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Last night...
at 11:11 27 Oct 2018

First time back for a while and really enjoyed that!
I can't remember such a hard working, committed R's side, but committed and clever with a real discipline and cohesion throughout.
I'm not really a fan of McClaren but credit where credit is due, he is doing a really good job, especially after such a start, and it shows the mark of the man that he has got on with it and has not only kept the players onside but seemingly galvanised them.
Also the atmosphere was decent again, got behind the team and the constant whinging and sniping seems to have gone (for now), the sound of grown men whinging like feeble, self-obsessed junkies grated too much and when a day at the football costs a oner nowadays, I found it hard to justify going, especially with work and family commitments.
Now, I don't want to get carried away, I still think we will finish lower mid-table and that means some poor performances and results along the way, but as long as we don't start throwing our toys out the pram again, we will be fine. The players seemed to really appreciate the support and it most definitely lifts their game.
We all know negativity is counter productive to the team and in recent years I've seen our supporters refuse to celebrate goals as it goes against the poisonous rhetoric they had been spewing, pathetic really.
Last night was like these fabled old days of almost glory and their is no feeling like being at LR, under the lights and with fellow R's singing, joking and being as one, there is no better place to be.
Finally a shout out to Dave Barton, I wrote a small thing for AKUTRS recently, it is a huge honour that he used it, please support him and the fanzine. It's a part of QPR as much as a munch at Cookes was.
There are far better writers on here daily than I'll ever be, please have a go and send him some stuff and of course, keep buying the mag, I don't think any of us can quite fathom the commitment and effort it takes to do what he does, he deserves a lot of credit and of course, our support.
Such a perfect day....
at 17:30 29 Aug 2015

QPR WIN AWAY. (A win away, a win away)
Hibs win and Jam tarts lose.
Just Back
at 22:14 25 Aug 2015

Well on train to drop my son off and then come back through White City....
Obviously not good enough today, my son has now experienced life as a QPR fan in the cup....

Smithies 6 is a good keeper but hesitated a bit for their opener.
Furlong 6 better game for us, has potential but is still very raw
Hall 7 is someone (at 22?) who has real potential in my view, like the look of him but needs to work on where he heads his clearances out.
Hill 6 looked a bit shaky to me, but settled later.
Kpekawa 6 Poor start but grew into the game, still very very raw.
Doughty 6 some good passing on him, his early booking hindered him and a foot in front and it would've been a penalty.
Gobern 5 tidy but anonymous too often
JET 7 our best player today, will be frustrating and sublime in equal measures.
RGC 5 worked hard but lacked the quality, again still very raw.
Hoilett 4 pointless, loves a blind alley.
Polter 5 poor game I felt.
Chery came on too late, wasted a free kick and corner.
Comley wrong sub to bring on, won't be here next season.
Luongo too little time to do much.
Ramsey 5.. Wrong subs at wrong times, team were patient but too much so.
One other moan, how much noise did people in the concourses make during the minutes silence.
Oh. Should've had a penalty late on.
Usual QPR cup capitulation.
Josh Parker
at 22:41 20 Aug 2015

Joins Aberdeen on loan (for those who are interested).
Wish him well and will watch his progress at the sheep.
Ream joins Fulham (fine) Goldson joins Brighton (shame really).... Guess it's Dunk of Brighton (doubts) or Amat of Swansea (?) left for us.
X Abuse Reported
at 09:04 20 Aug 2015

What does this mean when it's where the exclamation mark and yellow triangle bit are on the bottom left corner of someone's post?
at 08:24 20 Aug 2015

