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just back
at 16:37 11 Jan 2020

Excellent gallows humour at 3-0 - we've got the ball, we've lost the ball, we'll get it back etc etc.

Couple of points on the game, which Brentford fully deserved to win.

- i know i'm in minority, but despite a couple of quality performances at the beginning of the season, i'm still very unsure about Manning, he was getting overrun thought down that side in the first half and was often caught out of position.

- lummers must be benched for while now, it's embarrassing and not helping him at all, he's clearly got the yips now and it doesn't help the defence in front of him

- off day for many players - Eze was fairly anonymous, Cameron and Hall had poor games. Only Chair looked dangerous whenever he got the ball and Bright too to a lesser extent.

- The Brentford front three are utter quality.
Shouldn't post this but will. Clive, feel free to delete.
at 20:58 5 Jan 2020

Insane stat
at 21:34 1 Jan 2020

We're both the seconded highest scorers and conceders in the league. If you're a neutral, you get down W12 pronto.
Following on from current film thread
at 12:46 18 Dec 2019

Best Bond film:

Best Carry On film:

Best Christmas Film:

Best political thriler:

Best kids film:

Best war film:

Me -
Best Bond film: From Russia With Love

Best Carry On film: Up the khyber

Best Christmas Film: Its a wonderful life

Best political thriler: All the presidents men

Best kids film: the amazing mr blunden

Best war film: Saving Private Ryan
at 19:04 15 Dec 2019

just, put together annual playlist for workmates, mostly old stuff and a mixed bag of styles, but i like it. (QPRXTC - thank you for reminding me of the lush Skin Deep).

Feel free to kick back and have listen....

[Post edited 15 Dec 2019 19:05]
at 05:34 12 Nov 2019

The snakeoil's on me.
Kelly and BFG
at 22:55 28 Oct 2019

Kelly - some fine saves for sure, but god he does inspire confidence on the back pass, looks like a calamity is about to happen everytime.

Leistner was so frustrating tonight, passed back to Kelly so many times when the ball was crying out to go forward.

Special mention to the tw@t 50+ idiot who tried to start a fight in East Paddock at the end with a 14 year old. You're hard.
lost reggae tapes
at 22:18 25 Oct 2019

Watch it on story, and great footage of kingston jamaica back in the day
VAR is a blight on our game
at 20:47 20 Oct 2019

Watford robbed yesterday and man yoo's goal should not have stood today. So something that was designed to eradicate controversy is actually creating it.

Seemlingly a huge proportion of goals being referred to VAR. Referees don't have to referee any more. Fans can't properly celebrate in the moment of joy when the ball hits the net because the immediate reaction is to see if it gets referred to VAR. It's also an irritating name.

i truly hate it.
[Post edited 20 Oct 2019 20:48]
London eating thread
at 20:31 4 Oct 2019

Ate this week at The Windmill in W1. Famous for it's pies.....jesus it was good, fill your boots.

So thread on recs to eat....

The Windmill W1 . Pies of many varieties
The Britannia Richmond - the whole menu. A gastropub that actually delivers. Non-poncey

Pizza: Pizza Pilgirms, Dean Street W1

Meat splurge:Rules in WC2. High end, but that chateaubriand for two is peerless

Mexican: Corazon on Poland Street. Incredible value, food and margaritas. Cool place.

Old school French: Mon Plaisir, WC2

American pre-theatre: Joe Allen still rocks in it's new location.

Falafel: Naama on Uxbridge Rd, W12. As good a falafel wrap as i've had (and i've had many.

Over to you....

Met police...fair play
at 17:56 21 Sep 2019
just back from Twickenahm
at 21:23 24 Aug 2019

Now that was a performance. Ireland were rusty to be sure (to be sure), but in the second half apart from their try, never got England's half.

There's half a chance of doing well in Japan you know. Semis? almost certainly. Finals? maybe. Winners? punchers chance on the day.
Any radio commentaries for tonight please?
at 19:47 13 Aug 2019

Biggest con you've done
at 21:32 7 Jul 2019

I about 13 just started a new school (a boarding one - don't judge me Bazza!).

We had outdoor PE on a freezing morning and i decided to bunk it so went to the school sick=bay and faked a stomach ache. The nurse prodded around my stomach area and i groaned and oohed at random points. She called for a doctor.

The doctor came to examine me. He prodded around my stomach area and i groaned and oohed at random points.

Then my mum was called to pick me up and drive me to hospital to have my appendix out. On the way there, tears welling in my eyes at the enormity of the situation i'd got myself into but i still didn't confess.

And so i had the operation and my appendix removed. Was off school for about 3 weeks. Single-most stupid thing i've ever done.
[Post edited 7 Jul 2019 21:40]
RIP Dr John
at 09:14 7 Jun 2019

Spotify and hifi help
at 19:57 27 May 2019

So one of you wonderful people must be able to help me here.

My old skool hifi is in the living room with wired speakers in there and also in the kitchen. I need help with the kitchen.

So i can obviously plug my device into the amp and play spotify through that and feed it into the kitchen but is there something that can plug into the amp that i can control/change the music from the kitchen so i don't have to keep going into the living room.

First world problems and all that, but if there's a solution i'd be grateful to hear it.
National Lottery
at 21:57 12 May 2019

What a fckng con. I don't play as it a rule but i did five lines for a tenner last night. I won £140. Don't get me wrong, that's a good return but when i checked i got 5 out 6 numbers correct on the winning another couple of 00 on it and that seems about right. Impossible.
Just renewed
at 14:37 23 Apr 2019

and feel a bit dirty.
Ah dammit - Scott Walker rip
at 11:56 25 Mar 2019
I thought i knew my James Brown...
at 19:52 10 Mar 2019

...but this flipping hits the mark.

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