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QPR's golden start continues in Cardiff - Report
at 02:59:59

Sounds like both teams had the crabs when it came to ball movement.
Thanks for the report Dave I enjoyed reading it.
The resiliency that is… - Guest column
at 08:59:29

Very good write up well worth the read
Ding dong Bosingwa’s gone
at 11:59:32

Both hated and enjoyed reading that. 3m for 24 games that grates.
In the end move on and hopefully more to follow.
Dismantling my QPR ideal
at 11:47:17

Yes I would like to see QPR viewed by the world and increase our fan base and thus more revenue into the club so make it more competitive. The key is sorting thro the wheat from the chaff and it will take time. Meaning 10 year supporters with the passion not 10 game supporters looking for a name. In time a new stadium with 30,000 or so regulars with that passion will be better than 18,000 as of now.
QPR have four moved for TV, Fernandes surveys new ground sites - diary
at 23:50:07

Mr Gianni Paladini has no authority to act on behalf of the Al-Hasawi Family in connection with our purchase of Nottingham Forest.

If that is the quote, big deal it mentions purchase not any thing to do with manager.

Great news if Adel signs on for a longer term.
Hulse seriously don't blame you because the club signed your contract thus allegedly on good money ( I don't know the terms ) but do you still want to make some thing of your career, because I can only see very limited opportunities at the R's.
Feel sorry for DJ injured at the wrong time.
Young not decided if I want him to stay or leave.
Paddy if you do leave thank you for the memories.

Nice words from Tonia, all the best for the future.
Alan McDonald: 1963 – 2012
at 14:38:19

the fix quote in there 3.58 approx
Hughes seeks defensive steel with Nelsen reunion
at 09:27:29

The word leadership is the key. Can see if Hill is injured or needs a rest Nelson can fit the bill. 1 year contract we don't risk much.
That was 2011/12 – LFW Awards and loose ends
at 09:19:10

thank you Clive for a wonderful site, it makes following the R's from a long distance so much easier. Go the away days always fun to read, please continue with them next season. Sorry you are far to young to retire, please please continue with the site for many a year yet. The long hours you spend are very much appreciated, and I know I'm no orphan saying this.

To rate this site simply 10/10.
LFW end of term report, every player assessed – attack
at 00:41:07

Thanks for all 3 pieces Clive.
My question looking Forward to next season is how well BZ and Cisse combo up front go? 20-30 goals between them and mid table or higher is on the cards.
LFW Awaydays – Eastlands, Manchester
at 11:43:45

A last dose of rambling self-indulgent twoddle

love the the travelling twoddle
think this is one if not the best you have done

long may they continue.
wondering what Charlie's impressions of the day and group were.
LFW Awaydays – Sunderland, Stadium of Light
at 11:37:00

well done Neil
LFW Awaydays – Sunderland, Stadium of Light
at 08:03:27

can always send more emails
they are good value, but you did leave out the most important bit did Neil get more than a egg with his "chat"
Six for one declared, Chelsea annihilate sorry QPR – report
at 13:12:45

wondering is 35 points for the entire team the lowest given for players in your time?
was pathetic no question there.
Resurgent Rangers inching closer to safety target – full match report
at 03:42:30

A great One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest report.
The mental Malian....... Absolute raving lunatic....... He’s a true maverick, clearly very talented but absolutely bonkers. Just when you think he’s curbed the mental side of his personality he maims somebody,
you gave him MOM?????
to be fair no problem with the decision, but made me laugh great valve.
hope we keep him
QPR can use Derry travesty to their advantage in crucial games – full match preview
at 00:57:34

in for a penny
in for a pound
QPR to win
so make ground

QPR latest to curse Old Trafford refereeing after inevitable defeat – full match report
at 01:17:22

well it was Easter and we got put to the cross by Judas Mason
proud of the effort by the team to keep hanging in there.
was that as hard to write as it was to read?, agree with all you said but still hard to see in black and white.
Much improved QPR hold in form Everton – full match report
at 23:32:33

agree with the score for the ref but politely asking what is your definition of a major decision as I thought the lack of advantage for Adel was a big call.
Deane's heroics not enough to save QPR Youth from cup exit - full match report
at 05:38:41

any one who can put " Oompa-Loompas " into a report deserves a pass mark. Great write up with plenty of detail and some humour well done and thank you.
Still have all your toes?
Buzsaky's brilliance inspires QPR's Wigan win - full match report
at 06:42:21

Well done Colin keeping up the high standards of LFW reports. My only minor disagreement was SWP at least in the 1st half 4 times took on the defence and looked little more dangerous won 1 corner, hoping the confidence is starting to return.
Half term QPR report, and January sales wish list – guest column
at 09:51:56

no comment on Mackie?
the players you have listed how quick would a fellow relegation candidates Blackburn and Wolves want to part with their players especially to another struggler?
Injuries down Spurs way means Bassong may be hard to acquire as well.
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