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Want to Feel Old? 22:19 - Mar 2 with 1245 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Eusebio Pedroza died today.

He fought at Loftus Road in 1985 against Barry McGuigan.

He was 62!

McGuigan's still 12, right?

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Want to Feel Old? on 22:52 - Mar 2 with 1191 viewsCamberleyR

62? Is that his 'Sandro' age?

Want to Feel Old? on 23:36 - Mar 2 with 1150 viewsthemodfather

that was a good fight, about 28000 saw mcguigan chase and punch pedroza to a stand on tv too...

Want to Feel Old? on 23:53 - Mar 2 with 1135 viewsBoston

Stood in the Loft, still got the tee shirt.

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Want to Feel Old? on 23:54 - Mar 2 with 1133 viewsBoston

...oh yeah, R.I.P. and all that.

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Want to Feel Old? on 00:34 - Mar 3 with 1098 viewsSydneyRs

That was a great fight. McGuigan at his peak and Pedroza tough as nails. RIP.

Found out afterwards that a mate of my Dad's had spare tickets and went by himself without having the decency to inform us of this fact! Have never forgiven him.

Want to Feel Old? on 12:02 - Mar 3 with 799 viewsHamptonR

I was there that night and it was the loudest noise I have ever experienced, not the same as the Oldham play off, where the stadium was shaking but it was a constant noise.

Couldn't hear Danny Boy or the ring announcements and the British Queen had never seen a night like it before or since.

Want to Feel Old? on 12:43 - Mar 3 with 773 viewspaulparker

Remember watching it the greenford legion with my grandad who was a huge boxing fan

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Want to Feel Old? on 09:54 - Mar 5 with 492 viewsfrancisbowles

Remember the fans coming over from Belfast in huge numbers. I was on one of the 747s that were sent empty to Belfast and came back full of good natured Barry fans. Remember watching the fight later on TV truly great contest.
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