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QPR Boss Colin of Newark Plays Mind Games Again
QPR Boss Colin of Newark Plays Mind Games Again
Friday, 18th Mar 2011 17:52

How unfortunate to have a name with such a headline-hitting anagram. I refer, of course, to Neil Warnock, or Colin to many football supporters.

In his post match interview after his side, QPR went down to a goal to nothing at Carrow Road he cast his first hex. By calling Grant Holt's "gamesmanship" into debate over legality and doubting the officials' ability to spot when they are being conned, every referee since has erred on the side of blunders when judging if Grant Holt is impeded.

Now, as the business gets down to the real nitty gritty, Colin must look about and be very worried indeed. Last season will tell him that Norwich are not only capable of scoring after their opponents have all but headed into the dressing rooms, but that Paul Lambert's team is very capable indeed of shutting out all other distractions and overhauling a team that was, last season, nine points ahead. His seven is a paltry sum.

Not only he knows it, but so do his players. So what is left for Colin to do? Mind games. Warnock is good at that. And it is almost always aimed at Norwich, somehow.

There was the time he stormed out of Carrow Road after refusing to shaked Nigel Worthington's hand.

So how is he able to unsettle the most settled side in the title race? Tell the world he is interested in signing Grant Holt. Make Holty wonder about where his future is to be next season. Yes, it is still to be written in stone, but who can tell if Holty might be turning things over in his mind instead of concentrating on the job in hand.

That is where Warnock is foiled again. Grant Holt will be focusing on one game at a time with one eye cocked at holding more silverware aloft. In a city where he is, as the terrace song goes, "f***ing loved".

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readingqpr added 20:14 - Mar 18
Don't kid yourself, it will only end in dissapointment! We've been in the top 2 the whole season and I'm pretty sure if you check the current form guide were still towards the top of it with only a handful of games to go. I'm pretty sure if you ask anybody at qpr if they are bothered about Norwich I'm pretty sure you could guess the answer! I'm hoping not all Norwich fans think like you as I'd actually prefer you to come up with us over all the others! You are having a great first season back in the championship but it seems it may have gone to your head and u are getting a bit carried away!

dixiedean added 09:33 - Mar 19
As a QPR fan I also read a similar story on another Canary fan site. AS reading qpr said, I think this is a bit self-delusional if you think Colin's got nothing better to do with his time than unsettle Holt. It seems to be it's you guys who have the issue with us rather than the other way round. In any case, with due respect, I'd like to think we would be aiming a bit higher then Holt for next year's premiership relegation battle. Div 1 v good player. Championship quite good. Prem- no-hoper. Still, winding-up to one side, we'd much rather Canaries go up with us than the 2 from the wrong side of the border. Enjoy your runners-up medals and see you in the Prem !

MutzNutZ added 11:28 - Mar 19
Thanks for taking the time to respond, which is my aim, of course :)

QPR are running away with things at the moment, but the gap between QPR and Norwich City has been considerably narrowed over the past few weeks and there can be little doubt that history could repeat itself, as we overhauled Leeds last season. I am not saying it is a probability, but it would very negative if Norwich fans did not look upon such an achievement as a possibility.

Neil Warnock was pretty miffed after your visit here. In fact, Mr Warnock has been pretty miffed with the result when he used to bring Sheffield United down here. Once getting into yet another FA wrangle in the instance when he stormed off without shaking Nigel Worthington's hand and accusing Darren Huckerby of cheating. So we are well used to his tantrums.

After as good as labelling Grant Holt a cheat, for this news to come out now, what other purpose is there in saying he is interested in Holt if, as you suggest, he will have his eye automatically on a higher prize?

Perhaps you are not bothered about Norwich overhauling you, but the niggle of doubt must be there or thereabouts; especially with this FA charge still to be resolved. Which, by the way, only hard headed Norwich supporters would like to see a points reduction. Which you won't get, as they didn't stop West Ham any points (which upset Mr Warnock again). Besides, If Norwich should manage to beat you to top spot, it should only be on a season's points total and not with a leg up from any disciplinary panel.

Almost an article in itself, sorry. Good luck to you at Loftus Road. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Norwich did all this last season, so there will be a good feeling running through the players. If we fail to take the title, it won't be through lack of effort, or fear...

dixiedean added 12:55 - Mar 19
I like your style- planting subtle seeds of doubt :) Truth is, I think it's only the fans like you or me who can't hack the pressure, rather than the players. Both squads are experienced and won't let it faze them, so let's keep the Welsh out of the Prem ! Your title last year was impressive, but did you overhaul Dirty Leeds' 9 pt lead with only 9 games to go? I'm glad we're not the only ones who think we have a Sky jinx, although I think we're over that neurosis now. Time to plant my seed now - I wouldn't swap your fixtures for ours. Swans, Forest, Tractor Boys. Start worrying lads. We're playing Donny, Sheff Utd, Barnsley & Derby next. Bring it on ! PS Yes, our Colin can be an ungracious sod, and I can't abide this non -hand shaking lark. It's churlish and bad manners basically. Then again, he's worshipped at QPR for putting together a potential championship winning team in under 12 months, which is remarkable ( even if one of them is illegal!)

MutzNutZ added 01:07 - Mar 20
Well, Hull held us to a draw, so the gap has increased. Fans at the game suggest that we were not at our best, and right back Russell Martin has come out and said that the International break is going to be a welcome break as well as possibly bringing Chris Martin back into the frame for the run in. Which is, as you say, unenviable.

I was at Bramall Lane a few years ago, when Colin was still there, before their brief sojourn in the Prem. I am disabled, so Bramall Lane was yet another ground where we were stuck in with the home supporters. After the game, my carer and I started chatting with some of the less obnoxious Sheffield supporters. By that time even the supporters were waiting for Warnock to make a sackable mistake.

I have no idea what the situation is like at QPR, if you are in similar circumstances as Cardiff, where promotion is essential to pay your bills, or if you have a load of loan players so will need to invest huge amounts to buy a Premier League side, but I do wonder if Warnock's mind games are as much to give himself a morale boost.

Any road up, well played today. Proved me wrong :0(, and I agree that it should be us that keeps you company next season. I cannot go quite as far as you, my Welsh relatives might read this if they can take their eyes of the Rugby reports. :0)

readingqpr added 21:04 - Mar 20
For a team like Norwich to go to Hull and get a draw is a good point! Is Holt any better than any of the strikers we've spread got? I'm not so sure.....

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