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Lessons learnt for all
at 16:51 9 Dec 2015

Time for Jenkins to hire the best person for the club, not the best for his own convenience.

Time for a new generation of players to emerge, now that their buddy isn't pulling the strings.

No room for sentiment anymore. We were never in this position when we had a 'mercenary' type in charge.

Goodbye Garry. Thanks for the effort.
Matt Grimes - England U20
at 15:48 28 May 2015

Should be a part of the England team at the Toulon tournament in France. Their first game will be against Morocco, 6pm kickoff, on BT Sport 2 if anyone is interested.

Curious side note from this article, that the squad are due to report back in for pre season training in around 3 weeks time?! Find that hard to believe considering some of our players have European qualifiers, and Montero is expected to be a part of the Copa America competition.
[Post edited 28 May 2015 15:48]
EU Referendum question is set
at 14:39 28 May 2015

"Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?"

Shrewd, as the Pro-EU now have control of the 'Yes' campaign, with the question and campaign focusing around the benefits of staying
You thought you'd seen the last of him..
at 15:58 11 May 2015

Nige isn't going anywhere.
Anti-Tory protests
at 21:11 9 May 2015

Media ignored it to begin with but now having no choice but to acknowledge it

The 'women in WW2' monument has been vandalised as well. Truly moronic.
[Post edited 9 May 2015 21:12]
Planet Swans exit poll, who did you vote for?
at 14:15 7 May 2015

Probably illegal in some form or another before 10pm, but let's have a mini exit poll

Who did you vote for today, in the general election?

Your Vote:

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[Post edited 7 May 2015 14:16]
Meanwhile, at Blackpool..
at 14:24 2 May 2015

Good Teaser
at 23:05 1 May 2015

see how many you can get!

Mayweather v Pacquiao
at 12:56 30 Apr 2015

Let's have it, who have you got to win?

Strangely, what I've really enjoyed most about the hype and build up, is the underlying story of the fight, and the stark contrast between the two, with Mayweather all about the money, and Pacquiao all about the people. 'At Last' is a fantastic watch, of how the fight came to be, after 6 years.

In terms of the boxing, Mayweather is probably the 'smartest' of all time IMO, he just knows what he needs to do to get the win, be it points or KO, and executes it with perfect precision.

If Floyd is about the brain, then Manny is all about the heart, and the never say die attitude, which is why his KO loss against Marquez came as such a shock.

I would love a Pacman KO, but I can't see past a Mayweather points decision. I certainly can't see Mayweather putting Pacquiao down for the win.

And the reality is, like buses, the world has waited so long for the fight to come, but the next one will probably be right around the corner.
[Post edited 30 Apr 2015 12:58]
Who let this dinosaur out?
at 18:48 24 Apr 2015

Goodness gracious
Official Masters 2015 thread
at 16:12 9 Apr 2015

A great sporting event has come around again. Who have you got?

I'm on Rickie Fowler @ 40/1

Ian Poulter @ 70/1

Bernard Langher @ 222/1! There's always one veteran who has a stormer over the two days before falling away, I'll be looking to cash out on Saturday hopefully!

Rory just teed off, starting his bid for his first Masters win, and the coveted Grandslam
Man fights with DVLA to wear colander on his head
at 14:43 9 Apr 2015

I kid you not

Couple win Lottery twice in 2 years
at 15:57 1 Apr 2015

Odds of that happening are 283bn to one


Ref sends player off for sarcasm
at 22:01 16 Mar 2015

Mayweather v Pacman
at 11:39 15 Feb 2015

Is almost, nearly, on.

3-4 years late perhaps, but it will be a great spectacle, that's for sure.
Bristol City v West Ham
at 13:23 25 Jan 2015

What are Bristol City doing with 'Trashton State' then? They've improved the away end tenfold since the last time I went there.
Vote for Policies, not Parties
at 13:51 22 Jan 2015

Has anyone given this a go?

I should vote for the BNP. woops.
[Post edited 22 Jan 2015 13:51]
'The Swansea Way'
at 10:33 19 Jan 2015

In your opinion, what has this affectionate tag become ?

A style of play? or an ethos surrounding the team, regardless of tactical approach?
Today's support . A mixed bag
at 20:18 17 Jan 2015

i'm Swansea till its 0-5, and subsequent mass exit was piss poor.

Loud chanting and cheering from 90 minutes onwards ( including after the whistle) was awesome.


Help the less fortunate
at 13:19 8 Jan 2015

Get sending your suggestions
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