What a good display and result last night, so happy!
Yes, it's 1 result, but we have a lot of new players, changing the system, had pre-season disrupted by a dodgy tour operator and plans also disrupted by players not going, when expected and by being sensible with our financial structure, at last.
We have said we expect a mid-table finish, which means poor results and performances at times.
We wanted QPR men at the club, youth getting a chance and good football and we will be getting that, yet some mugs go silent when we win and are calling for the bosses head after 2 games. Have a word with yourselves,! Only seem happy when things go bad, booing players and some c^nt asking for acid to be thrown in Fernandes face? Sorry, that makes this clubs 'fans' look like no-marks.
It won't always be fun this season, but I feel fcking angry at some of you on this board. We have suffered much worse at this club before, we all have opinions and have the right to them, but some SH!T I read on here makes me want to get into the ring with some of you for charity and knock some sense into you.
I love my club, through thick and thin, if you don't, then don't spoil it for others. See a doctor or something, it's probably medical.
Non-league clubs in West London.
at 22:06 5 Aug 2015

Apart from Hanwell Town (who may actually have a Middlesex postcode) are there any non-league clubs with a W or NW postcode?
I know about Wealdstone, Southall, Uxbridge, Hayes & Yeading etc. but after having a few drinks in South London (Birds Nest, Deptford. Wicked pub) and having a chat with a few locals, it's struck me that West London may only have 1 league club and no non-league clubs.
I'm talking about a club that has at least some semblance of a ground, even 100 seats or a terrace.
Can anyone think of any?
Any news on incomings?
at 18:44 5 Aug 2015

The signing of Konchesky seemed to catch the ITUK crew unawares, but anyone know what's happening with Hall, Ream and Bentley (or others)?
Am surprised we haven't snapped Hall up by now.
Our squad(s) as they stand now.
at 01:03 4 Aug 2015

Sorry in advance, but with the chat about new players in etc. I looked at all our professional players at the club and came up with these:

Assuming we are playing the fluid 4-3-3 / 4-5-1 formation that Chris Ramsey seems to prefer, and we have a full squad (except Robinson as he is long term injured, Sandro due to his work permit issues and our relegation and Fer as it seems hes off this week) we'd probably line up like this:

Perch Onouha Hill Yun
Faurlin Luongo Chery
Phillips Austin Gladwin
Furlong Wise Hall(?) Traore
Diakite Henry JET
Mackie Polter Hoilett
Haanalainen(sp) ? ? Kpekawa
Doughty Mitchell Sutherland
Grego-Cox Blackwood Petrasso
We also have,
Ryan Manning (LW) and youngsters like Prohouly, N'Guessan, Pattie, Shodipo, Kakay and probably a couple coming in.

Realistically, I can see 28/29 players that could get a game this year, if our complete change of policy is to bare fruition.

I added Hall in as we seem to want to add him and basically, we need another CB or 2 really.

Obviously, Yun and Traore are injured as is Robinson, we only have Kpekawa as a LB for a bit potentially, I rate him very highly, but don't think he's ready to be the only fit LB at the club for a month or more as Yun and Traore have missed nearly all of pre-season. I'd like a loan until January for competition. If we can move Traore out on loan or for free, then that would be a good move. Let Kpekawa have the cup game(s) and if the loan and Yun are battling it out for the 1st team spot, let Kpekawa have a loan to continue his development.

If (please) we can sell Hoilett (who if any other clubs are reading this, is extremely talented) then I'd want us to buy another LW.

I'd like to this Bentley come in as competition for Green, with Lumley taking over the sub keeper role when/if Green leaves at the end of the season and if Lumley is good enough.

In the last team, I put Grego-Cox as an inside forward. I haven't seen much of him, but not sure if he could play the striker role in that formation.

If, when Austin goes, then I think we need to get another striker in. As much as I never thought I'd write this, IF his wages fit into our structure.... Carlton Cole wouldn't be too bad. I can't think of a striker for the £5m max we'd spend (wild guess) in England or Scotland, that would come to us and would be good for that role. Andre Gray is being quoted at £7m? Wow! He's always been wasteful when I've seen him, although he obviously scored a load last year and is obviously a good player. Don't think he's worth that. Glen Murray? I'm sure that Les n Chris have a foreign gem up their sleeves. Or Carlton Cole.

I guess it comes down to whether we or more importantly, the management, can envisage having the likes of Doughty or Sutherland, Kpekawa or Furlong, Grego-Cox or Blackwood, Petrasso or Manning, having a run of 5-10 games on the trot because of injuries, suspensions, loss of form Etc.

