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I really wish tomorrow's game wasn't happening!
at 08:44 26 Apr 2019

I really don’t think that I can bear it!

I have renewed for next season because that swine ‘Hope’ is hanging over us. New players, new manager and a new way of playing!

However tomorrow is a game of two teams who simply won’t give a f**k. Then we are supposed to stand there and clap them on a lap of honour (for what I don’t know), all of the idiots will try and get on the pitch (which drives me mad) and there will be endless useless stewards in yellow jackets (that I’m sure we are paying £40 each for) who will be completely and utterly rubbish. I really can’t see the point.

And this is supposed to be enjoyment and leisure time!

The highlight is almost certainly going to be the match preview Clive!
New manager opinion poll?!
at 12:51 17 Apr 2019

I have just had a very odd email from the club asking opinion on the choice of new manager! I can't remember that happening before. Very, very odd.

I have a horrid feeling that is because they are about to appoint Tim Sherwood and know that he is going to be a very unpopular choice! A real worry.

Having filled it in only 4% have said they would like Sherwood. 'Other' is the leader at 38% with Neil Warnock (who is still in a job at Cardiff!) at 30% and Carvalhal at 10%.

If they feared appointing that bell-end Sherwood it would seem that this survey is telling them the hard truth!
Chelscum transfer ban!
at 14:12 22 Feb 2019

Bloody marvellous! Two transfer windows!
[Post edited 22 Feb 14:12]
Excellent - I see that Dwight Gayle is banned from our WBA game.
at 20:07 14 Feb 2019

He’s been given a two game ban for diving!! Perfect.
[Post edited 14 Feb 20:14]
The reason we didn’t get the rebound.
at 18:50 9 Feb 2019


The encroachment was shocking....which is why they got to the rebound before us. Such a shame that he didn’t just leather it!
Team v Leeds in FA Cup
at 14:01 4 Jan 2019

I hope that the club have finally got the message that we aren't happy just throwing the towel in for every cup game! I know that Steve Mc got asked about throwing away that League Cup chance away at maybe he will take Sunday semi seriously?

Who know? I hope so...i would love us to be in the hat on Monday night and then draw Chelscum at home!

However I can see that he has to rest various people, plus a couple like Pav and Lumley have knocks.

For what it's worth here is my punt at the starting eleven for Sunday. 4, 3, 3 again.

Furlong, Leistner, Hall, Bidwell
Cousins, Manning
Osayi-Samuel, Chair, Freeman

Liverpool v Chelscum
at 21:52 27 Sep 2018

Did anyone else watch the other league cup game last night, and see who they both selected?!

Milner has been Liverpool’s best player so far this season and he was selected. Mane started. They both put out strong sides. Plus Liverpool brought Salah on from the bench and Chelscum had Hazard ready to go.

With the other more important comps that those two big top clubs are competing in they still managed to put out large amounts of their first teams.

I’m still deeply hacked off by SM actions this week. Why the hell doesn’t his boss just bloody tell him that the club and the fans are desperate for a cup run. We could have had a fun, big money home tie against a top team....but no we simply pissed it away.

The worse selection sin of all was having no plan B on the bench. Unforgivable.

I always er in favour of giving managers as long as possible but he has lost a lot of goodwill from me this week after that rubbish I sat through against Norwich and then the cup.
Best half of football by rangers for a very long time!
at 22:47 19 Sep 2018

Wow, that was impressive for a while tonight.

The first half we played them off the park. I realise that millwall were really awful...but they still needed beating.

Wells was superb up front. How on earth have we managed to get hold of him. He has a great leap for someone who isn’t massive and also a cracking first touch. With the runs he made and the way he occupied their back four it made all the difference.

Plus Eze oozes class. He can go around people with ease.

And although the second half was not as good at least we didn’t give a goal away in the usual period just after half time. I hate to admit it but even Lynch was good.

Roll on the weekend.

....finally Ihope and pray that someone tells Steve that we have to put a good side out next Tuesday. Wouldn’t it be superb to have a last 16 tie at home against Chelscum!!
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Birmingham City v Queens Park Rangers prediction logged
Clint Hill...player of the year. He is amazing!
at 12:14 24 Apr 2018

Looks like Clint Hill has been named as player of the year at Carlisle Utd. Not surprising - the guy is a superb centre half!
[Post edited 24 Apr 2018 12:15]
What a shocking second half and don’t we miss Scowen
at 18:48 15 Apr 2018

For the first time in ages I got really angry watching the game yesterday. I know that Preston played like an Allardyce team and took ages doing everything and were niggly as hell...but we were simply awful and completely disorganised.

Eze had a bad game, his touch disserted him, but we have to accept that. He is a young guy and if we want to bring through the youth we need to understand that they can’t be consistently good all of time. So he is blameless in my eyes.

Matt Smith has been ill so I guess Holloway had no choice but to take him off. But what happened after that is what made me so hacked off – everything just fell to pieces. Sylla is as mad as a bag of frogs – but even that is acceptable if he is a handful for the oppo. After Matt Smith went off yesterday we didn’t even know where to stand for goals kicks. They also scored in the very position Matt Smith would have been defending – had those duties been passed onto to Sylla or anyone else?

How can our keeper kick the ball out and not one single player even move towards the ball and compete. Truly shocking. That happened several times.

I guess now is the time for Holloway to experiment – but that can’t mean that he simply slings 11 players onto the pitch and lets them get on with it, which is what this shambles looked like.

Quite rightly everyone goes on about Robinson and Freeman being ‘stand out’ players this season...and they have been good. But after a game like yesterday you realise how superb Scowen has been. He was so sorely missed. When he plays to gladly takes the ball off the back four (even in tight areas), just like Ali Faurlin used to do. Our midfield yesterday just didn’t want to do this task. That left us with almost no out ball.

I don’t know if this was a group of players who had already ‘checked out’ for the season or if it was down to poor prep and choices by Holloway but it was completely unacceptable. I didn’t go to Hull away so for me this is the first time in absolutely ages where the performance was so bad it just leaves you fuming!
This is the team I want to see tomorrow...but it won't happen!
at 15:14 31 Dec 2017

We haven't got any strikers who can score, and we never seem to play with any width, so I really fear for tomorrow. I would love him to try this now that some of the defenders are finally coming back from injury;
4 - 1- 4 - 1
back four, Bidwell, Hall, Onuoha, Robinson
Scowen in the holding position
Wszolek, Luongo, Freeman, Wheeler
Smith up top.

Tell Wszolek and Wheeler to stay wide...get the ball to them and get them to the bye-line and get crosses in. That is the only way Smith ever looks like scoring!

The midfield then burst in to the box to support Smith, and hopefully with only one up top we would be secure enough against a useful Cardiff team.

Washington can't play up front as he simply can't score and is too small and gets bullied, and Sylla is mad as a bag of frogs and isn't the answer to any question!!

I'm sure this won't happen....and we'll be narrow and have no threat at all. But I can always hope!
Blimey Bristol City look good!
at 20:26 20 Dec 2017

Is anyone watching the league cup game? Bristol City look bloody good....I fear for Saturday!

We have to hope that it goes to extra time and pens and they are all knackered by Saturday!
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