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Pubs before / after games 18:26 - Nov 7 with 916 viewsQuirklar91

Wheres everyones favourite place for a beer before / after games?

Just looking for a new reccomendation, have only been in the Green so far.

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Pubs before / after games on 18:44 - Nov 7 with 882 viewscolinallcars

The Andover, in the streets between the Bush and Hammersmith is pretty good, with a fair sprinkling of Rangers fans. Good scran if you're hungry.

Pubs before / after games on 08:43 - Nov 8 with 686 viewsPlanetHonneywood

The Bushranger, with the Goldhawk running well in second place.

May they both rest in peace

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Pubs before / after games on 09:25 - Nov 8 with 640 viewsPikey

Andover preferred post match (have to leave too early pre match). Crown pre match ( get there early if you want a seat)

Pubs before / after games on 09:37 - Nov 8 with 624 viewsrobith

I like the crown and sceptre pre game, there's always a nice vibe, the staff are mind blowingly efficient, i like thai food.

used to go in the white horse a lot but got sick of the way they'd randomly not let people in on certain days (usually when newcastle were playing) and tbh there's only so many times you can stand shin deep in piss while some geezers bang a fish and chip wrapper full of ket before you accept maybe this isn't the gaffe for you

Shep Flo is a classic after pub, though you do get some "characters" - and if you want to be weirded out, go and read their Q&A section on Google maps. As I'd reviewed it I used to get a push notification every time one of those demented stories got posted

Pubs before / after games on 10:30 - Nov 8 with 559 viewsBlackCrowe

You're right about the staff in C&S Robith, incredibly efficient and on it. All other pubs take note please.

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Pubs before / after games on 10:34 - Nov 8 with 554 viewsRblockPrior

Always start at the Sheps bush spoons, onto the green then white horse.

Occasionally after the game Coningham arms

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Pubs before / after games on 10:35 - Nov 8 with 548 viewsSouthamptonsuperhoop

we often do a 'mini'crawl before the game, Defectors, The Green, White Horse, Conningham if time, then after tends to be Adelaide, Conningham, White Horse and The Green and for some strange reason, never worked it out, the Argyle Arms on Oxford street to finish!

If we drive its the Crown & Sceptre before and after

To be fair plenty of decent boozers around the ground

Pubs before / after games on 11:12 - Nov 8 with 506 viewsdaveB

Conningham for me but Crown & Sceptre probably the best one.

That new Westwood Sports bar in Westfield is also pretty good but bloody expensive

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