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Your personal favourite Rangers photos posted here...
at 05:03 25 Jul 2020

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Like Katie Price this may have been done before......
at 03:13 25 Jul 2020

But find me a better soundtrack to a movie than Pulp Fiction and I'll give you Katie Price.

I can't even choose my favourite track of the 20. I'll go with this for now;

Stream for game for non ST Holders....
at 14:50 20 Jun 2020

Anybody found ort recommend a reliable stream for today's game?!
Posters you probably like but don't think they should attempt to post pictures..
at 00:04 20 Jun 2020


Fridays (albeit a bit late in the day) "How you feelin" music thread
at 23:25 19 Jun 2020

So this sums things up pretty damn well and a lovely choon that deserves a wider audience than just the several thousand that choon into the Frankie thread;

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Rangers Player for Life...
at 06:21 6 Jun 2020

Following on from the quite brilliant Rangers Player for the day thread who would you choose to be as a Rangers player for life?! Macca?! Ready? Stan? Gallen? Furlong senior?! To help you make your choice, maybe;

Rangers Player for a day?!
at 06:12 6 Jun 2020

I'd planned a much better thread than this, but hey ho, them's the breaks.

So, if you could be a Rangers player for a day who would it be and on what date?!

The obvious answer is Zamora with our goal at Wembly but then we all know that he didn't even like football. So taking the obvious one out of the equation who would it be?!

Mackie scoring the winner against Liverpool?

Furlong against Oldham?

etc etc...

So who and on what day would you choose to be?!

Edit; Obviously Sinclair with the goal of the century; etc etc...

There must be so many more....
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at 03:15 23 May 2020

I remember seeing this meme at the beginning of the year and laughing dismissively.

Now it's become very appropriate.

As my Nan always used to say, "Good Health".

Shite Rangers players you loved...
at 01:46 23 May 2020

Following on from Brian's thread, how about the alternative view. Players that you believed to be crap but you still man loved them all the same.

I'll start with Karl Ready. Realise I'll get pelters for it but he was at our club for over 10 years, gave his all despite, let's just say not being the most talented player.

I don't actually love him but I do respect him for what he did, tried to do and put up with.

OK. So hit me with it....
Happy Birthday Hubble!
at 18:20 24 Apr 2020

Been putting us in our place for 30 years.

Amazing scenes.


Edit: Please note this is an apolitical thread.
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We're The Finest Football Team that Islands Have Ever Seen.
at 19:49 22 Apr 2020

Complete list of all FL clubs that have won trophies on different islands;

QPR - 2 (UK and Ibiza)
ROFL - 1 (UK)

Queens Park Oncers
at 18:41 18 Apr 2020

So instead of a team made up of players that have played for both teams how about a team that consists of players that were bought from a club that we have only ever traded once with! Make sense?!

A quick think gets me the spine of the team assuming that we haven't ever bought anybody else from Inter Milan apart from Julo Cesar.

Julio Cesar from Inter Milan.
Stuart Wardley from Saffron Waldon Town.
Alejandro Faurlin from Instituto.
Loic Remy from Marseille. No longer available (for the play offs) due to Mbia!

Manager has to be Luigi De Canio from Siena.

Phil Parkes from Walsall
Pawel Wszolek from Helles Verona.

[Post edited 18 Apr 19:15]
Lockdown Personage
at 19:31 16 Apr 2020

Ok so lockdown has now been extended for a further 3 weeks which begs the obvious question of if you could choose to be lockdowned with one person (non family) only, dead* or alive, then who would it be and why?!

My answer is Shakira because we could jam together.

So let's see how shallow or deep you all are...

*Just to clarify it wouldn't be the corpse it would actually be the live version.
One thing you've only ever done once at a game...
at 00:46 15 Apr 2020

Just read somebody mention about the one and only time they were ever "talked to" by a steward at a game and thought that could be a good idea for a thread.

So I'll start with getting on the pitch after the draw with Hull in our promotion season. A result which cruelly denied us the chance of confirmed promotion but ran on the pitch anyway.

Could be anything like once turned up for a game sober etc etc...
The haves and the have nots...
at 13:12 1 Apr 2020

An interesting article and not just to berate Premier League football but also to open up the wider debate of the moral responsibility of company owners, highly paid executives, etc that are in a much better financial position to help out, especially in the early stages of this situation.
It's so wrong that a company that could afford, at least initially, to absorb early losses could actually choose to furlough staff or even lay them off whilst protecting exec pay and/or dividend payments. The government hopefully have a way of identifying these companies and refusing furloughs to them.
Maybe I'm being too hopeful and asking too much of the haves but to see the economic massacre that so many are going to suffer globally while so many have more money than they know what to do with leaves a fcuking bad taste in my mouth.
I've read that some celebrities have made donations like Messi, Guardiola etc but there's a real chance for these types (all the rich not just celebs) to help out in a very big way the millions of the have nots that are gonna have a alot less after this situation.

Good health and best wishes to all.

Fake news here
at 02:20 27 Mar 2020

There's been a lot written recently about fake news specifically about the coronavirus and especially that WhatsApp advice post that has been doing the rounds.

So I thought it responsible and prudent to start a thread to advise on any other fake news;

"Alcohol is an “unhelpful coping strategy” for the possible stress and isolation of coronavirus lockdown, a World Health Organisation (WHO) expert has warned".
Self Isolation Paint Therapy Thread
at 13:35 22 Mar 2020

No apologies from me for copying the idea of this thread from the excellent original which was done way back in 2014!

This time it can be any famous person from real-life or film exquisitely drawn in Paint. What better way to while away the time...

Here's my Royale effort;

Charlton vs QPR Match Thread
at 03:16 17 Mar 2020

Who won the Superbowl?
at 03:36 3 Feb 2020

Musical Orgy Thread
at 04:34 26 Jan 2020

The great thing about this thread is that there are no rules except for the fact that any videos posted have to be from the '70s, '80s or '90s.

That's it. No genre rules. No classic rules. No favourites rules. No rules.

Just post anything you want to from the good old days that you haven't heard in years, that you loved at the time for whatever reason or that you know at least one other poster will appreciate;

This is where youtube comes into its own...
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