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Offish highlights QPR 2 Boro 2
at 22:16 10 Nov 2019

KSI vs LOGAN PAUL 2 fight
at 20:04 10 Nov 2019

For the one or two that may be interested. I don't know these two and couldn't give a toss about either of them.

BUT... as I am a boxing fan I have to say fair play to both of them. More Rocky style than the fine arts of boxing but this was far far more entertaining than a number of so called pro bouts I have seen recently. Considering this was their first ever PRO bout it's mad but entertaining (despite the 200 count for KSI in the middle). I have no idea why they have so many followers but this is actually an entertaining fight between two lads giving it a right go. Albeit not for the purist.

After 7pm and no Sky highlights...
at 19:04 9 Nov 2019

Looks like the editor of our highlights pack on SKY has gone out for the evening.
Wallace post match on the offish
at 20:39 4 Nov 2019

Speaks well. Speaks like a leader.
at 17:37 2 Nov 2019

Thanks the lord Bamford can't finish. We don't appear to pick up players ghosting through the middle. Poor mistake for the 2nd but it happens. Shame Hugill obviously got cramp as he leapt for the only attempt in the clip. A clean jump he probably would have connected with that one.
Bad patch
at 17:24 2 Nov 2019

Warburton made no bones that we would have a few until we crack the system and eliminate the errors. At the moment our defence is infamous so teams have a psychological advantage on us and because we can't keep a clean sheet that is having an effect on team confidence. It is something they need to sort out quite quickly.

Of course Brentford managed to lose at home today. Of course! A friend who is a loose supporter of theirs just called me and said they were f*cking terrible today. Fulham got bashed up at home. Weds got beat. It's that kind of division week to week.

Our issue is to turn possession into more goals and somehow find a formula that stops us conceding. My one fear today was that Rangel is a good player but has really no pace at all. Wallace's first game of the season and he's 32 and probably not up to speed yet. Our lack of pace at the back and lack of pace to recover is the main issue I feel.

Boro next week and if they haven't sacked Woodgate then that is the game to really have a go at them and get a win. get back on track.

So a draw and 2 defeats. 9th. Players being introduced into the team. Warburton said we would have difficult periods. It's how we get out of this mini one that counts. I am sure we will.
You can't spook a German or an Irishman!
at 22:44 31 Oct 2019

Particularly impressed with the BFG. Nothing phases him.
Goal of the month October
at 21:14 31 Oct 2019

UEFA basically let Bulgaria off the hook for sustained racism
at 16:33 29 Oct 2019

Absolute cowards. 2 matches behind closed doors (one actually suspended) and a £65,000 fine. UEFA have sunk to an all time low.
Observations from last night
at 12:27 29 Oct 2019

Much as it pains me to say it I thought Brentford deserved to win. They were just technically better and more at it than we were.

I can't understand how teams come to us on TV and suddenly play like Barcelona. Someone on here said that it may be because teams have sussed us out at home. There may be something to that. I think it also comes down to teams knowing how leaky our defence is and simply coming to have a go at it. Away from home home teams expect to come at us but perhaps don't think as much about a counter attack risk and that's where we seem to be good on our travels.

Brentford play a very similar brand of football to us but have had quite a bit longer to hone that than us. Some of their link up play in midfield was telepathic last night. They knew exactly where they were and how to make angles to get past us.

Their goalkeeper was very impressive. As soon as he had the ball he got it out and onto the counter attack at lightning speed. All his deliveries where possible were thrown. Kelly was excellent last night but we would benefit from him and Lumley learning how to get play going that quickly and our midfield would benefit from learning to make those very quick run offs from a keeper regaining possession.

Ollie Watkins is some player. He's currently valued at £10m and you can sort fo see why. He is a kind of lovechild of Wells and Hugill. He has Well's pace and movement and Hugill's physicality. Even Leistner had real trouble grappling with him last night, and even though he is middleweight to Leistner's heavyweight Leistner found himself in a real fight at times. Saïd Benrahma also is a very clever player and those two made all sorts of angles that pulled us in narrow and left us exposed.

Their midfield though for me won it last night. Their transitions were so quick and so accurate that we struggled to cope, especially first half when we were so sluggish. That first half cost us dearly because it gave Brentford confidence to come at us. First 10-15 minutes we at too deep and let them dominate us.

The penalty was a huge blow and although it didn't seem to dent our ability to finally go forward it meant we were always trying to save the game and Brentford's game management in that last 20 minutes was pretty astute. Only Eze looked like breaching their backline and he couldn't find a corner.

We have to learn from what Brentford did to us and that had they not got the penalty, committed not by Scowen but by an ill timed challenge by a Poltergeist we may have actually got something out of it. But the learning curve is that Brentford played how we want to play and although it is depressing to say it, we have to watch and learn from that performance against us. In many ways it was better for me than the WBA game as we didn't turn up at all in that game and Brentford were just better and more clever than WBA against us.

