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Of far more importance than the survival of our club...
at 17:45 22 May 2020

Given that we are heading into June with the season still very much in the balance as to what is actually going to happen to complete it does anyone have any news on what will happen about next season's kit and if there will even be a new kit next season? Or a season next season for that matter?
RIP Norman 'Bites Yer Legs' Hunter
at 11:03 17 Apr 2020

Just confirmed. Yet another victim of this horrific plague.
My dad
at 22:25 8 Apr 2020

My dad, Paul passed away this morning at Watford General Hospital from cancer and Coved19. I hadn't been able to see him for 3 weeks because the hospital couldn't allow visitors, which I totally understand. He managed to hold on long enough to wish me happy birthday on the phone yesterday, for which I will always be truly grateful.

My dad took me to my first QPR game when I was 5 and we sat side by side at QPR through the bad times, the even worse times, the just plain awful times and the occasional amazing and 'why we all love QPR' times. 46 years we sat together with my dad asking me why certain substitutions had been made and others not, and why the manager had no idea what he was doing. But we loved it and it was so lovely to be with my dad sharing that. Even over the last year when my dad wasn't so feeling so good we would talk after every game and talk every day about what was going on at the club. He really loved Rangers and win lose or draw we just loved being there watching the game with all the great people we got to know around us. I have missed it and will miss it a lot.

The doctors, nurses, surgeons and everyone who looked after my dad are putting their lives on the line for us and I just wanted to recognise, having seen it all first hand, what an amazing group of people they are. Coved19 is really evil. Really evil. I've been stuck in 2 A&E lock downs and it really is a plague.

I will miss being at games with my dad but I have been lucky to spend so much of my life with him at our wonderful club.

Please stay safe out there everyone.
Today's highlights
at 19:56 14 Mar 2020

Really lacked atmosphere today.
Starting the keyboard warrior thing early
at 21:48 13 Mar 2020

I have to say that having got ourselves to 50 points in early March, possibly knocking on the door of the play-offs that I am absolutely disgusted that we are still on 50 points 3 weeks later on the 3rd of April.

F*cking unacceptable!
Extended highlights from yesterday's win at Preston on the offish
at 09:35 8 Mar 2020
Gaffer on today's win
at 19:39 7 Mar 2020

Honest as ever.
Hugill's from the future
at 17:53 7 Mar 2020

Have a look at the third goal.

Hugill already has his arms aloft celebrating the goal before Eze actually takes the shot.

He's a timelord!
What kit do we wear tomorrow?
at 20:47 6 Mar 2020

Give that both our home and away kit clash with PNE's kit?
[Post edited 6 Mar 20:48]
Blimey big posh Matt Smith
at 20:18 6 Mar 2020

Having a field day at Forest at the moment.
Hugill remains focussed on all things QPR
at 18:52 2 Mar 2020

Nice to see the lad only really interested in doing his best here. Short but refreshing read really. He's got the right attitude.
Highlights from yesterday on the offish
at 09:40 1 Mar 2020

Good game. Eze will arguably be a little disappointed not to bury the lob near the end but good keeping from Camp, who's still excellent.

Wonderful goal from Hugill. The only place he could possibly put it and did well for the first. Starting to see him flourish after losing Wells. Hope he can take this form back up to Preston and show them how far he's come.
Sir Les on Talksport last night 7-9pm
at 10:02 28 Feb 2020

Did anyone else listen to it? Trying to find a link to it. Had to drive to Gatwick last night so listened to the 2 hours. Excellent stuff. Very humble man although he does occasionally refer to himself in the third person, which has always been a bit weird. Most of it was about his career and how QPR changed his life. A lot was about his accent through his career. How he started in coaching but really liked the business side of the game.

Last half an hour was almost exclusively about his time as DOF at the club. Essentially the mess it was in when he arrived and what he's been trying to do since. Much of it we already know but Les is a very big part of why we are still here fighting the fight. Those who jump to slaughter the guy need to sit down and give the show a listen. Admits that it will be a herculean task to hold on the Eze and reckons he will be one of the country's all time greats. Also thinks that existing young first teamers have great futures and that the only plan that can work, not just for us but for most sides in this league and below is to concentrate on a conveyor belt of young academy talent. He said up until Ollie returned the managers and the board were really only concerned about the first team and now they are having to think about kids from 14 upwards across all the teams and getting the best out of them, as well as rescuing players released from other clubs, like Eze, Hall, Masterson and really polishing them up.

Just reaffirmed how lucky we are to have this guy at our club. And Chris Ramsey. And Andy Evans.
An amazing stat in the Hull and Reading games
at 20:56 26 Feb 2020

At half time

Hull 0 Barnsley 1
Reading 0 Wigan 1

Between them Hull and Reading have collectively had one shot. That must be some kind of record?
Barnsley and Wigan have had 22 shots!

Fair play to the bottom 3. I have the feeling Barnsley and Wigan may get out of this. We just have to take some points of them both to keep them in the rear view mirror. Not as easy as it appears.
Extended highlights from last night on the offish
at 12:40 26 Feb 2020
Tonight's highlights QPR 2 Derby 1
at 22:16 25 Feb 2020

Great win. Good goals. Eze doing well from a loose Rooney pass.

Can't believe Waghorn is still only 30. He seems to have been around forever. Decent player.

Well done lads!
The thanks to the Forest bias Sky highlights... highlights 0-0
at 17:23 22 Feb 2020

Christmas card for the linesman. A lot wouldn't have bothered to spot the moving ball at the corner.
The nil nil kings
at 17:06 22 Feb 2020

Well done lads. Another clean sheet and point away from home. With 2 of the bottom 3 winning but many below us losing important to keep putting points on the board. We seem to have the right balance at the moment of robust and flair. Points away from home always a big bonus. Now let's get after the Rooney all stars on Tuesday at home.
Extended offish highlights QPR v Stoke
at 10:45 16 Feb 2020


Menacing, attacking, exciting, maverick!

Eze on fire. Bos on fire. Manning playing a worldy.

Sometimes it's great to support this club!
at 10:02 16 Feb 2020

12 goals in 30 games so far. Many of those games from the bench. Not too bad.

Up until yesterday he had scored once from 40 efforts on goal. Credit to the lad for keeping his chin up. If he was more clinical who knows hw many he could have scored? Well, perhaps another 40... However, now he has got an extended run in the team, starting games as the number 1 striker and now he has probably got over not being recalled by West Ham who desperately need all the strikers they can get, and hopefully now we are just a little safer, he can relax and just get his average of goals to chances up.

One thing I like about him is that he's always there. He never seems to give up. He finds the runs, the spaces and gets on the end of things. His seeming inability to convert enough has obviously hampered his progress at higher levels but he is still 27 and if he can work on his finishing then who knows.

I certainly like this type of player in the team. We have some very clever ballers in this team but you do also need that big bloke who puts himself about, roughs up a backline and gets into scoring positions. He also has a decent attitude.

With Zamora it was interesting. So many injuries and issues when he came to us. His Ohhh Bobby Zamora thing was almost ironic as a chant when it started. It was more of a surprise reaction to him actually getting involved in play. And then it grew and it helped him become a better player. The more many of us doubters got behind Zamora the more it rubbed off on him and the better and more influential he became in games.

I feel Hugill needs that same backing from the fans. I feel that the more support he gets the better he will play for us. Yes, he is on loan and unlikely to come back but I think he can become a better player with the fans properly behind him. I'm not saying shout Ohhh Bobby Zamora at him. That would just be weird! But a walking in a Hugill wonderland or suchlike chant may help him score us a lot more goals in the last part of the season.
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