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Top Stripes
at 06:47 22 May 2019

U's shirt, your favourites ?
Que Sera Sera
at 17:47 13 May 2019

Wonder if Doris Day did ever get to Wembley ?
Ins, Outs and Maybe's - 2019
at 07:44 7 May 2019

U's rumours ?
at 06:06 26 Apr 2019

Location - Florence Park Green Room .

McG to GKC- What happened last Monday ?
GKC to McG - Keeper had a moment , all part and parcel in the game boss.
McG to GKC- Moment , it was hardly a thunderball into the near post .
GKC to McG - DId have his head on his hands longer than the ball !
McG to GKC - What have you coaching them ?
GKC to McG - Told them all to study the top keepers and catch flying burgers .
McG to GKC -So that's what happened .
GKC to McG - Unfortunately he got the De Gea and Amir Khan files .
McG to GKC - Got a suspension now, so you will have to play .
GKC to McG - Unavailable boss, got a knee injury .
McG to GKC - How did you get that ?
GKC to McG - Kicking , now was it ball or something else .
McG to GKC - Where are those boys ?
GKC to McG - Will get them off play stations boss .
McG to GKC - What else have they been doing ?
GKC to McG - Applying for Blue Peter ?

[Post edited 26 Apr 6:18]
at 17:26 13 Apr 2019

Another solid nil performance in points and goals, despite the usual hyperbole paper talk .
Juke box time .
at 09:54 13 Apr 2019

The juke box will be free tonight !

Down town .

It's all over now .

many others
Latest DVD reviews .
at 12:42 1 Apr 2019

It’s like one of those old films on telly every Christmas and Bank Holiday. You can’t resist watching but know the plot off by heart.

Sadly, Town have become predictable and Lambert hasn’t been able to rectify the problems that dogged predecessor Paul Hurst.

Please note - There is a health warning if watching the box set , and all NHS numbers do apply !
[Post edited 1 Apr 12:55]
UF Mac
at 17:07 29 Mar 2019

It's almost April fools day !
On me head Mac .....Ooch .
Be hilarious if they all walked out with bandages on their heads at the Shabby Saturday .
[Post edited 29 Mar 17:47]
Coming Back
at 15:53 22 Mar 2019

For those not seen yet, worth a look on BBC Sport , Coming Back featuring Ben Coker .
Was justice done ?
at 13:34 11 Mar 2019

After being attacked on the pitch at the weekend by a member of the public, Villa player Grealish later scores the winner, perhaps some justice was done on that score on the pitch, but what punishment off it ?
Name that tune
at 17:57 2 Mar 2019

Da da da da..... da da da .
Da da da da..... da da da .
Da da da _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _

1 X vowel , 4 X consonants
[Post edited 2 Mar 18:32]
Hall of Fame .
at 18:36 26 Feb 2019

Note that the latest inductees into the clubs Hall of Fame are two great players Ian Allinson and Steve Foley.
Remember that the club failed to give Allinson a improved contract so he become a free agent, what would he have been worth with a fee ?
Had a brief encounter with Steve Foley, in the Ipswich/ Witton area several years ago while he was on their coaching staff, my manager was not impressed while we talked U's, made my morning !!
Someone told me he recently had been in hospital, so wish him well for the future .
It's a sin .
at 13:55 25 Feb 2019

Deliberately fouling players who have gained a advantage through skill or get into positive positions to score are continually being prevented by the act of taking one fo the team, which usually results in a booking to the player.
Twice in the second half within minutes on Saturday the vistors took one for the team, this was also present in yesterday's League Cup final.
With only a yellow card at present being the punishment for this practice, most team have gained a advantage in foul play.
So it's time too go down the rugby route, booking AND TEN MINUTES IN THE SIN BIN to give a advantage to the side disadvantaged.
Forever No1
at 11:58 12 Feb 2019

Gordon Banks . RIP .
Arthur Turner
at 08:59 30 Jan 2019

Read on club website the passing of Arthur Turner. A impressive record of 100 goals in 164 appearances for the club .
But also served in the RAF as an air-gunner in the Second World War, Arthur was on board a Wellington Bomber plane that was shot down in the Bay of Biscay in 1943. The sole survivor of the crash, he was rescued at sea.
Seems like a story of a comic book hero, but so real to some . RIP .
Body Mass Index
at 12:12 22 Jan 2019

Great emphases has been made lately on the fact that the club only have the twelfth biggest wages budget in the division ( although ex- academy players are not included ).
Having just played and been defeated by a club which had two recent big budget loan signings, does money talk or has the club now lost it's mojo in playing above its weight /BMI ?
Going nowhere fast 2019
at 18:17 5 Jan 2019

U's yet again failed to dispatch a relegation threatened side, to keep there own, going nowhere fast promotion hopes alive. Despite the noises from Head Coach John McG, nothing much changes and the reaction from the previous match at Crawley was to go 3-1 down after taking the lead.
The second half onslaught resulted in a penalty, but little in quality in the places that mattered.
On paper the squad is good enough, but the management seem incapable of inspiring those he regularly choses.
Shangri Las
at 14:46 25 Nov 2018

At this present time pre table Christmas, the U's are in third position, leaders of the pack chasing front runners Lincoln and MK . Looking over there shoulder a queue longer than Ipswich / Harwich Rd roundabout upgrade has amassed .
So are we well placed to pounce or is the excellent home record only keeping us at lofty heights ?
No cup completions to distract can we maintain the push or will we get swallowed up .
Like all teams we look better going forward than defending, which is unconvincing especially while dropping deep with aerial threats .
We need to show that we are not a one man outfit while Norris is unavailable, and the management can cover all situations required.
Last gasp points gathering in games could make a huge say in the final league positions, something we need to improve upon .
at 18:37 20 Nov 2018

Seems that the Chairman Ben Purkiss has suggested that EO Gordon Taylor should step down. Comments have been made regards Taylor's salary, pay gap between lower league players and several ex players have voiced his support.
Richard Scudamore .
at 17:16 15 Nov 2018

Nice to see the former EO of the PL to say stick your 250k ... into the communitity schemes that MOTD make great enthusiasm in portraying during the broadcast .

He didn't ...

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