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Nearly the original 'big mac' 20:56 - Dec 28 with 1427 viewsWilloW4

I spent Christmas flying over to Belfast because my old mate Sean McDonald was dying... I got the call 2 days earlier from his wee brother John that Sean was 'poorly' and he'd asked to see me.. A phone call with his da..told me that Sean wasn't long for this world.. I got straight on the Internet, booked a ticket for silly money and landed in Belfast later that day.. The reason I'm telling LFW's this.. Is that Sean (Big Mac)..was a staunch QPR fan..Belfast born n bred... But loved QPR..why?.. Cos his Dad Mickey came over to London in '67.. Worked mostly on the buildings in west London..lived in Shepherd's Bush and fell in love with the 'hoops'.. Both his sons became QPR fans cos Mickey wouldn't have it any other way... When I arrived in Belfast, John picked me up and said.."we've got some beers in, Sean wants to talk QPR with you."...I sat quietly in the car and thought .."oh, dear..what positives can I say"? hour later, after a few stouts and greetings with his family...( the nicest, funniest people .).. I spent 30 mins with Big Mac (Sean)..we had been roadies with named bands and caused havoc over Europe, but all he wanted to do..was talk about QPR...we remembered nearly every 'good' game...and Sweden tour pre friendly...we laughed a lot, mostly about being a Rangers fan...Sadly Sean passed away on the 27/12/16.. Our favourite player was/ is Big Mac/Macca.. RIP .xxxx. (Apologies if I've hogged a space on LFW.).

Nearly the original 'big mac' on 21:36 - Dec 28 with 1390 viewsBrightonhoop

Mate, sorry for your loss. Chin up and all that.

Nearly the original 'big mac' on 21:36 - Dec 28 with 1390 viewsTacticalR

Glad you got the chance to see him again before the end.

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Nearly the original 'big mac' on 21:37 - Dec 28 with 1383 viewsLblock

My condolences and RIP to another true Ranger

Stories like this should convince everyone we're a top bunch and this club should live on forever

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Nearly the original 'big mac' on 22:48 - Dec 28 with 1310 viewsjohncharles

That's an uplifting story W. Good for your friend you were there and good for you that you made it there in time.
We are QPR.

Strong and stable my arse.


Nearly the original 'big mac' on 23:16 - Dec 28 with 1278 viewsbob566

RIP big mac.

Nearly the original 'big mac' on 08:56 - Dec 29 with 1180 viewsdixiedean

RIP. Big Mac. Well done for making a great effort to give him a final chance to reminisce about the Rs before he left us .

Nearly the original 'big mac' on 12:12 - Dec 29 with 1092 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Sorry for your loss, Willo. Lovely tribute.

RIP to the big man. Ar dheis Dé

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Nearly the original 'big mac' on 12:22 - Dec 29 with 1075 viewskomradkirk

sincere condolences
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Nearly the original 'big mac' on 12:30 - Dec 29 with 1067 viewsHayesender

Sitting on a bus on me way home from work with tears in my eyes.

I'll raise a glass to your friend tonight

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Nearly the original 'big mac' on 12:43 - Dec 29 with 1050 viewsKonk

Sorry to hear about your friend passing away, mate, but great that you got the chance to say your goodbyes to one another and spend some time together chatting about shared happy memories. I'm sure it meant the world to him and his family.

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Nearly the original 'big mac' on 13:02 - Dec 29 with 1021 viewsted_hendrix

That must have been tough for you, tbh I think for you to drop everything and go over to Belfast for your mate shows what a good friend he must have been.
You seem like a decent bloke to me Willow, I'm glad your a Ranger.

My Father had a profound influence on me, he was a lunatic.


Nearly the original 'big mac' on 13:31 - Dec 29 with 991 viewsBklynRanger

Touching words Willo, and very sorry for your loss.

RIP Sean from one Belfast R to another.

Nearly the original 'big mac' on 17:08 - Dec 29 with 930 viewslondonscottish

Good skills for dropping everything and heading over there. A nice touch.


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Nearly the original 'big mac' on 17:36 - Dec 29 with 901 views1BobbyHazell

That's a very touching little story Willo, nicely told.

RIP Sean

Nearly the original 'big mac' on 18:07 - Dec 29 with 872 viewsFredManRave

Well done Willo a nice story despite the sadness within it.

Thanks for sharing.

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Nearly the original 'big mac' on 18:07 - Dec 29 with 872 viewsdanehoop

RIP sean.

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