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Texts / Emails sent in error or with great regret 18:15 - Jan 14 with 766 viewsnumptydumpty

Anyone committed cardinal sin by the written word which came back to bite you..

In my younger days, Sent a text meant for one my mates at the time but unfortunately unknowingly sent it to a close work colleague, which would not necessarily been that bad, but in effect had written my assessment of her derriere in bloke banter language.

At the time, my ability shake things off was limited and fact had sit next to this girl for 40 hours a week, let's just say it hastened my departure from that role !!!!

Surely there's a few on here, where its either gone to the wrong person or as soon as you pressed send, your immediate reaction, was "oh f**k."


Texts / Emails sent in error or with great regret on 18:48 - Jan 14 with 705 viewsderbyhoop

Let's take advantage of the nice weather and meet for socially distanced drinks in the garden. Bring your own booze.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the Earth all one’s lifetime. (Mark Twain) Find me on twitter @derbyhoop


Texts / Emails sent in error or with great regret on 19:16 - Jan 14 with 638 viewsjohann28

Yup. Arranged a dinner party and then sent my best mate an email saying 'let's hope they all fck off early' so we can then watch so and so on the box. Sent it to everyone invited of course, one of two of whom are still speaking to me 😢

Texts sent when drunk are another source of great sadness over the years. Couldn't even begin to list them.
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Texts / Emails sent in error or with great regret on 19:29 - Jan 14 with 595 viewsqpr_1968

a text what the mrs thought she'd sent to me after the pre season u 23's match in hayes, 2018.

"i'm in the grapes, got a good seat for the england game,(quarter finals, world cup, sweden)
got you a pint of guiness and a coke for the grandson, see you in five".

she'd sent it to her dentist.

Texts / Emails sent in error or with great regret on 21:16 - Jan 14 with 483 viewsqprxtc

I got the arse with some bloke at work because in my head he was being a git.

So I sent an email to a mate of mine in another department saying that the git was “a massive ginger headed c unt”.

All good and true and sent. But sent to the git who was a c unt and ginger headed. Massive panic on my part, do the recall email thing but somehow I send the f ucking thing again!

Massive sh it my pants panic, ring mate in other department to go outside now and discuss options.

Concoct some crap about how we were talking some lanky ginger c unt like Steve Sidwell and we got our emails mixed up…seemed reasonable in a panicked brain.

The lanky ginger c unt git bought it and my shit was saved. Although he never spoke to me again which suggests he may have guessed.

Texts / Emails sent in error or with great regret on 21:56 - Jan 14 with 406 viewsjeffranger

Top knob at our head office sent an email to all employees about company cars for sale, I sent a comment back but in CAPITALS & asking a few questions but nothing malicious I thought, but 2hrs later my depot manager received a call from the boss & told to escort me off the premises which I was amazed by, my manager embarrassed to do that, got suspended next day & told to come back following day & full enquiry took place a week or so later, area manager came down & was reprimanded about it, couldn’t believe how the top knob was so annoyed at email, ok it was a mistake doing it in capitals as he thought I was shouting at him, I wish he had sacked me as I would’ve taken them to the cleaners for unfair dismissal, the geezer is a total ***t

Texts / Emails sent in error or with great regret on 23:11 - Jan 14 with 310 viewsPeterHucker

Not a text or email but...
Some home game in the 90s, post-match lengthily celebrating a victory in the British Queen my mate comes round to my flat for some food & more drinking.
Many beers later, another one of our mates rings up and I talk to him for a bit trying to get him to come round and join us. But he's making various excuses and long story short he's not coming over.
We hang up and then straight away he calls back.
My mate answers and says "what do you want now you fücking cünt?"

It was my mum.


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