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Trust statement
at 20:05 13 Jun 2021

The court case is happening at last.

Thanks Joe, a little bit from me to everyone.

Hi folks, this is clearly a topic many enjoy commenting on, but please remain consistent in your responses avoiding potential slurs on any characters involved and remain objective.

Thanks 👍

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at 18:56 12 Jun 2021

That was truly horrible and distressing to watch, especially his wife. CPR and defibrillator used so his heart must have stopped.
It seems they got him going and he’s stable so I hope he’s OK.

Club statement regarding Barnsley tickets
at 11:09 13 May 2021

Free of charge to those successful in the ballot which is a fine gesture:

Swansea City is delighted to confirm that following discussions with key stakeholders, approximately 3,000 supporters will be able to attend our Championship play-off semi-final against Barnsley at the Liberty Stadium on Saturday, May 22 (6.30pm).

Tickets for this fixture – which will be allocated via a ballot system, details of which are outlined below – will be free of charge to those supporters who are successful, with the club wanting to thank fans for their loyalty.

“As a football club we are absolutely delighted to be able to welcome supporters back to the Liberty Stadium for the first sporting pilot event in Wales,” said Swansea City chief executive Julian Winter.

“While we are aware that other clubs will be charging supporters for tickets at their games, we will be offering our tickets free of charge for our play-off semi-final. This is to thank all of those 2020-21 season ticket holders who left their monies in the club and supported us through the difficult times.

“It is imperative that we show all stakeholders and governing bodies that we are in full control of this test event and we call on supporters who are successful in obtaining tickets that they follow all the instructions outlined below.

“This is a momentous occasion for everyone associated with the club and I would like to thank everyone involved for getting it across the line at such short notice.

“We cannot wait to be reunited with our supporters for the first time since March 2020 and we hope that those supporters who are successful in the ballot have an enjoyable experience, because we’ve missed you all immensely.”

The club has been in dialogue with Welsh Government, Public Health Wales (PHW), the EFL, Swansea Council, Swansea Bay University Health Board, as well as the local Safety Advisory Group (SAG) and South Wales Police.

Due to the reduced capacity, tickets will be allocated via a ballot through the club’s ticketing platform, and will only be open to 2020-21 season ticket holders who left their monies in the club for this season, along with 2020-21 hospitality guests and sponsors.

This is an even ratio, based on the number of supporters in each group mentioned above.

Details about the ballot process follow below, with supporters encouraged to read all of the details before deciding to enter.

The ticket ballot is now open and will close at midnight on Friday, May 14. To enter the ticket ballot click HERE.

Fans are only able to apply to attend with members of their household bubble who are also current season ticket holders for 2020-21, with ONE person within that household applying on their behalf. Fans who meet the criteria mentioned above will be able to apply for a maximum of FOUR tickets.


Scenario 1: You have two adults and two children in your bubble, who are all 2020-21 season ticket holders. Only one adult and one child left their monies in the club, therefore they are the only two members who are able to apply for tickets.

Scenario 2: A senior who lives alone is a season ticket holder who kept their monies in the club. Their child and two grandchildren also left their monies in the club, however they must apply separately to the ballot, as they are living in separate households.

There is a limit of ONE application per season ticket holder, so if you try to enter the ballot more than once, this will not work. Please note that tickets are non-transferable.

The club must stress that supporters will be automatically excluded from the process if they apply for tickets in ‘extended’ household bubbles, as this is not allowed. The definition of our ‘household bubble’ means being solely from the same address. The club will be performing checks on this to comply with the guidelines for this test event, as required by the aforementioned bodies and authorities.

The number of fans allowed into this event has been carefully considered to include season ticket holders, hospitality guests and sponsors, with the number reflecting a ratio of 2020-21 season ticket holders who are eligible, also based on the number agreed with the club’s safety advisory group.

Disabled supporters who are registered with the club as receiving a personal assistant will be permitted to request an additional ticket to secure their attendance. The club recognises under this sole circumstance, that a different household bubble will be permitted.

Supporters will be required to register their interest via the ballot mentioned above. Please note that entering the ballot does not guarantee a ticket for this fixture.

Fans who entered the ballot will receive an email from the club on the morning of Wednesday, May 19 which will detail whether they have been successful or not. Fans must then agree to compliance with a Code of Conduct and Ground Regulations, and declare that they do not have symptoms commonly associated with Covid-19. This mandatory questionnaire must be completed by midday on Thursday, May 20. This survey will be on your “successful email” and you must complete this survey to enable us to release your ticket details.