Lastly, if Fer and Sandro, for some bizarre reason, choose to be a whole hearted QPR in the championship player, then we will have a lot of midfielders. If they go and the unthinkable happens with Faurlin and the thinkable happens with Diakite, then we won't have a lot of midfielders.

[Post edited 4 Aug 2015 1:06]
Swindon Friendly.
at 18:31 30 Jul 2015

Did it happen and does anyone know the score, line up etc?
ITUK - Perch
at 11:49 30 Jul 2015

Having a medical today.
Just thought I'd get there first.
P.S: I made this up, but the laws of averages say this will happen.
Can anyone pretend to have got a text confirming this please?
at 23:27 26 Jul 2015

Did we leave him in Italy?
U-21's v Kings Langley
at 10:42 25 Jul 2015

How much is it to get in today?
Tonight's match
at 15:58 22 Jul 2015

Went down to grab my tickets for tonight. Near little ground and friendly staff. Think Dundee Utd. Will outsell us, which would be embarrassing.

Our Home match at Barnet v Dundee United
at 21:54 21 Jul 2015

I know it's pre-season but I'm looking forward to this.
I've read the offie and just want to confirm: I can get tickets on the night at the ticket office in the car park?
Thread of a match
at 15:44 11 Jul 2015

Never done a match thread and haven't got QPR player, so in the spirit of our new era, I'll start this one.
Starting XI: Green; Kpekawa, Caulker, Onuoha (c), Schorch; Diakite, Luongo, Gobern, Phillips; Mackie; Polter.
I see that as 4-3-3:
Kpekawa Caulker Onouha Schorch (who is a CB)
DIAKITE Gobern Luongo
Phillips Polter Mackie

Austin and surprisingly... Fer not included as both have started training later than the rest of the squad.
at 11:50 7 Jul 2015

Does any ody have any idea what's happening with regards to a new assistant manager and goalkeeping coach? Les said they were talking to a couple (GK coaches) a week or so ago.
Are we even getting an assistant manager?
I'd hazard a guess at Gerry Francis or Dennis Wise with Tony Roberts as GK coach, a position he currently holds at Arsenal?
Interesting Moves...
at 18:59 27 Jun 2015

Just looking at the June transfers and a few names grabbed my eye.
Jordan Gibbons getting a year deal at Yeovil. Good luck to him.
I see Fulham signed Ben Pringle on a free from Rotherham. Got a large number of assists for the Millers and a player I hope we at least looked at. See they have released Tim Hoogland (RB), be interested to hear Konks view on him.
Liam Rosenior (RB) going to Brighton, surprised we didn't try and get him. Again, on a free.
Sol Bamba joining Leeds. Loved watching the big Yin at Hibs a few years back!
If we are still after any lower league midfielders, we should really try for Ryan Woods at Shrewsbury and Connor Hourihane of Barnsley.
Maybe look at non-league players Omar Bogle (Solihull Moors.... Marcus Bignot still boss there?) and Tom Bolarinwa of Cray Wanderers. Both talented attackers.
Done deals....
at 12:21 25 Jun 2015

Where are they then?
ITK - ness.
at 19:54 21 Jun 2015

Had a quick look at another site and noticed that some posters would jump into threads about potential signings with quotes like 'done deal' and 'all confirmed mate'.
Are these people mentally Ill or just cnts? Doesn't bother me really, each to their own and all that.
I do wonder though, it must be a mental illness... To go from 'reckon that could happen' to 'I know it's happening' is a big leap, especially if its made up.
Now, many know people at the club, even I do, but wouldn't share info they give me as it could jeopardise their job and if they're not concerned about that, then surely they are an un-wanted leak that the club wouldn't want.
I enjoy info on these matters and am not digging anyone out here, but the actions of 1 or 2 people is concerning. Surely they must know that they are acting like mentalists? Maybe they don't? Is it an actual illness? If not, it will be soon surely?
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