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Much Tread - Queens Pork Rangers versace Middlesboro
at 02:21 6 Aug 2022

What could possibly go wrong except for the game actually going ahead!

My predickshun is a glorious naughty nought to stop the riot and get our first pints of several this season on the bored.

No idea on first scorer or result, mind.

Beale Army!
QPR Reference?!
at 01:32 7 Nov 2021

Random one this one but I wanted to join an online gaming app and obviously I chose QPR as the name of the group to search to be able to join. In order for them to ensure that you were a true Hoop the question " Make a reference to QPR to allow you to be accepted" was asked.

So, my question is, what would be the first thing that you would think of that's not too obvious and that would show a true knowledge of Rangers?!

Fwiw, mine was Jamie Pollock!

What is your first QPR reference that comes to mind?
Major Crime Scene @ Lotus Road
at 01:08 27 Oct 2021
Lost for Words on Loft for Words so....
at 00:25 27 Oct 2021

[Post edited 27 Oct 2021 0:30]
QPR vs Sunderland - Losing Match Thread
at 16:46 26 Oct 2021

Move along... Nothing to see here...
QPR vs Sunderland - Winning Match Thread
at 16:45 26 Oct 2021

2 - 1 our cup runneth continuing, yeth it is...
Great Expectations
at 02:04 24 Oct 2021

It would appear that most believe that we didn't actually deserve anything from today's game. Having watched the full 90 online and without having actually seen the match stats I would still suggest that we deserved a draw out of the game.

I've seen it mentioned a couple of times now how some fans believed that the players felt (or performed) as if all they had to do was turn up and the 3 points would be ours. I'd suggest that that ideology has crept into many supporters attitudes as well, specfically with regard to today's game.

Personally, just looking at the 90 minutes overall, I think that a draw would have been a fair result. We had just as many chances as Posh and although they may have had a couple more clear cut chances that weren't converted thanks to Seny overall we threatened just as much as they did but we were just lacking in the delivery of the final ball.

The last 15 minutes at 1-1 was a "been here, seen this on numerous occasions already this season" and the result could have gone either way, obviously. Nobody is talking about the "clear" Chair penalty that wasn't given! We were undoubtedly sloppy in possesion in the last 15 minutes, something I've not seen before this season and we undoubtedly paid the price with defeat because we were looking for the win but I just feel that, all things considered, a draw would have been a fair result.

It's the hope of taking 4,000 fans to lowly Peterborough that gets ya!
Football Peterborough Thread Rangers Match Here Comment Game Score Sexy CTN
at 03:33 23 Oct 2021

I'm convinced there'll be a result in this game. Could go either way though.

Rangers to win 2 -1.

[Post edited 23 Oct 2021 3:40]
Working From Home
at 03:34 11 May 2021

Evening All!

I need to dip into the vast vat of knowledge and all round goodness that lfw has at its core.

I'm trying (quite desperately now) to find a "Work From Home" position whereby I can do exactly what it says on the tin irrespective of the fact that I don't presently reside in the UK. All my taxes and NI contributions are up to date, I have an open bank account with First Direct, a registered address and valid passport and driving licence.

What I am looking for is a job whereby the UK employer, quite literally, doesn't care where you are just the fact that you are capable of doing the required job. So not "WFH" during COVID, it has to be specifically a "WFH UFN" type situation.

I have been looking since January, I'm registered with several "Remote Specialist" agencies such as Flex Jobs (paid up member),, Remote Global, Working from Home and We Work Remotely but unfortunately relevant job postings are few and far between. I spoke to all the big UK agencies at the beginning but not one of them specialise or even have a dedicated area for this type of work.

Maybe there really aren't that many positions available that meet my criteria or maybe I've just not found the right agency that can help with my situation. I'm obviously hoping it's the latter and that's why I'm posting this message to see if anybody on here has any experience, advice or suggestions on how I could improve my search and contacts to help improve my chances of finding this much needed type of work.

So any suggestions or advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


P.S. Will work weekends.
3 Questions for one and all...
at 02:23 27 Mar 2021

Three out of the box Rangers related questions for all and sundry;

1. Which QPR player (past or present) would you most like to swap places with for one day. Name and explanation required in your answer!

2. If you could take only 3 QPR related items with you onto a desert island what would they be?

3. Which QPR player (past or present) would you most like to be stuck in a lift with for half an hour and why?
The Toyah Sunday Music Thread
at 02:09 9 Mar 2021

Here I am starting this from my Home Office and fortunately know how to link Youtube videos from my PC.

Sunday Lunch classics and dancy ditties only, no hijacking from Indie, Punk rock, please!

In the beginning, there was lockdown....

[Post edited 9 Mar 2021 2:11]
The most pyhsical pain you've ever experienced
at 01:57 28 Feb 2021

I was going to post his on the "Random Irritations" thread but I would pay good money for my current pain to just be an irritation. So here's a lovely new Saturday night thread for us all to share our worst physical moments on. And I don't think this theme has actually been done before.

First of all, I should be realistic and a man of the 20's and say Nix is in first place with child birth.

I'm voting second being sciatic nerve pain. I've had it a week now and despite 4 injections of Flexicamin B12 in my R's in the last four days I am still in absolute agony. And it's actually getting worse. So I'm now not even convinced it's the sciatic nerve as those injections should at least alleviate the pain. So MRI scan on Monday to hopefully clarify exactly what the problem is but fcuk me it's a constant pain, I'm unable to get into a comfortable position and have to drug myself up with all sorts just to get through the night (silver lining).

Looking forward to hearing your stories...
We've all done Charlie so let's do Austin related threads...
at 03:40 10 Jan 2021

Message to the new manager....
at 01:42 27 Dec 2020

Assuming the *correct one is chosen.

*I don't know who the correct one is.
How Big is our next game in 2 words?
at 00:12 17 Dec 2020

With both Derby and Forest winning tonight, whilst I believe Wednesday and Wycombe are looking good (for us) to go down bearing in mind we're actually playing Wycombe next just how Big is our next game in 2 words;

Shirley Crabtree.

Two new strikers to aid our push to 15th
at 01:46 15 Dec 2020
It's not a case of we're too good to go down....
at 23:16 5 Dec 2020

I'd suggest it's more a case of we're not shìt enough to go down.
There'll be three more shìttier teams than us this season of that I'm convinced.

Please treat this post as if Brian McCarthy had written it. I could do with the upvotes.

[Post edited 5 Dec 2020 23:35]
Your personal favourite Rangers photos posted here...
at 05:03 25 Jul 2020

[Post edited 25 Jul 2020 5:05]
Like Katie Price this may have been done before......
at 03:13 25 Jul 2020

But find me a better soundtrack to a movie than Pulp Fiction and I'll give you Katie Price.

I can't even choose my favourite track of the 20. I'll go with this for now;

Stream for game for non ST Holders....
at 14:50 20 Jun 2020

Anybody found ort recommend a reliable stream for today's game?!
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