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Worst. Dive. Ever.
at 12:42 12 Feb 2016

And no, I'm not on about that khazi down the road in SW6. Reckon the tagline's right though - should be punishable by death!
Scousers not like seat price rises
at 15:17 2 Feb 2016

These are the same supporters groups who have frequently stated before that standing is "inherently unsafe". If standing or safe standing areas were allowed in football stadia in the top flights in England they wouldn't cost £77 a pop (admittedly, they would still be a damn shite more expensive than back in the 80s, but not as much as this)
Fantasy football invite
at 10:27 31 Jul 2015

Alright fellas, trying to drum up interest in our Telegraph Fantasy Football superleague.
I know there's a lot of FF invites flying around at this time of year, but this one is usually competitive and offers ca$hmoney prizes. It costs £20 per team to enter and last year we had 50 people in it, meaning the chairman paid out £1,000 in prizemoney (for final position, golden boot etc).
It's free to enter your first team on the TFF, and the only real rule upon signing up to the superleague is that you need to wire the £20 to the chairman reasonably early in the season (ie before some ppl lose interest and decide to try and get out of paying). Also, the more entrants, the higher the prizefund, so feel free invite friends/co-workers/well-wishers etc. However, whoever you invite into the league, you're liable for their fee if they try and do a runner.
Anyway, if anyone's interested, the league name is 'Where did it all go wrong' and the PIN is 8002856
Manc pubs
at 10:14 8 May 2015

Decided to go up to Manchester for a relegation party, why the hell not. We're getting in early so will be looking to retire to a pub before the game. Sure I remember reading that there was a change at the Lass o' Gowrie and that it was no longer the Manc Rs place of residence. If that's the case, where else do people recommend for a pre-game relegation-welcoming pint or seven?
Been up for an hour already
at 07:24 12 Apr 2015

Can't bloody wait for this!

- that is all -
Had to share this poem I read, unusual I know...
at 10:04 1 Apr 2015

I Saw Katie Hopkins
- by Benjamin Myers

I saw Katie Hopkins shoplift from Oxfam a porcelain figurine of a Newfoundland dog with a wooden barrel on its back in which you put brandy.

I saw Katie Hopkins asleep in a plate of chicken nuggets at a Little Chef; she was wearing a Cats tour jacket and one glove.

I saw Katie Hopkins urinate in a homeless war veteran’s begging cup from a distance of six feet.

I saw Katie Hopkins scratch a swastika onto a Mothercare billboard at the bus stop.

I saw Katie Hopkins shove a cork in a dolphin’s blowhole at SeaWorld.

I saw Katie Hopkins go berserk at a Ghurka for wearing a burka.

I saw Katie Hopkins getting a tattoo of a lethargic gryphon.

I saw Katie Hopkins selling used batteries at a carboot sale.

I saw Katie Hopkins buying Jethro DVDs from the garage.

I saw Katie Hopkins jogging with James Delingpole.

I saw Katie Hopkins eating worms at Kew Gardens.

I saw Katie Hopkins trying to set fire to Rochdale.

I saw Katie Hopkins force a child up her chimney.

I saw Katie Hopkins alone on a waltzer at 11am.

I saw Katie Hopkins grope Rod Liddle in Aldi.

I saw Katie Hopkins punch a newborn lamb.

I saw Katie Hopkins playing bass for UB40.

I saw Katie Hopkins smash a pint glass.

I saw Katie Hopkins snorting Bisto.

I saw Katie Hopkins’ rotten soul.

I saw Katie Hopkins laughing.

I saw Katie Hopkins sobbing.

I saw Katie Hopkins alone.

I saw Katie Hopkins.

Not that one.
Toilett and Shite-Phillips both on the pitch *at the same time!!!!*
at 11:49 8 Mar 2015

That is all

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