product) and that was typical QPR versus a League One team in the Cup. Total garbage.
Conceited attitude and substitutions that made the team progressively worse.
We were a lightweight kindergarten in midfield, Barbet attroticous and zero pace anywhere.
I don’t usually make mind up about players until seen a few games but this Mlakar fella is never a striker while he’s got a hole in his arse. No strength, no pace, wins nothing in the air, lays it off to ghosts and no skill. With nobody up front we were always going to get nothing.
I’m never going a League Cup game again unless it’s a quarter final!!!!!

I recall the posts after the last game slagging people off for not attending
Well I’d like to hear you justifying that heap tonight and guilt tripping people for not attending. The club reap as they sow
And so it begins
at 22:59 21 Aug 2019

At the game behind me tonight such nuggets as

“We are sh1t, can’t play football and it’s worse than last year”

“Matt Smith is the worst player I’ve ever seen”

“Warburton is clueless”

Then on here it’s rumblings of the old tune; Rip It Up and Start Again
I will say Amos hasn’t impressed me, Smith less so and the Barbet / Hall axis at the back looks as strong and reliable as a drag queen chorus line.

Going forward I think we’ll do fine and it’s a good watch but we do loo a tad brittle
I can’t resist it..... I have to join in....

“Wigan is a must win”
[Post edited 21 Aug 23:00]
Captain Grant Hall
at 09:57 4 Aug 2019

I was surprised to see Hall be given the armband yesterday

How did he do?

Pleased for him and really hope he has another good 48 games in front of him (you gotta include the play off games now surely?!?)
at 22:36 3 Aug 2019

Great start for the lad - really pleased for him.

Just the NINE for him to bag now hey JJB?!?!

I've just come i nfrom 7 hours garden drinking so not seen his goal but no matter, there more to come.

What a great day to start the season.

Watch this space - more to follow
QPR+ Pass
at 06:15 16 Jul 2019

I’m not referring to the “preseason bundle bargain” of £10.00 but the whole thing for £45.00

Anyone advise as to whether they’ve had it before and think it’s worth it?
I’m probably going to give most away games a miss this year and may be elsewhere in the UK for a few home games. I’d be interested to see what access I can get via an iPhone or iPad via this QPR+ thing.
Any advice welcome
Cousins to Sjoke
at 19:13 25 Jun 2019

Not mine.... in fact none of my relatives

Really surprised by this, thought he’d waltz back to Charlton but suppose the chaos there meant nothing on the table.
Hope he continues his form, keeps the physio busy and has two absolute stinkers against us.

I wish Sjoke the worst of luck
Barbet from Bees?
at 12:17 18 Jun 2019

Hearing from my Bentford ST holder member of staff we've signed their Left Back.

"Much better than Bidwell" says he

"So's a bollard" says me

Have we?
Wally Downes
at 21:55 4 May 2019

Congrats to him and AFC Wimbledon

They looked beyond gone when he went in there and didn’t get of to the best of starts under him neither.
Pleased for him.
Glad AFC stayed up on the last day especially with the plastic franchise getting promotion mm
Save Warren Farm - their next quest
at 19:32 30 Apr 2019

People may recall whispers that WF may well have become a mega Tesco during SWF campaign; SWF stated wouldn’t happen as the Osterley store was more than ample for the area. Seems not.
I’m not sure this site / development a Joel Lynch pass from the training ground will interest the alleged Brentford season ticket holders behind SWF too much though

Shame they never had to pay the club costs once they lost the battle
Big ol Toni
at 07:30 23 Apr 2019

What’s the score here then?

Benched previously with Dubai Joel inexplicably picked ahead of him
Back on the pitch to full effect
Then not in the squad
Returns, benched and now “ill” over Easter.

I’ve noted my conspiracy theory before about it being a Contract issue and maybe appearances triggering some sort of entitlement; that was shot down. I’m hearing rumours of him being homesick but why would that stop you being selected, especially in our current squad??

Hope he does just have a touch of Peggy Sue and will return plus be playing next season. I quite like him as a CB, reads game well and dominating in the air. He can play a bit too and would look better with a bit of pace playing next to him (thinking Dunne / Ned).

GWS to the BFG
Thick as pig sh1t
at 17:29 19 Apr 2019

I just don’t understand why we’ve had a procession of players and Managers that are clearly thick and have zero grasp of the game, positional awareness or the ability to manage themselves in game:

We give away clueless fouls
We frustrate ourselves
Our players pick up needless bookings
The changes we make rarely seem to improve us or are made too late
And on and on and on

Perhaps it starts at the top and if the people in charge are also at the forefront of player and management recruitment then it’s no wonder.
Our standards are lower than the sewers
The Barcelona Trophy
at 11:04 19 Apr 2019

Good luck to da yoof dem over in Barca

One team just won 6-2 another drew 3-3 after being 3-0 down

Messi v Matt Smith
Bolton again
at 15:30 2 Apr 2019

Stadium license revoked until guaranteeing stewards and safety staff will be on duty next two fixtures

Due in court with the soulless HMRC tomorrow

Could it get any messier for them?!?!
I’m sure w can mount a challenge to them for the worst run club in the EFL with Shitehead Harvey presenting the trophy in May
Little Man Stroud
at 18:13 2 Mar 2019

A bizzare man who needs to be drummed out of the game

My fear is someone will be seriously hurt following one of his condescending performances and if it’s not actually him it’ll be a scandal
We were never going to win that game in a squillion years but that kunt has proper boiled my piss today

Millwall Family Club of the Year
at 22:05 26 Jan 2019

No doubt many have seen the videos going round showing what happened off the pitch down there today - I won’t repost the links.
I was no angel 30 years plus ago but I was just a div really; I stopped the day I was nearly slashed from forehead to chin.

What I’ve seen today is nasty, really really nasty.
Always seems to involve Millwall and the screams of women from the balconies of the flats to “do ‘em Millwall” say it all.


Think I’ll give the away game a miss.
Really hope they drop and keep dropping
at 21:45 19 Jan 2019

Him and Scowen horrendous for the first -- and I was thinking at that very moment how very, very bad it would be to those utter kuntz take a lead. From that moment on it was over.

However.... I'm glad Lummers didn't take too many pelters. There were a few, understandable, the loudest maybe from a couple of my lot.
I remain a staunch supporter.

Reality check today.
Squad just too thin for any sort of challenge. Without wise heads of Rangel, Cameron and, I am forced to say, Luongo, we're just not at it. The young 'uns needed guiding through a game like that.... the performances of Cousins and Scowen will never inspire anyone.

Head up Lumley.
Keep at it boy
Nik Nak Wells
at 08:01 13 Jan 2019

I see a comment on Fantasy Island that one (just one) plum had a pop at him at the end of the game causing him to walk away

Is this true?

If so can this cock be identified, tarred and feathered and banished from QPR games forever
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