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Gordon Banks RIP
at 09:54 12 Feb 2019

The original Safe Hands

Our Best & Worst January Window Were?
at 16:26 30 Jan 2019

Taken from BBC today

"Brought in on loan in January 2012 to help QPR in their fight against relegation, Samba Diakite was sent off after 33 minutes of his debut for two bookable offences.
By March, just 123 minutes into his Premier League career, Diakite had conceded 12 fouls and picked up another booking but Rangers' eventual survival at the end of the season persuaded them to sign him permanently.
By October he had moved on to six yellows and two reds in his first 12 appearances and he ended 2012-13 winless in 14 games. Those are some rough numbers, however you want to look at it."

2013 was probably worse because we spent big and still went down.

January 2007 probably the best bit of business, Adam Boulder and Danny cullip really turned around what looked a hopeless situation.
[Post edited 30 Jan 16:29]
You know you're getting old when....
at 13:52 16 Jan 2019

Playing toys with your kids on the floor f**king hurts. Right now I’ve flared up an old cycling injury from 3 years ago, ridiculous. I spent half my childhood playing on the floor wearing out trouser after trouser. Nowadays, a quick bout of Air-fix soldiers and a game of Yetti in my Spaghetti and it’s Richard Ord’s knee…
at 21:40 3 Jan 2019

Even though they're losing, reckon they're the best team this season. Proper unit front to back.
Christmas Eve Dinner - What do you normally do?
at 08:55 21 Dec 2018

I know lots of people who go with a Take Away these days but In my house it’s always been a tradition to home cook the old health conscious Fry Up. The works - Egg, bacon, beans, sausage, mushrooms, fat chips with unwhackable bread & butter on the side. Crazy days.

If I’m at the in laws it’s always boiled bacon, mash with Pease Pudding which I'll tolerate but not that struck on.
Blue * Star kit
at 14:14 26 Nov 2018

I really like the shirt better than the Guinness one.

30% off today, I'm on a bit of a budget this month having decided to get all my Xmas shopping in early so I shouldn't spoil myself... but, what you reckon of it?
So England
at 16:19 18 Nov 2018

Better than Spain and Croatia -what can't speak can't lie.

Well I never.
They Shall Not Grow Old - Peter Jackson
at 13:15 17 Oct 2018

Anyone else keen to watch this?
Been seeing lots of clips on Social Media and I have to say, it looks truly mesmerizing. Hit the Cinema yesterday but looks like it's just a one off showing. Will be broadcast on BBC1 on 11/11 for the centenary and has been brought to schools across the UK.

Can't wait but I reckon it's going to be a very sad insight.
[Post edited 17 Oct 2018 13:16]
Eze's Dive
at 22:18 19 Sep 2018

As it was judged, was a f*cking penalty all day long. What a bollocks decision that was.

Reminded me of the time Lee Cook was hacked down in the Milwall box at the Den and the ref sh*t himself before waving it away.

Watford The Real Deal?
at 17:51 2 Sep 2018

Another Leicester like surprise package this season?
Play with a lot of condence and look like a team that knows what it's doing and with a player named Success, you cant go too far wrong. Totally bossed Spurs in that second half.
Terrible to think back when we won the Championship there in 2011 and where both clubs are now, worlds apart. We blew our chance and theyve absolutley nailed theirs.
What your LFW Ads say about you??
at 11:53 9 Aug 2018

Right now I'm being told do buy some Ice cool breathable boxers.

In other words, "you've a touch of the Betty's..."

PC Help
at 16:14 2 Aug 2018

I've encountered a ridiculous problem and for life of me I can't solve it.

I bought a new Desktop PC a year last year. The perfectly good working Monitor I had on my old PC does not work on my new PC. It just does not pick up a signal from the PC and just gives me that blank screen bollocks. My monitor only has one VGA input socket. I've tried...
VGA cable from my PC to the Monitor = No signal
HDMI to VGA adapter cable to the monitor = No signal
Display Port to VGA adapter cable to the monitor = No signal

Tried the same monitor on my brother in laws PC via VGA = Works like a dream.
I've tried my PC on my brother in laws Monitor via HDMI = Works like a dream.

I've done about £30 now in trying the different variants of cable connections and all to no avail. Has anyone got a solution other than buying a new bloody monitor, or can anyone diagnose what the problem is?


Villa about to do a Birmingham?
at 08:17 24 Jul 2018

New foreign owners, FFP restrictions- rumours of Bruce being replaced by Thierry Henry., what could possibly go wrong?

So come on then, 1990 - Your memories
at 10:49 11 Jul 2018

I drove past my old Middle School today on my way to dropping my son off to nursery. It seemed rather apt as I was a pupil there in 1990 as an 11 year old kid the last time England reached a world cup semi-final. Shell suits were in, trainers were bling and naturally there was always one kid in the class who had the latest Nike Air's and the Official astronomically expensive England shell suite whilst most kids had to settle for market knock offs and Gola's on their feet. I remember the whole thing being very exciting back then. The hype, the Italy 90 Subbuteo set my older brother and I have gone 30/70 on at Woolworths, me with my pocket money and him with his vastly superior paper round money and that Orbis World Cup 90 sticker binder which my brother still has to this day.

I did have vague but fond recollections of the previous world cup in Mexico four years earlier but during that tournament, often had to give the England matches a swerve as they were on too late in an evening. So Italia 90 was the first time I was following a World cup with all my friends as genuine England fans knowing the players the teams and the expectations - it was brilliant and seemed like this would be the norm. England doing well in tournaments, being one of the top nations and Gazza of course had captured everyone’s attention. West Germany was always going to be a massive ask and I remember being transfixed to the old Toshiba wooden boxed TV in our living room as the two sides thrashed out that 1-1 draw. England had saved their best performance for that match and gave it everything but the luck deserted them when it mattered most. Tears in the evening but going into School the next day we were all so proud to be supporting England and wanted to see much more of Gascoigne. Ridiculously, I was 19 the next time I’d see England at a World Cup and football and life in general had changed so much.
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