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Glenn Murray?
at 17:23 19 Nov 2014

£3.5M January Signing, surely not at that price for a 31 yo, more like £1.5M?
at 12:48 28 Jul 2014

Rumoured to be replacement for Thorne on a Season Long Loan, anybody know what he's like?
He has Championship Experience which is good but is he any good?
George Thorne?
at 10:45 11 Jul 2014

Looks like there may be light at the end of the tunnel for Derby on this one?
Irvine has stated that he wants Thorne to stay but if the price is right he can go, that's another way of saying you can have him but you need to pay over the odds to get him, I say get the deal done we need him!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully we will see some developments by the end of next week on this one I would think Mac would like to have him aboard for the trip to Austria????
Ross McCormack?
at 10:26 13 Jun 2014

Derby are 6/4 Favourites with a Sky Bet to sign Ross McCormack from Leeds with Newcastle at 4/1?
Can't believe we would/could splash out around £7M for his services, it certainly would be a great sign of intent from the Board if this were actually True, surely a Dream???????
Bryson to QPR?
at 06:13 11 Jun 2014

Apparently QPR are going to steal Bryson for a mere £750K, according to reports that's the buy out clause in his contract!
What a big blow that would be, good player Bryson worth at least £3M+ In my book!
It's all falling apart already, we can't get Thorne, Bryson leaving, what next?
In Big Mac we Trust!
Shaun Barker?
at 20:45 27 May 2014

Is he going to be ready for a strenuous pre season, anybody know?
at 12:21 27 Mar 2014

Should we not be bringing in cover for Ward, Dawkins & possibly Hughes?
Ward now plays 2/3 games then misses 2/3 games with ongoing hamstring problems, Dawkins has now got a persistent Groin Problem & Hughes is paying the price for a long hard season for an 18 yo?
Could be a big mistake not bringing in cover for at least one of these guys, leaves us short of attacking options with Bennett out on loan & Sammon, well hard working but hardly a threat lets be honest people & weakens the bench big time IMO?

Not a rant just an observation!
Time for the new scouting team to act?
at 08:12 9 Mar 2014

I think it's time for the new scouting network team to bring a few jewels to the club now rather than later £ start earning their money!
The team died on its feet yesterday!
Teams like Wigan & Millwall & Bournemouth to a lesser amount have come parked the bus & we can't deal with it, we have no Plan B as of yet & we need one?
A few new faces before the emergency loan window closes would help lift the spirits especially a midfielder who can unlock defenses & give us that little bit extra quality, I'm sure Mac can get one in?
Thoughts Guys?
Centre Half Needed?
at 09:54 2 Feb 2014

If we are seriously thinking off a top two spot which we should be then we badly need a CH & a LB who can defend?
Yesterday for lack of a proper word was criminal to lose two points, the defense especially Forsyth went missing in action for the second goal that gave Brum the hump to push on?
Clough has come back to hunt us with the selling of Shackell, never should have happened & look were he is now above us & looking strong?
We r were we r but we need to learn to close out matches much better than we did yesterday, I just feel we r short of a good CH & LB, that would make a big difference to the rest of our season!
George Thorne?
at 13:51 30 Jan 2014

Interesting signing from WBA!
Highly thought off Defensive Midfielder, Young & over 6ft, replacement for Eustace maybe?
Not looking too good for Bailey now?
Hopefully we will also bring in a replacement for Keane at CH!
Get the Money Out?
at 10:34 11 Jan 2014

If we are going to be real challengers to a playoff spot this season, we need to strengthen the spine of the team, ie Goalie, CH, Strong Holding Midfielder & a bit more pace on the Wing at the expense of Ward who at the present is going throw the motions IMO?
Huddersfield have splashed £2M on a League 1 Player so surely we can compete with them, so called big club we are with a bunch of miserable owners, let's go for it & if we fail miserably so be it, we don't have to break the bank or the club to get a few players in surely we still have some decent money to spend, that's what Rush said when he appointed Mac, so let's see the Cash then Rushy!
Hopefully moving Ball & Freeman out to Notts County will allow us to bring a couple in, we live in Optimism!
[Post edited 11 Jan 2014 12:03]
Michael Jacobs?
at 19:41 7 Jan 2014

Surely he is worth more than the reported £200K?
We paid more than that, he's only 22 & this would be a total Bargain for Wolves IMO
New Keeper Needed?
at 14:58 3 Nov 2013

Grants useless, both goals yesterday were his fault, the first one came from his poor kick out & then he fumbled the shot & the second one cross to the back post six yard box come & punch the ball away, hopeless keeper IMO?
He's cost us some points so far , more than he's gained?

Come on Stevey Mac get it sorted!!
New Manager same problems?
at 10:38 27 Oct 2013

Looks like big Mac going to have the same problem that Clough couldn't fix, we can't close games out when were winning?
Another two points thrown away yesterday cause we can't defend cross balls, hopefully the guy from Leicester will be fit soon Buxton & Keogh dosent work!
at 08:17 25 Sep 2013

Cloughs inability to to blame himself & his coaching staff are starting to wear me down!

Every match now he has to blame somebody for his lack of tactical knowledge at this level. It was Will Hughes turn last night with his naively that let the side down, load of cods wallop Nigel, bringing on Jacobs with 2 minutes of time to go instead of bringing him on after Leicester scored their 2nd on 80 Minutes would have gave the young guy a chance to get into the match?

Tactical Awareness I'm afraid isn't part of Nigel's DNA, Blaming everybody else but himself is?

What I would like to know is what do the coaching staff do all week in training cause whatever it is it ain't working?

Lose to Forest & I think it's time to move on from Clough & his poor back room staff IMO, I honestly believe its the Forest wins in the past that have kept Clough in this job up to now, time for a change?
at 14:30 20 Sep 2013

Our chances of a Win at Home has just improved, Reading have brought in Chris Beard, weak link right away, I'm more optimistic now than I was lol
Executive Team?
at 07:50 11 Sep 2013

Good to see we have strengthened the Executive Team with some guy from Chelsea, a Financial Director how exciting?
Any chance of strengthening what all we fans pay for the team on the pitch that would nice, get the money out or we will never see top six!!!!!!!!
New Signings?
at 15:51 1 Sep 2013

Unless we strenthen the team we will be no where near the top six, Freeman was exposed yesterday as not being up to the task, Smith did a lot better & Buxton should be permantly on the bench, Russell hasnt reached the pace yet & bringing Sammon on after it was 3 0 was criminal IMO?

Rant Over!
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