In addition, supporters must also agree that their data may be used by the club’s partners in the pilot event for evaluation purposes, as well as data used for track and trace by the local health authorities. This is an important part of the test event and a due process that the club must adhere to.

If successful, tickets will be delivered digitally and supporters will be required to print at home. All tickets will contain a unique barcode reference which can be used only once. The printing of tickets will be mandatory and the responsibility of the successful supporters. Please note that tickets must be used by the named person only – they are not transferable under any circumstances.

You will receive your tickets by 3pm on Friday, May 21 and these tickets MUST BE PRINTED AT HOME in readiness for you to present at the stadium on Saturday, May 22. If you do not receive your tickets after successfully completing your questionnaire in the timeframe stipulated you should contact us via email at or by phone 01792 616400 (option 1).

If you are unsuccessful you will be automatically added to the waiting list and contacted if tickets become available.

The club can assure supporters that this is a Covid-secure test event, and have gone above and beyond to ensure that those in attendance will be safe and enjoy what will be a first visit to the Liberty Stadium for many since March 7, 2020.

Fans who are successful will be allocated a seat which will not be their usual season ticket seat.

Those who attend will be admitted to the stadium through a process that minimises touchpoints. Turnstiles will not be in use for this event and supporters will be admitted through stewarded channels where tickets will be checked and scanned using PDA handsets.

Supporters will be given a specific time slot to arrive at the stadium on the day of the fixture, which they will have to arrive within. Please note that this could be up to 90 minutes ahead of kick-off. This will be identifiable on your ticket that you receive digitally that you need to PRINT AT HOME.

There will be sanitisation stations around the stadium at numerous points, while face coverings will be mandatory. The club will be providing face masks to all attendees free of charge, on arrival to the event.

Seating in the stadium bowl will be arranged on a socially distanced basis of 1.5 metres, and there will be no catering available in the stadium. However, supporters will be able to bring a soft drink with them. Toilet provisions and usual disabled facilities will be available, with social distanced measures enforced.

The model that the club is working towards makes use of the north, east and south stands and a small area of the west stand. The remaining space in the west stand will be used to accommodate personnel who have been engaged in the delivery of fixtures covered by the EFL’s protocol for games played without supporters such as players, management, directors, broadcasters, press and media.

Supporters who consider themselves to be vulnerable/clinically vulnerable are asked to carry out their own personal risk assessment. The decision of whether to enter the ballot or not lies solely with the supporter.

Hospitality customers will be contacted separately by a member of the hospitality team. Please keep an eye on your email that is registered to your account.

We respectfully ask that you do not ring the ticket office – we might well be inundated with calls. If you really need any assistance then please email

Fans are reminded that the Liberty Stadium ticket office is closed for in-person visits.

Ballot process

Supporters wishing to attend are required to register their interest for the ticket ballot via our ticketing provider.

To enter the ticket ballot click HERE.

It is imperative that if you want to enter the ballot with the other members of your household, you must ensure that you are all 2020-21 season ticket holders who have left their monies in the club and also are part of each other’s ‘network’ on our Ticketmaster platform. There is a guide HERE on how to add others to your network.

We again stress that fans must be 2020-21 season ticket holders who left their monies in the club for the season, and be from the same household to apply for tickets together. We will be performing checks on supporters’ addresses to comply with the regulations of the event.

If you apply separately and are successful, you will NOT be sat together.

There is a full guide HERE on how to enter the ticket ballot.

The deadline for registering your interest for tickets is midnight on Friday, May 14.


You must be a 2020-21 season ticket holder who left their monies in the club to apply to the ballot.
Face coverings at the fixture are mandatory.
You must be in a bubble within your household.
You must be able to print your ticket at home.
On Wednesday, May 19 (which must be completed by midday on Thursday, May 20), you must complete a mandatory Covid-19 questionnaire and agree to the code of conduct. This will be on the email showing whether you are successful or not in achieving tickets for this play-off fixture. If this survey is not completed then you will not receive your ticket and will be excluded from the process at this point.
Fans are reminded that the Liberty Stadium ticket office is closed for in-person visits.
3000 fans at the Liberty for Barnsley play off
at 10:13 11 May 2021

Just announced by the Welsh Government.
Yet another Swans player racially abused.
at 21:03 3 May 2021
Kevin Johns
at 13:00 30 Apr 2021

Not guilty verdict.
Celtic & Rangers in a “British League”?
at 11:57 22 Apr 2021
Ayew brothers left out of Ghana squad
at 23:52 18 Mar 2021
Ben Cabango
at 12:11 18 Mar 2021

Signed new contract to 2025.
An apology
at 18:36 6 Mar 2021

Over the last half a century I can understand why people may think that my opinion of referees is that they are all blind sh1thouses who don’t know the rules, don’t understand the game and are all biased against any team that I support.

