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Even our pitch intruder fckd it up today.
at 19:48 19 Jan 2019

Don't know what he was on but legging it onto the pitch for a bet/fame/whatever only for the oppo to score during pure epic fail. Thought it was Jordan for a split second .
Our country is fckd match thread
at 20:04 15 Jan 2019

On one side we have a spineless and rudderless government full of self-serving narcissistic cnts utterly divided.

On the other side we have spineless and rudderless opposition full of self-serving narcissistic cnts utterly divided.

Can someone please show us a third way beyond flipping Vince. Failing a Chuka et al third way then Disco, you're the man no to save us from jezwecan, Diane, Sneery Emily and McDonnell no?
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Connor watch
at 08:39 7 Jan 2019

Started for Blades yesterday and was scored and commented by one poster as follows:

Washington: 3 Ran around

That said a brace awaits him of course should he start against us next weekend.
Just back, what was i thinking
at 16:44 6 Jan 2019

When i saw the team announced i thought what the hell is Shteve playing at not resting Freeman and Eze but actually he was absolutely right. They bought the young 'uns into play and kept the team fluid and gelled. And all the youngsters did bloody brilliantly without exception. And their confidence will be high. And we really seem to have some depth now. And our form continues. And we're in the next round.

Really enjoyed that game and v good atmosphere.

Great stuff. Over and out.
[Post edited 6 Jan 17:06]
Australian cricket
at 12:14 4 Jan 2019

Incredbile what's happening over there at the moment against India.

12 months ago, they were skittling England with incredible displays of swing bowling whilst the greatest swing bowler in the world Jimmy could fine no swing whatsoever.

12 months on pretty much the same bowling attack can't get the ball to move whatsoever and are getting tonked by India batsmen.

No flipping way was sandpaper-gate a one-off incident against S.Africa, nor was it isolated to fall guy Bancroft. All the current Oz bowlers must be feeling pretty nervous right now.

So is the game on Red Button today please? nm
at 12:37 1 Jan 2019

at 17:41 29 Dec 2018

We had a sh*tty off day. It happens...ask Citeh at home to Palace, and Spurs today at home to Wolves. I'll take a mega off day if the worse is a draw.

That said it could be a long few weeks without Luongo if flipping 'swanning-around Cousins is the answer.
[Post edited 29 Dec 2018 18:43]
Valley Uprising
at 18:53 26 Dec 2018

If you've got Netflix, thoroughly recommend watching this documentary Valley Uprising about complete nutters climbing Yosemite's El Capitan from the 1960s through to the modern day. Incredible. Rock and Roll in both senses.

Don't know if this link works...
Circus 1903
at 16:15 21 Dec 2018

Went to this with the wife and kids last night. Victorian style circus at the Festival Hall. High wire, knife throwers, jugglers, contortionist - absolutely spellbinding entertainment. My 17 and 14 year olds were less than enthusiastic about it beforehand and were absolutely buzzing afterwards.

Get tickets while you can is my recommendation.
Mourinho put in charge of Brexit
at 13:10 19 Dec 2018

SACKED Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is the new Brexit secretary, it has been confirmed.

Mourinho will move straight from the United job to the government position and is already assigning blame for the total failure of Brexit to civil servants, the EU and anyone who preceded him in the post.

He said: “Any Brexit secretary can only be as good as the team he has to work with, and my team is shit. They do not have any of the qualities I need. I hate them.

“If you wish to examine my track record I have delivered independence to North Macedonia, full statehood to the Republic of Yemen, and La Liga to Real Madrid. Everything that happened there since, not my fault.

“I have proven my commitment to this job by booking into a London hotel, so the Brexit fans need to get behind me. If they don’t we will not win. That will be on them.

“The EU does not give me the deal I need. I asked for the deal and they did not give me the deal, so it’s impossible I can succeed. All the other countries have the deal so they are ahead. You said that, not me.

“Ultimately, the failure of Brexit cannot be placed on my shoulders. There is a clear guilty party: the Instagram of Paul Pogba.

“Thank you. I’ll take my payoff now.”

- Daily Mah
sports personality of the year
at 20:59 16 Dec 2018

Can't work out if it's BBC being incredibly politically correct or trying to drum up viewership for the only sports they can still broadcast.
Good stuff
at 08:48 13 Dec 2018

Match thread stats
at 16:17 30 Nov 2018

Who's got best hit rate on match threads? We need to use the strongest performers to start threads for most crucial matches. And then if they fail us we can hate them or something.

Me. Played 1, won 1. 100%. Not enough history to have reliable juju.
River V Boca
at 09:31 24 Nov 2018

Tonight, winner takes all. Not sure if i can find it on the box. The most intense rivalry in the world i reckon.

Loan status update pls
at 13:19 12 Nov 2018

The impact that Wells, Hemed, Angel and The Dude have made is incredible.

What is the definitive status with each of them eg. loan till end of season, loan till Jan with option to renew, etc. And i know we can't buy players in January but are we allowed to loan in players still?
Just back
at 18:01 10 Nov 2018

Lovely stuff. We looked a bit out of sorts until Brentford went one up and then from then we got into gear and dominated. After we scored the third Brentford completely went to pieces, could see us getting one or two more. Loved the ole period which almost resulted in a goal. Their second was completely out of the blue.

Mass was immense as was Eze, Luke, Angel and Leistner - in fact all them yet again. Lumley is turning into a very good keeper indeed. Brentford look useful up front but a bundle of nerves at the back.

Our pitch is amazing actually - didn't cut up at all in monsoon like weather.. Proper carpet.

Special shout out to the Brentford 'firm' on their police escort to the ground, faces covered, giving out Nazi salutes. Nice on rememberence Weekend lads. There was about 40 of them but i only counted 8 or 9 braincells.

You Rrrss.
[Post edited 10 Nov 2018 18:08]
Rooney getting another England cap
at 18:21 4 Nov 2018

Ridiculous and indicative of the circus that our once great game has become. He wasn't even that good for England. Thought Southgate had more backbone and purpose. Discuss.
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