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Shanks Runs The NY Marathon For Stan
at 19:57 6 Oct 2018

This came up earlier in the Match Thread. At HT, when our Frank was being inducted it also emerged that Shanksy was running the New York Marathon for Stanley. McLinltock professed himself amazed as Shanksy never ran much in his entire career!

Nevertheless, What friendship!!!

I see he has a GoFundMe page. Let's get's cracking. We know what to do for Stan!
Well Done to Fans, Players, and Management
at 21:54 2 Oct 2018

All three won their battles.

You Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr's!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kakay Makes His International Debut
at 19:04 9 Sep 2018

Congrats to him.
Best British Films
at 19:47 8 Sep 2018

I've been binging on British cinema these last couple of weeks, re-watching old favourites and catching up on a couple that I'd always meant to get to but never quite managed to.

What's everybody's favourites? I'll throw mine in later on, but for now I don't want to lead the witness, y'r honour.

I'll be bookmarking this thread and adding to it occasionally.
Planning a Rangers Trip
at 10:12 29 Aug 2018

My first in a couple of years! Very giddy!

I'm hoping to get across for the Villa game on Sat 27th October.

Who's around? And is it on Sky, do we know.
Training Software
at 16:48 28 Aug 2018

Anyone got any tips for good software for training teams?

It's the GAA off-season so this is where we try to pick up tips to make next year all-conquering.

I'm looking for something that will make it easy and quick for us to turn match/training videos into miniclips to show players, preferably before they go home that night.

At the moment we use Gamebreaker but it take hours to laboriously compile and collate clips of players/moves etc.

I'm not sure what I want, but something quicker certainly.

What to the coaches on here use?
QPR+ Tonight?
at 14:49 28 Aug 2018

I'm sorry, I just can't remember. Do we have a stream,?
Some Music
at 09:52 22 Aug 2018

Some music to soothe the soul.

This song popped into my head a few days ago Quantum-Leap style. Hadn't heard it in year. It's unbelievable.

Charity Shield to Tangiers?
at 21:07 12 Aug 2018

Just watching Barca v Sevilla in the Spanish Super Cup. It's in Tangiers. Weird.

Weirder still is that the commentator just said that the French Super Cup was played in Tangiers last year and that the English one would be next year.

Is this true? And, if so, what's the rationale/angle? It rings alarm bells when three FA's are all in tow with UEFA/FIFA.

Tester for a possible World Cup in North Africa?
[Post edited 12 Aug 21:10]
at 12:37 11 Aug 2018

Just checking - is today's game not on QPR?
Friday Choons - Summer
at 09:45 20 Jul 2018

Choons for a summer BBQ, garden lazy day or boat trip.

Despised XI All-Stars
at 19:41 30 Jun 2018

I'm doing up mine. So far, I have:-

1. Scumacher?
2. Ashley Young
3. Ashley Cole.
4. John Terry
5. Pepe
6. Barton
7. Ronaldo
9. Suarez
10. Mark Hughes

Who'm I missing? There must be loads?

[Post edited 1 Jul 8:46]
"Hillsborough police chief to face manslaughter trial"
at 12:21 29 Jun 2018

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
at 09:32 8 Jun 2018

Last night's slumber-soap opera had Neil Young's guitar and Tom Wait's accordion refusing to be played by John Denver. I woke up a couple of times but each time I drifted back I went back to the dream.

Nurse! New meds for Mr. McCarthy!
at 21:14 21 May 2018

Right lads and lassies - it's officially on. Peter and I are climbing Kilimanjaro in September.

We're paying our own way but while we're doing it we're raising money for Suicide Awareness and Prevention and remembering Peter's lovely nephew who we both used to coach before he tragically took his own life.

Please donate and share wherever you can. The object here is awareness and spreading love and support. Thanks folks for anything you can do.
Clive - I'd love a sticky on this, mate, if you can.

Ok then...The Annual Trainers Thread
at 13:53 4 May 2018

All hail the Official LFW trainer. The King of them all. Behold!!!

Film Night
at 19:44 28 Apr 2018

Ok, knowledgeable people...give me one film that never disappoints.

Why you should watch it...

Edit - I added a 'Why you should watch it... ' line
[Post edited 28 Apr 20:11]
Comms Team
at 17:17 28 Apr 2018

As things stand, I'm not sure if I can be in Holland next week for the last game or not.

I just want to send a huge, huge thanks to the Comms Team for great coverage, passion, knowledge and fun all year. The technical problems were not of rangers' making and when I rang the club they sorted me out in a minute. It's made this season my most enjoyable and inclusive one since I left England in '96, and made me feel - if it were possible - even closer to my second family.

Thanks to them all.
Jamie Mackie
at 10:03 6 Apr 2018

With it being announced that Mackie is leaving in the summer, I think he deserves his own thread and not to be lumped in with a wastrel like JET.

An excellent pro and a decent influence around the club, it's no wonder he's been very popular among us Rangers fans. I wish him nothing but the best wherever his future brings him and look forward to his Forever R's induction.

Thanks for everything, Jamie. Best of luck.
Ray Wilkins
at 23:04 30 Mar 2018

Tabloids reporting heart attack and (induced) coma.
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