In light of the events in Cardiff last weekend, Stoke on Wednesday and Swansea today I would like to go on record to say that I misunderstood them and they are all fine upstanding people doing their very best and are the sort of men that we’d all love to share a pint with and I’m buying.
Glenn Roeder
at 18:32 28 Feb 2021

Died aged 65 which is young these days. Brain tumour.

Taken three years ago today
at 17:41 15 Jan 2021


This was her response to the Warrington bombing by the IRA.

Ayew injured
at 17:31 15 Nov 2020
Euros 2020/21
at 09:45 13 Nov 2020

With Slovakia and Hungary qualifying last night our group of five teams provided four qualifiers for the finals.


Only Azerbaijan didn't make it.
Bands you’d almost forgotten about.
at 23:40 26 Oct 2020

Another Lockdown and time on my hands to dig out old music that I haven’t played for very many years. Here’s one.

The Unknown Warrior
at 02:03 7 Oct 2020

On November 7th, 1920, in strictest secrecy, four unidentified British bodies were exhumed from temporary battlefield cemeteries at Ypres, Arras, the Asine and the Somme.

None of the soldiers who did the digging were told why.

The bodies were taken by field ambulance to GHQ at St-Pol-Sur-Ter Noise. Once there, the bodies were draped with the union flag.

Sentries were posted and Brigadier-General Wyatt and a Colonel Gell selected one body at random. The other three were reburied.

A French Honour Guard was selected and stood by the coffin overnight of the chosen soldier overnight.

On the morning of the 8th November, a specially designed coffin made of oak from the grounds of Hampton Court arrived and the Unknown Warrior was placed inside.

On top was placed a crusaders sword and a shield on which was inscribed:

"A British Warrior who fell in the GREAT WAR 1914-1918 for King and Country".

On the 9th of November, the Unknown Warrior was taken by horse-drawn carriage through Guards of Honour and the sound of tolling bells and bugle calls to the quayside.

There, he was saluted by Marechal Foche and loaded onto HMS Vernon bound for Dover. The coffin stood on the deck covered in wreaths, surrounded by the French Honour Guard.

Upon arrival at Dover, the Unknown Warrior was met with a nineteen gun salute - something that was normally only reserved for Field Marshals.

A special train had been arranged and he was then conveyed to Victoria Station, London.

He remained there overnight, and, on the morning of the 11th of November, he was finally taken to Westminster Abbey.

The idea of the unknown warrior was thought of by a Padre called David Railton who had served on the front line during the Great War the union flag he had used as an altar cloth whilst at the front, was the one that had been draped over the coffin.

It was his intention that all of the relatives of the 517,773 combatants whose bodies had not been identified could believe that the Unknown Warrior could very well be their lost husband, father, brother or son...

THIS is the reason we wear poppies.

We do not glorify war.

We remember - with humility - the great and the ultimate sacrifices that were made, not just in this war, but in every war and conflict where our service personnel have fought - to ensure the liberty and freedoms that we now take for granted.

Every year, on the 11th of November, we remember the Unknown Warrior.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.
Swansea is an unacceptable name
at 20:49 10 Jun 2020

From Sweyn's Eye, Sweyn Forkbeard who was a brutal ruler known for persecution of those who didn't agree with him including his father, Harald Bluetooth (inventor of wireless communication between devices way ahead of his time).

We can't name our city after this brute of a man. We'll have to come up with another name.

What shall we call our home?
Great songs in great films
at 16:44 4 Apr 2020

Here’s a couple.

Reasons to be cheerful
at 22:26 31 Mar 2020

The garden is looking better than I can remember.

I'm not spending much money.

My diet is better and I'm quietly losing weight.

The Swans haven't lost for over a month.
Here’s a right idiot. A world champion idiot.
at 16:28 30 Mar 2020
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