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BFG 17:27 - Sep 21 with 2062 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Have to credit Warburton on this one.

Problem - chosen tactics demand a high line and BFG's pace isn't suited to that.
Possible Solution 1 - sell BFG
Possible Solution 2 - play him anyway and get slaughtered with the over-the-top ball
Possible Solution 3 - play him but drop the line, and all other lines and reduce the attacking ability of Eze, Chair, Wells and Hugill.

Actual Solution - keep BFG, play him, place a centre-back either side of him so the over-the-top ball won't get us, and push our lines up regardless, wing-backs can add to Eze, Chair, Wells and Hugill.

It's worked really well for us of late.

"The opposite of love, after all, is not hate, but indifference."
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BFG on 17:43 - Sep 21 with 1949 viewsGuppy22

He was absolutely outstanding today, Smith didn’t get a sniff against him, my man of the match today

BFG on 17:50 - Sep 21 with 1849 viewsHunterhoop

No matter your shape, style or system always pick your best defender.

BFG on 17:51 - Sep 21 with 1847 viewsVancouverHoop

Yup. Last couple of games he's been excellent. Talk about rising to challenge. I wonder if Warburton could have been shrewd enough to drop him deliberately to see if it generated this type of response?

BFG on 19:39 - Sep 21 with 1532 viewsParkRoyalR

Played well today but Smith is so easy to mark, so static, waits for ball to drop, gets a little nudge, stumbles forward, Leinster's nudge was my MOTM today

BFG on 20:05 - Sep 21 with 1416 viewsHastings_Hoops

Sorry Brian... just accidentally ‘marked you OP down!’ ...fat fingers.

BFG on 20:07 - Sep 21 with 1403 viewsw7r

BBC London commentary team raving about him today, said he was outstanding, especially his heading. Fair play to him and MW in seeing his strengths and playing to them.

Fourth in the table - amazing given the change around in personnel over the summer.

BFG on 20:17 - Sep 21 with 1353 viewsjonno

Millwall - a very limited team who basically hit the ball long, usually towards a big target man, are the ideal opponents for the BFG. He is so good in the air, and his timing of jumps to win the headers are just so good he will always look good against those type of teams. But I agree with Brian, MW has come up with a solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem that is working.
BFG on 23:30 - Sep 21 with 1048 viewsBrianMcCarthy

BFG on 20:05 - Sep 21 by Hastings_Hoops

Sorry Brian... just accidentally ‘marked you OP down!’ ...fat fingers.

"The opposite of love, after all, is not hate, but indifference."
Poll: Player of the Year (so far)

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BFG on 00:42 - Sep 22 with 899 viewsgolborne

Don’t mean to breath too heavily near the candles, but looking at their goal, he misses the ball completely. Don’t like to point out his errors as I’m a big fan, but didn’t look great on screen
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