People who say they have spent £30m, that's not exactly true. They have bought players in at £1.5m to £3m and sold them on for £10m+. Just a clever strategy and again one we should now adopt as we have to be seen to not be desperate to sell but also sell at the right price and not just move players on because of salaries. That is very much a work in progress.

We need to look in the next window for perhaps two young up and coming centre backs with hunger and pace. We always talk about the next Stan Bowles but we also need to find the next Paul Parker and the next Danny Shittu. They are out there in the lower divisions and in other leagues. Just look at Smyth and Manning as examples. Plus we have some academy talent and Masterson to bring on. We need to look at other club's academies and bring in players from there that we may be able to get on loan with a view to buy. Our defence needs to eventually be younger, brighter, faster, hungrier as we move forward. With this style of play we need to create a long lasting tight unit that can recover through movement and pace and get the ball out to the midfield and forwards quicker and counter quicker from the keeper regaining possession.

We also need to look at the way our midfield is set up. I agree that Manning has done excellently and has matured greatly. He has been good at left back but inclined to get too narrow. However he is much bigger, stronger and aggressive than he was. To me he is the midfield playmaking anchor eventually. He sees a through pass, he can mix it up physically, he has no fear. He can be a mixture of Derry and Faurlin in the middle given a chance and he will give the likes of Wells, Eze, BOS, Chair and Hugill so much more time and opportunity. Warbs has to consider that. Plus Ball and Amos are again young and can get about. Not to have a go at Scowen or Cameron. It's just that eventually we need to evolve with that young heartbeat here. That and more pace about the pitch. Brentford were a yard faster last night and that's because their age range is more evenly spread throughout defence, midfield and attack.

It was a bad night to lose Hugill. I think his physicality would have helped greatly make more space for others but they have to look to give Mlakar more academy game time because he is big and given the right coaching could be something here.

Finally, I was saddened to hear the thread that a 14 year old who's stepdad was on here was throttled by some lunatic at the end of the game when said lunatic called Warburton a disgrace. We don't need such morons supporting this club and I hope the kid has recovered.

This team has been assembled on youth, low cost experience and a very small budget. We can go forward in the same way as Brentford, Bournemouth and particularly Burnley and make this club both sustainable and profitable. We need to be the London Ajax, finding young players and a few older heads wherever they may be and creating a conveyor belt of talent.

Warburton is a very clever man. We got done last night but I think he may learn more from that game than any other. We just need to give him plenty of time with his team on the pitch and off it. We could have gone second as every pundit declared fatally last night, which despite the defeat is amazing considering the limitation we work under.

Get behind this lot. There is no lack of effort or confidence. It is a new team, learning, succeeding and getting punished but I think every aspect of this season and learning how to shut the back door a bit and get the system right home and away will make us a great team to follow for years to come.
[Post edited 29 Oct 12:35]
An all black third kit
at 23:04 28 Oct 2019

How many times do we get done at home by teams in black kits?

If we had a third black kit we could immediately put it on so they can't.

God knows why Brentford had to play in black? Perhaps they know the black kit curse here.
The Premier League jobsworths killed Bury FC
at 21:35 27 Oct 2019

Absolute b*stards.

How is a gift to save something 'an interest' in another club?

Steve Dale didn't cover himself in clover but The Premier League a8rseholes should hang their heads in shame.
The Gaffer on Brentford game
at 18:05 27 Oct 2019
Inside QPR episode 1
at 10:13 27 Oct 2019

Great little watch this.
Down to 7th!
at 17:10 26 Oct 2019


Out of the play-off places.

Heads must roll!

Dropping like a stone.

Evil Les!

Sack everyone.

Employ other people and then sack them as well.

Sort it out Tony.

Tweet the indignity Amit.

This is where expansive entertaining football played by a team that don't have a game on a Saturday gets you.

23 points? 23 points. Quarter of the season gone. Another possible 60-70 points achievable. Pah!

An operating budget of £15 a week.... With change. What are they like?

It's just not good enough.

[Post edited 26 Oct 17:12]
Gaffer on tonight's draw
at 23:27 22 Oct 2019

Spot on again although I suspect he may reflect on taking off Wells as we stopped them having to think about 2 up front and invited them on a bit.

Ref made some odd and poor decisions but on reflection a draw was okay for a bit of an off night. I like that MW doesn't get bogged down on those things though.
Nice n EZE bits on offish
at 15:48 21 Oct 2019

Bang average inni!
Eze interview on the offish
at 21:44 20 Oct 2019

This is what I love about this squad under this gaffer. Yes, it went well but on to the next one. Totally level headed and mature. Something special brewing here!
Offish highlights Hull 2 QPR 3
at 09:26 20 Oct 2019

A good 10 mins.
Gaffer on today's win at Hull
at 20:44 19 Oct 2019

I am developing a man crush.

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