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Just back, off the Stream
at 17:20 5 Oct 2019

An odd game. Six goals, eight bookings, but strangely bloodless.

We are hugely creative. Eze, Chair, Wells and Manning destroyed Blackburn in the first half. The back four had an easy day, but we still conceded two. The first a needless penalty, the second a combination of standing off Dack, standing off Bennett and then not picking up Armstrong. I think we play too narrow at the back, personally. Combine this with our lack of height at set pieces and a goalie as short as Kenny and Roberts were when they got fivers off their parents for their Holy Communion and you begin to wonder where the elusive clean sheet will come from.

Still, 4-2 against a team that’s as welcome as a taxman with bad breath and it’s a good day.

I thought that Chair had a fine first half, as did Eze, Manning and Wells. I’m not sure anyone overly shone in a second half that seemed to feature no midfielders whatsoever. I love control. We all have our fetishes, mine is control. Today, we had none. Nor did they. Whether in a first half dominated by Eze, Manning, Wells and Chair playing on a pool table that sloped badly towards the Ellerslie or a second half where most players played as if they had flowers in their hair, there was no control whatsoever.

We scored four, they scored two, we were denied a penalty, they did an autopsy on us for a goal that was thankfully disallowed. Take that, take this, he said, she said, potayto, potato, tomayto, tomato, let’s call the whole thing off.

4-2. Lovely football. Can’t pick my man of the match.

Even for a control freak like me, this is gorgeous.
Albums of the Decade
at 12:37 30 Sep 2019

Putting together a list of my Top 10 Long-Players (Pop Pickers!) of 2010-2019.

This one will rattle the No.1 position.

at 17:27 21 Sep 2019

Have to credit Warburton on this one.

Problem - chosen tactics demand a high line and BFG's pace isn't suited to that.
Possible Solution 1 - sell BFG
Possible Solution 2 - play him anyway and get slaughtered with the over-the-top ball
Possible Solution 3 - play him but drop the line, and all other lines and reduce the attacking ability of Eze, Chair, Wells and Hugill.

Actual Solution - keep BFG, play him, place a centre-back either side of him so the over-the-top ball won't get us, and push our lines up regardless, wing-backs can add to Eze, Chair, Wells and Hugill.

It's worked really well for us of late.
Favourite Cheese
at 15:39 9 Sep 2019

Time we resurrected one of our favourite threads.

I was told I was lactose-intolerant (among other intolerances) many years ago and had to cut out all cheese. Now, as a result of minding myself and my diet for years I can eat cheese again.

So, currently in the Pyrenees, I’m enjoying a glass of Corbieres and some Roquefort. Amazing combination.

I’m saying it now. Roquefort is my favourite.

Mind you, I’m now able to sample the LFW suggestions!
Wigan Offish Stream
at 12:44 24 Aug 2019

Can't seem to find it for purchase on the site. Anyone else find it?
Favourite All-Time QPR XI
at 20:12 20 Aug 2019

Not the best XI, but your favourite, the ones you loved, had a little crush on, stuck up for when they hit a rocky patch, the ones that could never, ever do any wrong, no matter what.



That only took me an entire train trip from Dublin to Cork to decide.

Edit: Gallen's gone!
[Post edited 20 Aug 20:31]
Downloading Videos From Youtube
at 11:15 27 Jul 2019

Anyone know how? Would appreciate any advice, thanks,
Anything Goes Friday Music
at 11:38 26 Jul 2019

Play this fuggin' loud!

I Never Got...
at 09:35 27 Jun 2019

Idea from another thread for a Summer LFW Thread...

Not stuff you hate, stuff you just never had the love for, understood, saw the big commotion about...

Me? Never got The Clash. Ya, I can see the talent. Ya, I can see the coolness. Ya, I know there's a Rangers connection...but...I just don't GET them the way loads of you do. It's like I'm missing a gene!

And also, I never got Ice Cream. Tried it again yesterday. Don't see the fuss.
You are Forced to Emigrate.....
at 12:39 14 May 2019


You are forced to emigrate for one year. No choice. You've got to go.

But part of the sweetener is that you get a free season ticket for another team.

What City would you move to, and what team would you go and see?

1) Football
2) Non-Football

I've thought about this and my answers are:

1) Amsterdam, and Ajax. Museums, architecture, laid-back people, great football and watching Ajax Academy train. And spliff.

2) Boston, and the Red Sox. Imagine watching all that twisted angst up close. It would be hysterically funny. Plus I love the Sox.

TV Footy Thread
at 21:24 17 Mar 2019

I've been meaning to start this for a while now but keep forgetting.

Simply, a thread about the non-QPR game you're watching right now.

There will be spoilers!

Me, I'm watching Betis 0-3 Barca.

Messi with a gorgeous free kick goal, then a lovely one-two with Suarez then a Suarez and cool, low finish.

I honestly don't know what I'll do when Messi retires...
Want to Feel Old?
at 22:19 2 Mar 2019

Eusebio Pedroza died today.

He fought at Loftus Road in 1985 against Barry McGuigan.

He was 62!

McGuigan's still 12, right?
Well Done Our Fans
at 16:59 9 Feb 2019

Loud and Proud, and incredibly passionate.

They stayed and both team and fans applauded each other at the end.

For our spirirt's been bruised, never broken.
[Post edited 9 Feb 17:04]
Ok, so When's The Watford Game?
at 21:42 5 Feb 2019

I'm over on a day trip on Sat 16th, so if the game is moved to the Friday Night I'll miss it.

Still, I'd rather miss a Rangers FA Cup Fifth Round Game than see a league game!
No Streams Tonight?
at 12:01 5 Feb 2019

Looks like we're on audio tonight, folks?
Dani Parejo
at 18:08 2 Feb 2019

Playing a blinder as captain of Valencia at the Camp Nou right now. Valencia 2-0 up after 34 minutes, Parejo with the second from a perfect spot kick.
We're in the Fifth Round Draw
at 17:05 26 Jan 2019

I picked the wrong day to give up alcohol.
Cardiff's New Striker Feared To Be Aboard Missing Plane
at 09:30 22 Jan 2019
Match Fred - FA Youth Cup v West Brom
at 14:11 17 Jan 2019

This one's being streamed with comms on the offish. Delighted.

West Brom are 11th and second last in the U-18 Premier League Northern Section but I would presume they're still favourites. Not that Furs Snr. seems that bothered.
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