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Lukaku can't score for toffees!
at 19:00 23 Apr 2016

What a pathetic performance - should have come off at half time and never to take a penalty
Happy 69th Birthday ShotKnees
at 22:44 3 Dec 2015

An away win to finish off your celebratory meal of RoadKill Pheasant and bottle or two of splosh - yer couldn't make it up.
20 (inc 2 keepers) v 11 players - worth watching
at 14:55 21 May 2015

How many amateur players are needed to beat a top division team?
Golden Goal gathered 20 friends to see if doubling the amount of players was enough to beat Oslo's best football team Valerenga in a friendly match.
Miliband says he knows how Derby felt last season
at 18:37 8 May 2015

"There was I with my man in a white van all loaded up for No 10 when blow me Bobby Cameron nips in the last minute and wins it.".

Fake Hoops but genuine MACKIE
at 18:35 18 Apr 2015

Love watching him - great challenger.

And at 1-1 lets hope he gets the winner.
Great free kick
at 15:38 3 Apr 2015
Barton: I'd have 100 caps for any home nation but England
at 04:39 31 Mar 2015

.... the silence is deafening

Deluded as well as deranged.

Taxi for Barton

Can't Pay, Won't Play
at 12:05 25 Feb 2015

"Fifa says it will not pay compensation to clubs and leagues unhappy about plans to play the 2022 Qatar World Cup in November and December.

It also said no apology was necessary for the scheduling of the tournament, which will disrupt a number of leagues."

It's just like a Dario Fo play - total farce.

It would be nice if they event is boycotted and FIFA disbanded.

cricket link - act quick we are 91-5
at 09:27 14 Feb 2015

also good link for footie - high quality

Make that 6 - amazing catch
LPool good feed
at 19:54 27 Jan 2015
The Spurs Pension Plan revealed
at 09:28 13 Jan 2015

it seems that if you were at Spurs and need a healthy top up to your pension then HR is the man to do it. So many ex Tottenham players are now with us.

Birthday present for "The man who has everything"
at 00:26 3 Dec 2014

It's ShotKneesHoop Birthday today - he says he has everything a man could want . . . his sister wanted to send him a Hoops shirt with SWP on the back, but we agreed as he has everything then he can have fookall.

WHat is the strangest birthday present you have every got or given?

I was once given a foot pump.

I once sold a breast pump at a boot sale but that's another story.

Happy Birthday ShotKneesHoop.
Messi - best player at WC says . . . FIFA
at 09:12 14 Jul 2014

FIFA . . . That explains it . . .

According to the BBC website,
He was joint bottom on 40% for shots on target.

Did not feature in the final and seems to stroll around in other matches.

But the hidden agenda of FIFA pulls another turkey out of the hat.
Neymar was kneed in the back and suffered a broken vertebra.
at 09:17 5 Jul 2014

Very sad news.

Lucky it was not worse the way they rolled him into that 'stretcher' - he was bouncing on it as they took him down the tunnel. If the players are so valuable they should be taken off like in rugby.

Perhaps this is a wake up call to pretending to being injured and being "stretched off" only to leap up and come back on the pitch . . . and those needing real attention.

The ref let too many bad fouls go un-punished.

[Post edited 5 Jul 2014 10:06]
"I am extremely sorry I employed him. It was the wrong decision," he said.
at 23:31 24 Jun 2014

Brendan Rogers on Nasher Suarez.

Meanwhile, David Chameleon said Andy Coulson always put in a good shift and was an expert at sound bites who never shouldered his responsibilities on the 6 yard box.

Playing Columbia, in South America and is it any wonder the Greeks can't score
at 18:24 14 Jun 2014

Samaras looks terrified it he is expected to do anything positive with the ball other than give it away.
When will football pitches disappear under 'sponsors' logos sprayed on the turf
at 10:27 14 Jun 2014

Watching the Rugby
(NZ Eng - hope they watch this in Brazil as we stuck at it right to the end)
and there are -

3 on the half way line
2 on the 10 and 22 line
1 behind the try line

Seems like a trick FIFA have missed to fill their pockets with.

I hate these ads - just a corporate junket for tickets and the like and the players get smeared with the logo colours.

Will it happen to football?

World Cup kicks off with Brazilian players worshiping . .
at 22:38 12 Jun 2014

. . . the God of Cheats!

All their looking upwards and saluting the heavens makes me PUKE.

Who Cheats Wins
watching on TV without the commentary just the crowd sound
at 20:45 12 Jun 2014

I saw the play-off v Derby in Hong Kong with my son. We found a great "pub" on the 5th Floor on Lockhart Road with a perfect feed. Then 5 mins before the start 100 derby fans cam in from other local pubs as the feed failed where they were. Fair enough, there were 4 of us and a few more of them. Thing was you just could not hear the commentary but you could hear the crowd. So we were all very happy for 90 minutes.

So - I have just watched a BBC replay (awful commentary . . the idea as a TV comment tatta is you fill in the picture with information that you can't see. But they tell you the bleeeding obvious.) and I would just like to watch the game with crowd noise only.

Seeing the game on the other side of the world at 10pm was so brilliant, so surreal, so . . . like a dream. Every morning we would watch the goal again and for good measure every evening too.

And I can't help but celebrate and punch the air when we score . . . and I was there in 1967 too. So for me this was the perfect double - when I go to the pearly gates and they won't let me in . . I can al least say - Urz

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