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The Benefits of Soccer Training 17:19 - Dec 3 with 78 viewscoachabilitygroup

When it comes to soccer training for kids, there is one underlying principle that should always be remembered. A principle that suggests that above all else, the training sessions are fun and engaging for all involved. Because in a footballer’s formative years, there must be an enjoyable aspect to the game and its teaching, as without such a bedrock and an important one at that, there is a risk that their overall interest will lessen substantially.

At such a young age, it is all about developing a love for the beautiful game and although those incredibly talented starlets will be snapped up by professional academies, there is still enough room for all to get involved. Which means if the sessions are not fun, there is every chance that participation may lessen and at a time when it is more about nurture rather than nature, enjoyment must always be the key attribute to any form of physical exertion. With that enjoyment in abundance, a real passion for football can be ignited and if this is something that has been cultivated, those who genuinely love the sport will be more inclined to put in extra practice on the training pitch.


By taking to the field and getting stuck in to some drills for soccer training, your body will soon produce plenty of endorphins and even if the weather is not quite shining as bright as you liked, being active will put a smile on your face. A smile that will allow you to become more motivated in your life and feeling the grind via some frenetic 1 v 1 soccer drills, is a good way to not only burn some calories but give your mind a real boost.

With Covid-19 restrictions in place, it has meant that the ability to play organised team football has been rather restricted and unless you are fortunate enough to play for Manchester City or Liverpool, you may have been kicking your heels more than you have liked.

However, with those same restrictions now being eased, it does mean that there is an end in sight and with such a positive development, it also means that you do not need a full squad to call upon either.

With the ability to operate in a group of six for the time being at least, it offers the opportunity to run mini-sessions instead and one of the best activities to undertake in such an environment, are 1 v 1 defending soccer drills. On the basis that you are within a group of six, simply split up into three pairs. Once this has been sorted, have one player in possession, with the other doing their best to stop them getting to a target area. Here you can simulate attack mode versus defence, as the player in possession must travel a certain distance without losing the ball and if the defender can win the ball for themselves, they are the winner of this challenge. Once a winner or loser has been decided, simply switch the two roles over and have the battle commence once more. You do not even necessarily need a group of six for this, as few as two will be sufficient.

While when it comes to 1 on 1 soccer training, there are several drills you can carry out and instead of a battle of possession, you can create aerial duels instead, as two players compete for the ball in the air. In this scenario, place the two players a distance apart and throw the ball at an equidistant point between them. With the ball being thrown in the air, the first person to get on their head on the ball wins the drill. Or there could be a variation of this, where the ball is thrown in the air as before and instead of an aerial duel, it is the first person to gain possession on the ground before having a shot at an unguarded goal. This drill works best when miniature sized goals are used, as it allows for an element of shooting practice also and with a smaller area to aim at, it will create a greater amount of focus when trying to hit the back of the net.

While another recommended 1 on 1 drill, is the centre circle dash and here an ultimate test of fitness can be applied. All you need to do is once again place the ball in an equidistant location between two players (for example the halfway line, with both players on opposite ends of the pitch) From their starting points, the players must dash towards the halfway line and gain possession of the unclaimed ball before the other and whoever claims it first, is the winner of this usually fun 1 vs 1 drill.

The benefits of such drills are a mixture of technique and fitness-based improvements and with both elements being just as important as the other when playing football, it will only improve your all-round performance.

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